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Hate that i waste super world dance

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Hate that i waste super world dance

  • Waste - Gretchen
    "(verse 1) In my effort to be real You have often had to peel Away the solid layering of bitterness and spite Then I'm left with nothing more Than the child I was before Unpretentous wandering to the truth (chorus) So"
  • I Hate Hate - Reagan Youth
    "You hate up and down - you hate hanging 'round You hate here and you hate there - you hate everywhere You hate this and that - you hate where you're at You hate near and far - all you hate is all you are! Why"
  • Hate - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • Super Agent - Public Enemy
    "Yea, haha. Oh, kick that shit G. Nuttin. Yea. Sold, black gold, one strong buck, To the Milwaukee Bucks, for a million bucks. Just get him off the streets so he don't get bucked. Super agent to the rescue"
  • Hate That - Ne-Yo
    "As much as I love youAs much as I need youAnd I can't stand youMust everything you do make me wanna smileCan I not like you for awhile? (No...) You wont let meYou upset me girlAnd then you kiss my lipsAll"
  • Waste - Bigwig
    "I see these people everyday. These zombie like lab rats just wasting away. And what I see it's not for me. Your really not living you're barely existing. I'm trying hard to think for myself. And I won't"
  • Waste - Foster The People
    "I'll hold your hand when you are feeling mad at me Yeah, when the monsters they won't go and your windows don't close, I'll pretend to see what you see "How long?" I say, how long, will you relive the"
  • Waste - Staind
    "Your mother came up to me, She wanted answers Only she should know, Only she should know It wasn't easy to deal With the tears that rolled down her face I had no answers 'cause I didn't even know you But"
  • Waste - KMFDM
    "What I don't know I don't like What I don't like I don't want Waht I don't want I waste I hypnotize with alibis and fingers made of lead I sympathize with frozen eyes turned inwards in my head I realize"
  • Waste - Good Riddance
    "Who will be their voice Who will hear their cries The ones who cannot speak As we dehumanize Incarcerated innocents Their sentience ignored Slaughtered by the millions For the pseudo-carnivores"
  • Waste - Knockout Theory
    "I sit here all day long, singing the same song A page in the scrapbook is where I belong Whats the point in getting out Conversing is just plain wrong I once took a day job, but that didnt last long When"
  • Waste - Neuroticfish
    "It's not necessary to say what you prefer A perfect lightweight future, nothing to despair I feel your happy-minded bitter patiency You chose the easiest way and call it reality You think that all you"
  • Waste - Seether
    "Go unnoticed Let the freedom wash away Losing focus The pretense is second nature It's a broken life that i cling to Trying to make right I feel dismay just like you do I feel decayed So find me a way"
  • Waste Of Time - Never Heard Of It
    "I sat down to think about what i should write this song about About A thousand things went Running through my mind and I still tried chicks with whips and Anarchists SOME POLITICAL ACTIVISTS apocalyptic"
  • Dance - Chic
    "The Deal >From the Musical Chess -The American Communist, democrat An intriguing collusion Fair exchange - tit for tat Comradeship in profusion And the appeal, partner Of this deal, partner Is we all stand"
  • Human Waste - Sloppy Seconds
    "Now once upon a time In this village of the damned I took my shot at greatness And the goddamn gun was jammed So I'm in a drunken state 'Cause I can't take life straight And if I dull my eyes enough The"
  • Super* - Self
    "cement hands - she comes alive on my poster cement band - and i'm in love i know the things you must think and feel you've been left out in the cold she's a superstar she'll never see me in the crowd no"
  • Hate - Fiction Plane
    "We're cool, We're different, And we hate things, Yea we hate things, We hate people, Take a stand and we will cut you down, Be yourself and we'll call you a liar, Be somebody else and we'll set you on"
  • Hate - Filthy Relics
    "Loggers cutting down trees Pollution out of factories Ebola and killer bees Makes me wanna get down on my knees We hate everyhing we love We love everything we hate All the people had a chance, but no"
  • Hate - Agonoize
    "Inside your head is where i'll stay And i will never go away You'll go insane, you can't see me That's how revenge can really be Your fear will grow from day to day It makes me stronger when you pray All"

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