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Hatebreed Conceived Through An Act Of Violence

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Hatebreed Conceived Through An Act Of Violence

  • Conceived Through An Act Of Violence - Hatebreed
    "Thrown into this living hell. I was thrown into this living hell. I am the hatred taken from another's life. Born unwanted, extracted of all that is humane. No one can relate to my abandonment. I walk"
  • Conceived - Beth Orton
    "Want to keep your dream aliveCan I keep it with mineBut Im no good for you I supposeWhen you get a cold bathYou still hold me close at nightNever liked you any lessAnd the worlds not suchA friendly place,"
  • Violence - Blink 182
    "6 bottles went down the drain, one hours waste of time, Id ask if you feel the same, still pushing that chance to try, your breath in this cool room chill, long hair that blows side to side, you"
  • Violence - Juelz Santana
    "(feat. Bezel) Huh, okay, put the kids to bed Put 'em to bed now I said put 'em to bed now! Do it! Yeah, yeah It's goin' down DipSet, bitch Juelz Santana AY Grip to it, kick to it Fuck that, spit"
  • Violence - Juelz Santana feat. Bezel
    "Huh, okay, put the kids to bed Put 'em to bed now I said put 'em to bed now! Do it! Yeah, yeah It's goin' down DipSet, bitch Juelz Santana AY Grip to it, kick to it Fuck that, spit to it Sorry people,"
  • Violence - Against Me!
    "Lock the door to your room Pray they don't find us Pray they don't kick it down. Oh, you've been keeping secrets And these kind of lies have consequences So many possibilities for this to all end badly It's"
  • Violence - Primer 55
  • Violence & Bloodshed - Ultimatum
    "Who says you cant mix aggression with a message of faith. Music is an expression, with that theres no debate. Why not sing of my faith, for it's what I live. If you want message of violence, I've got a"
  • Cycle Of Violence - Behind Enemy Lines
    "It's the age-old conflict, the territorial dispute Endless accusations flying about who has wronged who Desperate determination to show no sign of weakness The leaders take action while their people pay"
  • Violins Of Violence - Necro
    "(feat. Mr. Hyde) (Sample from the movie - "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc") "Go home! Go now, in peace! If you do not go now, you will be buried in this field! I've seen...enough...blood! But"
  • Conceived Sorrow - Dir En Grey
    "== Romanized Japanese == IBARA ni karamu taiyou tameiki to mazatte TOROKERU koukai miakita yume ni tsuba wo haki warau kodoku ni kuwareta hito-tachi no kokoro wa zankoku ni soudatsu kasaneta shiro"
  • Act Of God - Fear Factory
    "In my eyes stagnation surrounds Blood that life beaten and bound An act of mercy, a scene pain There is no difference It's all in your name This act of god Lights of fate brighten my eyes Fires of hate"
  • Act of faith - Rick Springfield
    "I tell you honestly, Don't you go and throw your heart away I know it's so hard to doYou've got to let go when you want to hold on I know how much you miss him celebrate what you had Don't cry about the"
  • Act Of God - Acappella
    "It was an act of God This old world was not an accident It came to be by the touch of His hand Through His love He formed creation Then reached out and breathed His life into man Yes for all of us He"
  • Riot Act - GangStarr
    "{*DJ Premier scratches children laughing and yelling*} (Chorus: Guru) Riot act, this is where we really prepare Riot act, out here we show no fear RIOT ACT, time to protect our communities Riot act, real"
  • Counter Act - Clark Anne
    "It's in your look there's no doubt I know exactly what it's all about it's not what you say I'm listening to like the air around us I can see straight through to your real intention what you really mean hidden"
  • Act It - Smogus
    "Thanks for calling me an asshole You did your job right You want a major deal You've a fistfight But I think you've misjudged me You're the wrong side Any last regrets you're going down tonight Think about"
  • Act One - Peter Hammill
    "'''THE CHORUS''' The chorus has often an unenviable role to play, often a distasteful task to perform; summoned as witness to uncounted crime, she's the silent accomplice of all, then she turns and comments"
  • Act Two - Peter Hammill
    "THE VOICES House. Wet Vaults. Caissons. We breathe... OF THE Undercroft. Abutments. Stones. Wood. Breathe... HOUSE Buttresses. Bressumers. Spandrels. We Breathe... Columns and Pillars. Shafts. Arches."
  • An Act Of Faith - Stan Ridgway
    "With an act of faith, all the mountains would move And the rain would stop all around With an act of faith, all the dogs would stop barking And we could move out of this town Oh, the road up ahead would"

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