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Heartache Every Moment

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Heartache Every Moment

  • Heartache Every Moment - H.I.M.
    "from lashes to ashes and from lust to dust in your sweetest torment i'm lost and no heaven can help us ready, willing and able to lose it all for a kiss so fatal and so warm oh it's heartache every moment from"
  • Heartache Every Moment - HIM
    "From lashes to ashes And from lust to dust In your sweetest torment I'm lost And no heaven can help us Ready, willing and able To lose it all For a kiss so fatal And so warm Oh it's heartache"
  • Live every moment - REO Speedwagon
    "Live every moment - love every day'cus before you know it your precious time slips away.Live every moment - love every day'cause if you don't you might just throw your love away.I walked for seven miles"
  • Every Moment - MyChildren MyBride
    "Keep on fighting We're with you if you fall Make every moment count This life is far too precious To waste away There's too much good in this world give it up Keep on fighting Perception is deception Close"
  • Every Moment - Nikki Leonti
    "Every Moment by Nikki Leonti It's true to each heart comes a little pain Lord, in each life falls a little rain But if I look there's a rainbow in the sky A ray of hope when a shadow passes by A silver"
  • Every Moment - Normals
    "Here we can't stop moving can't let that fear creep in That all of our ships are sinking and no one here can swim Truth we turned that word away the truth that welcomes us to stay Where every moment"
  • Every Moment - Somersault
    "Every moment you smile The earth stops moving for a while A breath of silence covers me - tenderly Every time you kiss my heart All my sorrows drift apart And all the demons fall asleep - fall asleep Refrain: This"
  • Every Moment - Gretchen
    "Captivated by the way you love me I hold my breath and pray it never ends If it's all a dream then please don't wake me I'd rather sleep forever than to leave Just keep holding on to me... You're"
  • Every Moment - Anna Tsuchiya
    "Look up the sky.You can see me Oh my life is like a shooting star Disappear before I wish my dream Life is too short,We need more time. I tried to find my way Hard to find the truth But I knew you are"
  • Every moment - Cock Robin
    "Angry answers are easy for meOnce you've hurt my prideLoving you is the joy I receiveOf which I've been deniedThere's no crossing the lines you have drawnIt's harmful to one's healthYou might try listening"
  • Heartache - Giuffria
    "I left you long ago, my life was mine alone Dreams chased and lost in a second square How was I to ever know, all that shines, isn't gold Bright lights on the lonely load, and I'm missing you And it's"
  • Heartache - Roy Orbison
    "(Roy Orbison) Tonight at midnight you came by, la do me yay Nay rum rum rum I shook my head, tried to cry, la do me yay Nay rum rum rum Halfway weeping, halfway sleeping, do me yay Nay rum rum rum Tossing,"
  • Heartache - Converge
    "we are all falling down we are all falling every word that you pray makes another slave every idol that you build brings another plague every cross that you bear grows another grave we are all"
  • Heartache - Tait
    "Half of you has been taken The other half is barely holding on You set a course across the ocean You had a dream And now it's all but lost But I want you to know I won't let you go Oh my heart aches for"
  • Every Waking Moment - Citizen Cope
    "I've watched a country move slow I've watched a city for a dollar get sold I've watched a bella take off her clothes I watched the miles through the car window And every waking moment I'm alive I'm searching"
  • Missing Every Moment - Bracia
    "Walking down the lonely street I look around, There's no one out there I must be dreaming I'm so far away from home I'm all alone, It's so unlikely How strange the world is... I'm going crazy! Missing"
  • Every Little Moment - Julian Lennon
    "With every little moment Every little rain drop Every little sun spot Can’t you see the war is over Let go of your rifle, let go of your mind, and think with the vision of peace in our time There’s blood"
  • Mising every moment - Bracia Cugowscy
    "Walking down the lonely street, I look aroundTheres someone out there, I must be dreamingIm so far away from home, Im all alone,Its so unlikely how strange the world isREF: Im going crazy, missing every"
  • Moment - Pietasters
    "I wanna spend with you Everytime I say goodbye now girl I'm always leaving you I'll be home one day soon You know my love is always true And I'm not the kind of guy Who has a wandering eye CHORUS Longer"
  • This Heartache Never Sleeps - Chesnutt Mark
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous This Heartache Never Sleeps I worked myself to the bone Tired as a man can get It's the only way that I know Might help me to forget I lay me down And I pray my soul to keep Now"

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