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Hawana I lost to u

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Hawana I lost to u

  • Lost Without U (Remix) - Robin Thicke
    "(feat. Busta Rhymes) Yeh, Feel like we gonna have to do this again, Ey, you know this is one of the hottest bangers in the street right now right homie, Yeh, You know I mean, Hey your real talk this feel"
  • U - Edgewater
    "Are you really who you say you are? You walk all over broken hearts Has it been so bad that I'm just a joke to you? You can't take it back you've gone to far You tear me down and leave your scars But when"
  • Lost Without U  - Thicke
    "Tell me how u love me more And how u think Im sexy baby That u dont want nobody else U dont want this guy u dont want that guy u wanna Touch yourself when u see me Tell me how u love my body And how I"
  • U - Olek Grotowski i Ma
    "Francesco del Gioconde, rozparłszy się hardo Na fotelu rzeźbionym w liście i trytony, Patrzył z dezaprobatą, jak mistrz Leonardo Pracuje nad portretem jego młodej żony. Upał był nie z tej ziemi; wiatr"
  • Lost - Jamie Cullum
    "Somewhere in the month of June Crept swiftly through my room Everything was there for me Early summer's bloom I'll tell your why i've rought my eyes To prove to me that these vision may be true Cause"
  • Lost - Frank Ocean
    "Double D Big full breast on my baby Triple weight Couldn't weigh the love I've got for the girl And I just wanna know Why you ain't been goin' to work Boss ain't workin' ya like this He can't take care"
  • Lost - The Badloves
    "i died at the hands of an angel gently betrayed with a kiss and all my dreams com tumbling down what i've found well i was lost without you i was lost without a trace lost never to be found i cried and"
  • Lost - James LaBrie
    "Sometime after five I don't know what I've done But I put my car in drive And I'm blinded by the sun In my rearview mirror The colors start to fade My past just disappears And I am so afraid I'm lost Show"
  • Lost - Maroon 5
    "Had no connection, no faith or direction, no Searching and searching for someone to save my soul I was swept up in a wave, swept up in a wave When I heard you say my name Lost, i was lost i was lost,"
  • Lost - Aaron Lines
    "Where am i, what was that That made my heart beat so fast I'm somewhere now that I've never been So far from the world I was living in Baby, I'm lost, but I'm not afraid I know you're the one to show"
  • Lost - Balligomingo
    "Lost far away in you Promise of a lifetime Lost Miracle of mankind Lost Childlike love lingers Skin is fading, but not your eyes Can I hold you? But now you're gone Lost far away The wind carries me away Lost"
  • Lost - The Cranberries
    "feel the storm in coming in I wonder where should I begin in the past /2x I feel I’m dwelling in the past I know the time is moving fast and you know I’m lost with you I’m lost without you I wonder when"
  • Lost - Ours
    "Listen to me Why am I crying? Why am I dying? I am not your ladder You seem to be Writing a song Lighting a bomb But nothing you say matters All of the time I lost All of the time I lost All of the time"
  • Lost - Louise
    "Give me back my smile Cos it's taring me inside Your still so far away What happened can't we change To make it all worthwhile You have every piece of me I'll promise you anything you need We have so much"
  • Lost - Donkeyboy
    "If we were lovers would it be too much? I wonder what heaven could come at that cost With so many hours from the dead untouched Wishing I could be you Ohh I could be you I'm free but I'm stuck in hard"
  • Lost - Erland Bratland
    "if roses are meant to be red and violets to be blue why isn't my heart meant for you my hands longing to touch you but but i can bearly breathe starry eyes that makes me melt right in front of me lost"
  • Lost - Spiritfall
    "When I look into your eyes And I see the damage I've caused I feel so empty deep inside I feel sorry for you When I try to understand me, I'm lost When I try to see within me, I'm lost It's too"
  • Lost - Lion's Share
    "All of my dreams, falling apart Taking me back, back to the start All of my visions All my ambitions Crumbled to dust, where are they now? Lost in this maze Lost in this maze called life Where do I go? Nowhere"
  • Lost - Jake Bugg
    "It all starts with me And all of my needs I’ll be waht you want Do you want me to be heaven Your high and i am low And this is much she’s broke I hold out for more While i am here On the road to heaven,"
  • Lost - Skin
    "What was i waiting for? Waiting for the bubble to burst, Over your stagnet poses, I'm cool with what you're devil don't see, Well i'll be fighting for the death of me, We shot through all of our causes. Days"

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