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Have you got anyfhing for it

  • Got To Have It - Method Man
    "Sing it bitch... oh boy... Niggaz... ha-ha... ladies... yeah Oh boy, come on... yeah... This is just a few of them things that I ("got to have") yeah I got to have that new shit, new whip, blue six,"
  • I Got to Have It - Ed O.G.
    "I stay hard like an erection, I'm burnin suckers who wear protection, now whose next when Ed's flexin I'm the bread, and you are just a crumb off Jerkin your jimmy but you still can't come off I'm from"
  • Fizzo Got Flow - B2K (You Got Served Soundtrack)
    "One, two, three, four, Fizzo came through and I'm blazin out the door Hold five to six hoes Causin frenzies round the globe And my belly stay froze, cuz my chain hang low Now I'm gettin paid, every single"
  • Got To Have You - Christina Milian
    "Got to have you and I don't know what I should do And I'm guessin' that you don't have a clue But I thinkin' that we would be cool Let's try it out, you'll see how happy we could be Then maybe you would"
  • Have I Got Some Blues For You - Charley Pride
    "The one you love stopped by to see me today - said she just couldn't tell you she was goin' away I took her to the station, and I held her as she cried, and she asked me if I would tell you goodbye Have"
  • Have I Got A Deal For You - Reba McEntire
    "(Michael P. Heeney/Jackson Leap) Well you look like the kind who's got an eye for a bargain A kind of guy who likes to shop around Well I got me this old heart That I'm putting on the market And I'll"
  • Have I Got a Girl For You - Stephen Sondheim
    "JENNY: Bobby... PETER: Bobby... AMY: Bobby baby... PAUL: Bobby bubi... JOANNE: Robby... SUSAN: Robert, darling... ALL: Bobby, we've been trying to reach you... SARAH: Angel, I've got something to tell"
  • You Got It - Average White Band
    "Well you're making a big mistake, girl Trying to hold back your love from me 'Cause there's nothin' I can't do for you Sure got the love that you need Everything, anything, in the world If I can"
  • You Got It - Jodeci
    "Hot 98.7 Kiss FM, it's the world famous dial to pay countdown I'm Wendy Williams So we have $98 in Kiss Cash and the new CD by Jodeci Let's go to the phones and see who's gonna win tonight's countdown Hello,"
  • You Got It - New Kids On The Block
    "You should have treated me right But you left me lonely and cold at night. Since you won't, someone will Treat me better and be for real. If you didn't want it you shoulda let me know But since you didn't"
  • I Got To Have It Too - Aceyalone
    "* this is a remake of ed o.g.'s "i got to have it" We gonna do it like this, yo this is aceyalone Giving a big shout out to ed o.g. and the b.u.l.l.d.o.g.s. Yo whole rock this, look Yo brown is my complexion,"
  • Got to have it - 112
    "(4x) Give it to me (3x) Give it to me Every time I think about The way you make me feel I get Excited, so excited Yeah The thought of you right next to me There are no words that can describe it Can describe"
  • I Got It For You Girl - Toby Keith
    "C'mon baby lay back down You don't have to leave right now Anything you got downtown...can wait I love those high heel shoes Everything looks good on you You make it look brand new...everyday I've"
  • There You Have It - Blackhawk
    "You're the kind of woman, I've been dreaming of. But I never thought I could ever say it good enough to win your love You probably think I'm foolish you probably tell me so I open up my heart then you're"
  • Got to have me - Christina Milian
    "Verse 1 You and I have been best friends for years Through good and bad youre always here And no matter what you know Im there (oh, oh) So when you asked me Wussup Find you a girlfriend to hook up Now"
  • What Have I Got - Rollins Band
    "I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I"
  • What Have I Got - Henry Rollins
    "I've got a wantless need I've got a thoughtless mind I've got a needless want I can't unwind I've got a heart that aches I've got hands that like to break They tell me to hold on They never let me go I"
  • Have you got it in you - Imogen Heap
    "It takes a lotto be always on formIt takes al lot.I maybe notall the time, all Ive gotMaybe not.Been one of those daysSafety first, dont pushwhats the hurry?One not remaining, waiting on one look.have"
  • I've Got To Have It - Jermaine Dupri
    "(feat. Monica, Nas) Uh-huh, oh (Oh) Uh-huh, oh So So Def (I've got to have it) See this is what it's all about right her Understand me see my life's real I don't know about yours Everything I do is"
  • Have You - Sizzla
    "And I've Got The Girlfriend And She Loves My So Much Treats My So Fine Oh Shes So In Touch And When We're Togther Everything Is Up Never Leave Me For Noone Oh She Please Me Enough Have You-Ouou"

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