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Hawksley Workman Lethal And Young

  • Lethal And Young - Hawksley Workman
    "it's been fun destroying our bodies it's been great just being together crash another car smoke another cigarette and make love to all our favorites on the radio 'cause we don't know how to make it go we"
  • Lethal Injection - Aska
    "Taken from the park on the night her mother cried Masked by the shadows of darkness that belied Grasped from the clutches of those who did no wrong Taken by force violence setting the course - she was"
  • Lethal - The Abs
    "The light cascading from the dewy verges Signals to the guy upon the tee it's shit or bust A brand spanking Dunlop screams into the hedgerow And a luckless flock of starlings bite the dust The beautifilly"
  • Malodorous Lethal Gases - Avulsed
    "A Sadistic Maniac Is Inside His Mind Double Personality Behind A Pretty Face Everything Started At A Young Age Like A Funny Joke Among His Best Friends Unbearable Stench - Secret Weapon Malodorous -"
  • Lethal Vice - Avalanch
    "It's your way, your own decision, walk alone In your eyes the cruel vision of your inner feelings There's no time, there's no future, there's no hope Feel the fire burning Breaking your illusions Running"
  • Lethal lover - Giuffria
    "She's making you run, and you'll never understand How she smiles whenever you cry She's a bold little girl in a woman disguise, still you never believe How she controls you with her lies Ah, how she cons"
  • Lethal Baptism - Deathspell Omega
    "Acid streams from the Chalice over the newborn body, Pain rises like deadly waves of sulphur And it cries with despair and supplicates As it dissolves its sweet flesh See, Satan...Lethal Baptism for"
  • Lethal Weapon - Honeymoon Suite
    "When you lose your love And it makes your life turn cold When it tears you apart Your heart and soul just can't go on When love's alive, it sets you free When it's gone, it's plain to see How even"
  • Lethal Underground - Jerusalem Slim
    "It's panic time In the tale of two cities Such a crime the needy and the greedy Downtown is deadly The nerve of the killer elite Home street home, a place of no retreat Life on antisocial insecurity A"
  • Lethal weapon - Ice-T
    "E-V-I-L E and Ice-T are on a jack move Layin down the dope groove, smokin those who disapprove Wreckin the deck, you'll regret if you cross punk Rollin like a Mack truck, waxin those who talk junk Violent"
  • Lethal Heroes - Pretty Maids
    "Get a little frightened sometimes Get a little cold inside Catching bad news on the radio Get a little information There's a lack of destination With the talk of global arms control A fatal pollution A"
  • Lethal Dose - Ayah Marar
    "V1 Someone call a doctor i’m feeling faint Someone close the curtains, keep him away One thing is for certain When none of these drugs are working Even when they’re in my system I feel the pain Keeps"
  • Lethal Weapon - Ice T
    "E-V-I-L E and Ice-T are on a jack move Layin down the dope groove, smokin those who disapprove Wreckin the deck, you'll regret if you cross punk Rollin like a Mack truck, waxin those who talk junk Violent"
  • Lethal Killers - Abandoned Pools
    "Is it not enough for you to be alive Did you have to create god to survive This is all we have and all we have is everywhere There are so many stars The church and state are lethal killers If this"
  • Lethal Compound - Front Line Assembly
    "Demoralize - And criticize We analyze - No comprimise Sharp veins - Face the pain Exfoliating - System's insane Antagonize - Verbalize Fantasize - Carrion corpse Demoralize - And criticize We analyze -"
  • Lethal Radiation - Love Like Blood
    "one man - high on a nuclear power station voluntary - exposed the lethal radiation somebody wants to die warning the whole nation somebody wants to cry a warning for the nation we need another termination"
  • Lethal Habits - Destroy!
    "Shoot some cocain To pacify your brain It´s brought to you Courtesy of the CIA In Vietnam men didn´t die in vain The US shipped back heroin in their body bags My neighborhoods a shooting gallery Because"
  • Street lethal - Racer X
    "Movin' down the back streetsPass the speed of lightSparks burn inside meGas and air adjusted rightLayin' down some rubberNeedle's in the redI'm blowin' awayOn the edgeNever ceasing, never endingMy machine's"
  • Lethal Dance - Embraze
    "I'm only happy when I'm unhappy I am only happy when we sink in the stream Happy when we drown out When we flow away Look at me Tell me I fly Lie to me As always I'm only happy when I'm unhappy I'm only"
  • Lethal Enforcer - We Are Scientists
    "You're never gonna understand what you're seeing But later you'll pretend you can and you'll mean it You might think it's all in your head but you're not certain anymore You might think it's all in your"

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