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Head heard

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Head heard

  • I Heard - Young Fathers
    "Science is eerie when you're still around Killing your body cos they found you out Calling the shots and I'm falling down Look at the dust explode on the ground I'm there, I'm there, I'm there, I'm there, I'm"
  • Ya Heard - The Game
    "You see that cherry red Phantom on them big ass wheels, You see I be playing with them cars, I'm like a big ass kid, Crazy with that cap gun, so if we play cops and robbers, I'll show you how to pop revolvers, Fitted"
  • Until I Heard - Rachael Yamagata
    "all my life nothing seems to last just some names i'll soon forget and in the past i never take the chance to lead with my heart and not my head all my life i heard them but to hear those words from you just"
  • Heard It All - Emilie Autumn
    "I heard a story It's too hard to mention I heard a thing once I can't even say I had a moment Of doubtful suspension But it's almost forgotten It's been pulled away Chorus: By too many hands Touching"
  • Heard You Wrong - Odds
    "It's early morn the birds are gone no need to wake up the bed's so warm and open wide there's no one sleeping at my side it was the break of dawn I thought I heard you wrong the body's here but the"
  • Heard the light - Gaba Kulka
  • Heard You Were Dead - The Bluetones
    "I heard that you were dead, dead before you hit the ground. I heard that you were taken, and your body was never found. I heard that you were blistered by the suns burning rays. I know that somethings"
  • Well, Haven't You Heard - 2nd Chapter Of Acts
    "Well, haven't you heard That the time of man is closing Well, can't you see That the Son of God is coming Christ is coming In glory coming to reign Christ is coming In glory coming On a white horse riding Is"
  • Fuck What Ya Heard - MC Ren
    "Always carryin' a Mack 10, know what I'm sayin'? Ren is a nigga that you don't wanna fuck wit' Always carryin' a Mack 10 know what I'm sayin'? Ren is a nigga that you don't wanna fuck wit' In '93 I'm"
  • I Heard The Bells - MercyMe
    "I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play And wild and sweet the words repeat Of peace on Earth, good will to men And thought how as the day had come The belfries of all Christendom Had"
  • Yall Heard Of Me - C-Murder
    "(C-Murder Talking) Tru Records Chopper City C-Murder B.G. bout to do this thing yall heard us(this for real) Straight gutter you know(New Orleans) (C-Murder Chorus1) Now all yall done heard of me Now"
  • Heard It All Before - Sunshine Anderson
    "Baby let me explain to you I'm sayin what you sayin It's not even like that It wasn't like that but I saw you Baby I don't love her You don't love me you know what I don't even want to talk to you she"
  • Heard - Kanye West
    "*Intro* (Kanye West) And I heard 'em say nothin's ever promised tomorrow, today From the Chi, Like Tim, it's a Hardaway till this is in the name of love, like robert say Before you ask me to go get a job"
  • Fuck What You Heard - Bane
    "So for the first four months it was bad And certainly best for you that I didn't Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night And it was not her as everyone had thought But you, how easily you"
  • Ghost heard it before - Ghostface Killah
    "Yes, yes, we like to thank youYou are the 77th callerYou know you just won a pair of Theodore drawers and all thatHow do you feel about that? (Oh my God, that is good daddy I love ya'll)Yeah, that's right"
  • Heard It All Before - Ghostface Killah
    "Yes, yes, we like to thank you You are the 77th caller You know you just won a pair of Theodore drawers and all that How do you feel about that? (Oh my God, that is good daddy I love ya'll) Yeah, that's"
  • I Heard My Dog Bark - Sesame Street
    "I was lying in my bed on a quiet night Went down to the kitchen to get myself a bite I reached for the light as I walked in the door But I tripped and knocked a big old pot Down on the floor And then I"
  • She Hasn't Heard It Yet - Jamie O'Neal
    "She looks in his eyes, he looks away She chalks it up as another one of those days If there's a reason he's coming home late She hasn't heard it yet She warms up his dinner but he can't eat She makes"
  • A Sound I Never Heard - Golden Earring
    "I'm kicking down the road I got a top hat on With my head in overload I heard a radio song There was something in the air I think I know it well Watchin' everybody stare You know I never tell You"
  • We've Heard It All Before - Freak Kitchen
    "Haven't got the time for this, waiting makes me sick Tell me what the hell you want and tell it to me quick My modem isn't fast enough, maybe I've been screwed Let's go for some drive-in food that's already"

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