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Have a good tome

  • Weathered Tome - A.F.I.
    "Oh my God! My God this can't be happening! God tell me, tell me this isn't real! I can't believe all that I have foreseen is finally happening. I cannot for a single second stand the way I feel. I always"
  • Tome Amor - Belo
    "-olha a swingueira dos bamba'z! -eita swingueira boa... -todo mundo quebrando, sambando... -isoo aqui sucesso, hein? Se tem mulher boa na rea eu vou me jogar (pra quebrar!) Escute o que eu digo, no passo"
  • Tome a decisao - Melissa
    "Ningum no mundo faz idia do que eu sintoQuando ouo a Tua voz me dizerQue me aceita como sou e que eu preciso maisViver a nova vida que encontreiNingum que ainda no conhece o Teu carinhoPode entender quem"
  • TOME to JURII - Miyavi
    "choppiri se no chiisana ITAZURA suki no oCHIBIsan ni, DOJI de MANUKEna oniichan. J: "itsumo ijiwaru shite gomen ne... MAMA ni naishou de daiji ni shiteta daikoubutsu no CHIIZU ageru kara sa, yurushitekurenai"
  • Have A Good Time - Al Green
    "Let's have a real good time, yeah, yeah Some people don't know what it means To have a real, real good time Say it son, see I remember long time ago, yeah My mother told me, she said son, son She said"
  • Have A Good Time - Chaka Khan
    "Chorus: Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Who said this party's over? When I feel like my fun has just begun Together we will raise this roof"
  • Have A Good Time - Rufus
    "(Chorus): Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Who said this party's over? When I feel like my fun has just begun Together we will raise this roof"
  • Have A Good One - Tracy Byrd
    "(Max D. Barnes/Paul Craft/David Kent) Have a good one she told me as she walked away What a fine time to tell me to have a nice day She's gone now but the words she said still linger on and on Have a"
  • Have A Good Time - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) Yesterday it was my birthday I hung one more year on the line I should be depressed My life's a mess But I'm having a good time I've been loving and loving And loving I'm exhausted from"
  • Have A Good Sleep - Hot Hot Heat
    "Wake up! You do have a way words -at least with me- unfortunately. Please tell me this means what I think it does -but secretly- so he won't see. My dear, I fear that your scandal has corrupted many"
  • Have A Good Life Baby - Dusty Springfield
    "(Unknown) If we knew a way to go back through time To the place where love was lost We could take each other's hand again And wander back across But we always seem to end up here Tryin' not to say goodbye Baby,"
  • Everybody Have A Good Time - The Darkness
    "Anticipation - too much to pay Maybe I’m crazy, but there’s something in the air There’s something in the air (o!) Come on people: Tell me how you feel You want a good time, well you got yourself a deal Oh"
  • We're Gonna Have A Good Time - Rick Springfield
    "We're Gonna Have a Good Time, its gonna be a rock 'n' roll night We're Gonna Have a Good Time, we're gonna play the music all night Come on now, get the music on We're gonna dance & sing till the night"
  • Have A Good Year, Happy 1985 - Lostprophets
    "You told me that i would be everything to you, but does he know how you feel when the lights are on, too much (too much) happening (happening), fighting so (fighting so) i can be heard (i can be heard), you"
  • Anyone Can Have A Good Time - Owls
    "we lose each other. we lose each other. we've no right not to. in our practical mornings. our days as errands. the sex in everything. the short term of the long. wake and walk and talk and take and wake"
  • Good - Scabs
    "The sun's shinning And the skies are gray But I still know it's shinning Out there anyway And I'm lightning Crashing through the sky I got my feet on the ground And I feel so high And it's gonna be allright Yeah"
  • Might As Well Have A Good Time - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "There are windows on the water Lighting up the silver strand Shining on the sea Shining on the sea And the ocean's just a player On an old piano Who repeats one melody Repeats one melody I belong on"
  • Good - Ghostface Killah
    "(feat. Mr. Maygreen, Trife Da God) Aiyo, what up party people (Yeah, my name's on the guest list) This is the Wallabee kingpin in the building (As Mr. Maygreen... good evening...) Right about now, I'm"
  • Good - Lynn Anderson
    "I was a waitress in a barroom no future in sight And he was just lonely when he came there that night Then someone played the jukebox and he asked me to dance And when he softly held me I thought he's"
  • Good - Pizzicato Five
    "(Chika/Hajime) May I smoke? Yes, of course. Good day, sir! How are you? How much is it? I don't understand. Goodbye, sir, See you soon! Please Thank you Please Thank you How do you do? How do you do? How"

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