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HearSay I Dont Want You Anyway

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HearSay I Dont Want You Anyway

  • Hearsay - Alexander O'Neal
    "Come here girlfriend Spreadin' on my name all over town Hearsay, it's nothin' but hearsay Because a lie's not the truth Until you can prove it We're together from Baby, somebody's steering you wrong They"
  • Anyway - Journey
    "A place in time Can make the grind Fall out when you want to Anyplace, anytime All the world loves another You know you can't find no other Still I'm gonna love you, yeah Anyway Anyway Anyway Anyway Dark"
  • Anyway - Gavin DeGraw
    "I don't want to get too close I don't want to get too close You see this isn't where my head is If you knew me I'm not like this But I just found someone special And that's really something special If"
  • Anyway - Dynamite Hack
    "you gotta be kidding me i'm through with you girl anyway i'll wait for you i always do it's dumb but i want to anyway ** so here we are stuck in hell same old game we know it well i don't mind...anyway"
  • Anyway - White Town
    "You see it all started out With the very best of my sincere intentions So I thought anyway But that day that we got lost I could tell she had Penetrated my defences But I carried on anyway And then the"
  • Anyway - Amber
    "You love black and I like red You like dogs and I like cats I like to talk, you rather watch TV You like to control, I accept what I see You're so cool, I am emotional You want a wife, I need a match for"
  • Anyway - Steve Perry
    "(Perry, Miner) Still I remember I'd like to say I'm sorry I'd like to make amends I'd close my eyes and tell the truth But where would I begin My story's far from simple I'm so afraid to show I never"
  • Anyway - Youth Alive WA
    "You're perfect So perfect In every single way There's nothing I could change You're lovely So beautiful Your eyes are like the sun And I know that they're on me Don't You know that I want You so Now"
  • Anyway - Wolfsheim
    "i awake... and i look... down at my sleeping face from the cold... persuading melodies want me to join this... unreal dance an unholy humming that echoes and dies can i resist... be torn into laughter and"
  • Anyway You Want - Chicago
    "(P. Cetera) Anyway you want me It's alright with me Anything you want It's alright with me Know that I love you Know that I need you Anyway you want It's alright with me Baby let me love you Do what I"
  • I Don't Want You Anyway - Hear'Say
    "Keep my CD's and books cos my taste has changed anyway Leave your worries and troubles behind With the keys to my place You say that I'll worry And I can't let you go before Before I go insane don't"
  • Anyway You Want It - Rise Against
    "Anyway you want it that's the way you need it Anyway you want it She loves to dance she loves to sing she does everything she loves to move she loves to groove she loves the lovin' things All night"
  • Anyway You Want Me - Elvis Presley
    "(Words & music: Aaron Schroeder / Cliff Owens) I'll be as strong as a mountain, Or weak as a willow tree, Anyway you want me, Well that's how I will be. I'll be as tame as a baby, Or wild as the raging"
  • Anyway You Want It - Fame
    "Music: Stefan Brunzell/Thomas G:son Lyrics: Thomas G:son I need the lovin' I need the feelin' I need the sense of a human touch I feel it comin' My body's heatin' can't get enough, I can't have to"
  • Anyway you want it - Ms.Dynamite
    "(Keon Bryce) So many girls I know Don't wanna let me go That is the reason why Me and you just flow Its like you make me glow As soon as I see you child Yes you drive me wild With your ebony smile You"
  • Anyway You Want It - Ms. Dynamite
    "(feat. Keon Bryce) So many girls I know, Don't wanna let me go, That is the reason why, Me and you just flow. It's like you make me glow. As soon as i see you, child, Yes, you drive me wild, Wit' your"
  • Anyway You Want It - Journey
    "Any way you want it Thats the way you need it Any way you want it She loves to laugh She loves to sing She does everything She loves to move She loves to grove She loves the lovin things Ooh, all night,"
  • Anyway You Want Me - Bread
    "Aubrey And Aubrey was her name, A not so very ordinary girl or name. But who's to blame? For a love that wouldn't bloom For the hearts that never played in tune. Like a lovely melody that everyone can"
  • Anyway That You Want Me - Spiritualized
    "If it's love that you want Baby you got it From the depth of my soul Baby you got it I've been watching you Am I loving you in vain Girl there's no need to explain Anyway that you want me Anyway that you'll"
  • Dont You Want Me - Human League
    "You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar When I met you I picked you out, I shook you up and turned you around Turned you into someone new Now five years later on you've got the world at your feet Success"

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