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Hatebreed Empty Promises

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Hatebreed Empty Promises

  • Empty Promises - Hatebreed
    "You came to me with salvation, saying I must repent. You offer up your redemption, a guarantee for a better life in your safe world. Your illusions are comfort for your conscience. My sacrifices will"
  • Empty Promises - Switched
    "Faceless, lost in the shadows, searching, for someone to notice. Forced to, live within your problems, the life that's, much to real. When your, kicking, screaming, all you can to be heard. Starting to"
  • Empty Promises - James Young
    "Those mental midgets that you call your friends I heard them talking about you And those nasty habits you got from somewhere They make you act just like a fool No more empty promises, no No more big-time"
  • Empty Promises - Quiet Riot
    "In a funny looking glass Reflection of a face One that I've seen before I knock wood I see you're using me Always trying to read the score When you're leading me on The truth comes then it's gone With"
  • Empty Promises - Saxon
    "I gave you my love But you threw it straight back in my face I should have known better You're just perfume and lace You're messing around You're making a fool out of me But I've had enough baby I'm setting"
  • Empty Promises - Harem Scarem
    "You screwed the system I count the days I'm watching your words unfolding A little loser That's got no place Don't get your way And your world stops turning I'll be prying those words from your mouth Cause"
  • Empty Promises - Behind Crimson Eyes
    "I hate you! Those words go round and round my head This isn't real... I can't be dead Look around as the sun goes down And it all comes back to that fateful moment Your lips, Your eyes, Your skin, It tries,"
  • Empty Promises - Sunset Black
    "Finding your reasons You're finding your way back here Finding your reasons You're finding your reasons here And it falls away And you're hanging on And it falls away And you're hanging on Carry on I'll"
  • Promises - Saga
    "She never makes commitments She's never short of alibis When I ask the same old questions She always tells me lies There's something missing in her life But what it is she won't say And when I try to."
  • Promises - The Cranberries
    "You'd better believe I'm coming You'd better believe what I say You'd better hold on to your promises Because you bet you'll get what you deserve She's going to leave him over She's going take her love"
  • Promises - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Uh... You better belive I'm coming You better believe what I say You better hold on to your promises Because you bet, you'll get what you deserve She's going to leave him over She's gonna take her love"
  • Promises - Reactor
    "Tell me something, tell me one of your liesSell me something, right in front of my eyesTunnel vision, now I'm blind I can seeMake me listen, tell me who should I be?Now you're taking me for a rideWith"
  • King of Empty Promises - Vanishing Point
    "Eyes forever seeing black, bring life into your lie Seething in your serpent skin, in dust you divide me Fooled, twisted, full of hate, torn in trusting me Fear instilled forever lying the truth will set"
  • Empty - Catch 22
    "[ t.j. berry ] Whispering sweet nothingsInto the virgin earWading through the shallow waterCant see myself so clear [ pre-chorus ]A thousand promises and liesA thousand broken last goodbyes [ chorus ]Im"
  • Broken Promises - Moments In Grace
    "So I've blown, I've blown it all on cures for pain, And I've learned to regret the choices that, that I've made I want, I want to stay awake for days Until the sunlight washes over my face Chorus: Forgive,"
  • Empty Space - Miriam Stockley
    "This empty space Innocent words that were softly spoken Now I am lost in a world of broken dreams A lonely place Promises made and a love forsaken No turning back on the road you've taken now Days of"
  • Empty Eyes - Cassie Steele
    "I sit, watching nothing On the TV set Starting to forget Promises you've said You stare at TV reruns And when I speak do you listen Can you see me? Feel me breathing? I'm dying inside I'm to late to fade I'm"
  • Empty Words - Death
    "Ashes and promises share a bond Through the winds of change Words are blown away When visions that should be Are tattooed in your mind The power to let go Is sometimes hard to find The answer cannot be"
  • Empty Road - Natalie Walker
    "I hear the sound of distant cars Headlights flicker in the dark I've been waiting, waiting for you Waiting for you One of a thousand promises I'm alone and I am stoned from The silence of our empty road Empty"
  • Empty Bed - The Good Life
    "Out a little late aren't you? What's out there I don't give you? Don't I drink and sleep with you? What you want you'll never get- what you want is infinite. You'll never get your fill of it. So again"

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