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Hate the way g

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Hate the way g

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Hate the way g
  • Stratovarius G
    "A failed painter, born to change the world Beaten up kid swore his revenge Whirlwind of chaos and destruction man has never seen before Blind masses led like a flock of lams Deception, blinded by the"
  • The Project Hate MCMXCIX Hate
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • G-Eazy Hate The Way (ft. blackbear)
    "Yeah, I hate the way, the way i always miss you Yeah, i know i am crazy, but you’re sick too Even after everything we’ve been through Though i was the one with all the issues And every time i leave , it’s"
  • Skankin Pickle Hate
    "Hate-that guy he looked at me Hate-that guy is acting funny Hate-that guy ain't B or W! Hate-and I'll get back at them somehow. What does it mean to hate now everybody hates something true? TRUE! But to"
  • Skankin' Pickle Hate
    "Hate-that guy he looked at me Hate-that guy is acting funny Hate-that guy ain't B or W! Hate-and I'll get back at them somehow. What does it mean to hate now everybody hates something true? TRUE! But to"
  • Starlight Dragons Hate
    "(Intro) Yo, Starlight, Yo Do ya wanna hate? (Yeah) Alright, do it now before it's too late C'mon let's go (Chorus) Hate, just a game A game we play So whatta ya say? If ya wanna hate Do it now"
  • Grave Digger Hate
    "Live in darkest dreams; drugs roam in my head Nothing's like it seems; still the blood is red Myself is what I hate; my living and my lie I blow to my fate; never try I hate myself, don't call my name "
  • Drowning Pool Hate
    "bury the priest and burn religion alive baptized at birth with the black brush's wine the uncrowned king unholy forget about the crusifix, my rising sign is 666! can't you see the way they twist and turn you"
  • Cinerama Hate
    "I'm glad you agree you've got so many things to say sorry for But listen to me because I'm not going to take it all anymore There was a time, don't ask me when, it made sense, somehow But, darling"
  • Cat Power Hate
    "Anyone can tell you there is no morrow to rice everyone would tell you theres no place to hide there's no laws or rules to enchant the lie the ones who didnt make it the ones who couldnt take it so bad"
  • Colony 5 Hate
    "I've seen this before but not so close to heart so much anger to release the chemicals put it there life is not a movie this is fact not fiction push the trigger and kill your addiction How does it feel to"
  • Organized Konfusion Hate
    "Pharoahe Monche: Recognize me nigga, look into my eyes See raw visualizations of hate reincarnated In it's most unadulturated form I breeth evil incarnate Only for the purpose to mislead, what was once"
  • Nina Gordon Hate Your Way
    "i hate your way i don't care what you say i hate your way i don't care and i'm only half there so i don't care they can cut me down 'til i'm the talk of the town i'm a fool for you had to sell my soul but"
  • Bone Crusher Hate Ourselves
    "Listen let that music hit you for about 5 seconds There are thingz in life We of people need to get, need to get our weight up Together the struggle starts today people Listen here we go In life sometimes"
  • Burhan G Burhan G
    "It's so hard to believe people checking for me Like you my best friend, I remember last year When I was down you weren't there for me Now you all up in my face like, what's up B Made my mistakes, wish"
  • Cadaver Hate
    "I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do itI hate you, you are a piece of shitIt's time to your muthafuckin' dieThis is a fuckin' question that whyYou know it I know it is this right?What I want is a muthafuckin'"
  • Cadaveres De Tortugas Hate
    "I wanna kill you, yes I wanna do it I hate you, you are a piece of shit It's time to your muthaf**kin' die This is a f**kin' question that why You know it I know it is this right? What I want is a muthaf**kin'"
  • Warren G G-Spot
    "(feat. El DeBarge, Val Young) I'm the illest, what? I'm the illest, Warren G, uh yeah I'm the illest, the illest you've ever seen Haha check this shit out do' Peep game, look, hmm She used to tell"
  • Hate Through Hate To Eternity
    "Scaring times - the time before Antichrist return Magic thrill - awakening of the ancient winds of Sheol Opened tombs - his aim is world wide conflict never seen Equality of gods - is the first step on"
  • Hate Cain's Way
    "Two men as one, the same blood they shared Born from one mother and divided by hate One other chose the dark side - its torture and bliss In the underland Homicide - no human ever crossed the line Rebirth"

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