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Hatebreed Voice Of Contention

  • Voice Of Contention - Hatebreed
    "If they said they knew the truth They lied. No one said my faith wouldn't be questioned. Been driven to the brink. Because the truth is too hard to accept When you face your mortal enemy. Who ever said,"
  • Bone Of Contention - Spirit Of The West
    "And he grabbed it by the hand and he pulled and pulled 'til someone pushed and then he fell on the front page of America And all the bright stars came out and shone in his defense Rehabilitation - What"
  • Bones Of Contention - Walkabouts
    "Well the fires are tended And my blood it just boils (Hey there pass your hat) And the fruits of hard labor Have been drowned in snake oil (Hey there pass your hat) The dead are thin Their houses fat Once"
  • Contention - MxPx
    "This is a fight, broken bottles, bloody walls There was a time when a fist could solve it But those days are gone along with many murdered lives Hey, contention Hey, it's killing us This is a war, complete"
  • Contention - Osker
    "Watch your expectations crumble. I hear the things, Are the same things you never, Never knew, That you never wanted. I take those things with me to sleep. I'm not the one you want. There is no time. I"
  • Voice - Pentagram
    "are we gonna ask the questions that scare me are we gonna break the bonds of silence will i find the truth in my reflection will i see the meaning of my defiant cuz there are words that must be said and"
  • Voice - Rie Fu
    "You change the color of your eyes, what you really mean is You don't really wanna be this way for good You pick up the stuff that's just been laid, what you really mean is You gotta have some love for"
  • Voice - Sense Field
    "Yours is so distinctive I can hear it from miles away And when you speak so clearly Lord, I know what you're going to say, yeah And I want to hear it again That it's going to be alright I, and I tried"
  • The Voice - Crest Of Darkness
    "You don't know what you're facing. You don't know what to belive. From deep inside. From out of nowhere. It occupies your mind. It's like a possession. Youre trying to say stop. You know you can't give"
  • Supremacy Of Self - Hatebreed
    "SOME WARS MUST BE FOUGHT ALONE Am I the only one standing in my way? Am I my own merciless enemy? Can I stare back looking deep into death's gaze Can I turn and face myself and the knowledge of would shouldn't"
  • Voice Of America - Jackson Browne
    "(from the b-side of the single "in the shape of a heart"; peformed by jackson browne) Little steven's version appears on his album of the same name. Can you hear me? wake up! Where's the voice"
  • Voice Of Eujena - Brother Cane
    "Voice of Eujena Brother Cane From his youth he sees inside a slow parade of stones Lessons learned from fear of nothin to lose The voice remains It sounds the same Even from so far And it feels much better From"
  • Voice Of Britain - Skrewdriver
    "Walking 'round streets, hand-in-hand with fear No-one can tell what is 'round the bend Don't side with the other side, 'cos if you do we'll find you Want to know exactly if you classify as friends Chorus: 'Cause"
  • Voice Of Voiceless - Rage Against the Machine
    "Uh, UhCmon check itThrough Steel wallsYour voice blastin onTrue rebel, my brother MumiaI reflect uponYou be tha sparkThat set the prairie fires onMake the masses a mastodon pathTo trample the fascists"
  • Voice Of America - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) I heard you on the radio Some other time From some forgotten studio Way down the line So long, so long I've waited now To hear you again That song, that song will still remain Become an"
  • Voice of truth - Casting Crowns
    "Oh what I would do to haveThe kind of faith it takes To climb out of this boat I'm inOnto the crashing wavesTo step out of my comfort zoneInto the realm of the unknown where Jesus isAnd He's holding out"
  • Voice Of Defiance - Crashdog
    "We're the young, We're the youth, We're the ones Looking for the truth. So they can say "You're only fifteen," But in my book That don't mean a thing. You got a mind, You got a voice, Take a stand, Make"
  • Voice Of Reason - Quietdrive
    "Would you let all your friends down? Is your love in drugs and money? Did you care enough? Not before you said Its not too late We have waited all our lives To become something more than nothing"
  • Voice Of Jacob - Seven Witches
    "When you look into his eyes (sensing haunting deja-vu) Do you see yourself inside (a child, reflections of me) Are your questions finally asked (Jacob run, run, Jacob run) The voices keep haunting me (Jacob,"
  • Voice of Evil - Skrewdriver
    "Crime in the classroom, spouting forth from some Red mouth Some call it a teacher, they'll try to tell you that north is south They're making up stories Tell you that fighting for your land is wrong Then"

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