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Hearts of Black Science

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Hearts of Black Science

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Hearts of Black Science
  • Test Your Reflex Black Hearts
    "Dirty street and dirty hands A broken kid and a helpless man All that they know given the barren land A storefront clerk told me, "Walk away, You need not live this life of shame." I said, "Hold on my"
  • Oingo Boingo Weird science
    "(Weird science) Plastic tubes and pots and pans Bits and pieces and Magic from the hand We're makin' (Weird science) Things I've never seen before Behind bolted doors Talent and imagination (Weird science)"
  • XTC Science Friction
    "Hope you enjoyed your flight in one of our new straw aeroplanes, you'll find things here are just like what you're used to. There's lots of waste and razor wire and no one gives a damn about the land, we"
  • 311 Applied Science
    "Nod your head to this as a lot of apprentice Some of this were standing on the shoulder of giants Some tryants some benevolent To the followers it's relevant The rest get bent on lending opinions I'm sending"
  • Septic Flesh Science
    "We play a game of cards with the nature of the paradox. In a battle to determine what is possible and what is not. One solution, for our delusions. It is so hard to see beyond the small things that we"
  • Monkey Swallows The Universe Science
    "How the sweet birds fly, they have hollow bones Made for the sky, not like you or I I don't want to be in a tin can over the sea But if we all believe in technology we'll stay in the sky So there's more"
  • New Musik Science
    "Someone asks a question To someone in a room Of power law and distance In baskets of balloons It's all so scientific Natural scientific We've got it scientific Now now Never touched by radio There's something"
  • David Usher Science
    "I'm stuck here in the middle ofThis mess that i don't understandCome on wake upOpen my eyesIt's raining on fifth avenueThe lovers have all gone to groundI know you're cryingBut i don't ask whyMake pleasantries"
  • Vital Remains Crown Of The Black Hearts
    "Welcome to the Northern regions..... Black hearted emperor Intensify the pagan night..... Black hearted emperor High upon the angel's mountain..... Black hearted emperor Overshadowed by the moon.....The"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Silver
    "You break away And you fall down Spin around Crash into the ground Black winter night Colored in blue Silver moonlight On the edge of morning sunshine You walk with me Killing your dream The wind is"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Revolvers
    "The north winds are howling at you babe Whispering deep inside your ears Listen to the sound of love The sound has left you once again Like a lonely wolf You turn your back at me The snow is falling On"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Serene
    "Fake it again Take the world in your hands Just walk away Nothing left to say Shout now my love It's salvation day Echoes in our hearts Once we were in love Walking drifting away The beauty lies deep"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Driverlights
    "Time is moving faster like the sun You can feel it in your mind Getting closer to the burning point Get yourself right back inside And let the blood run through your veins Screaming silence in your head Youre"
  • Hearts Of Black Science In A Park
    "Cold winter night a wolf on the hunt Sleeping people of the light Waiting for the sun to rise Light, light Were hiding from the bright and sunny rays The nights will shelter us away from the daylight Crawling"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Snowfall
    "I want to rise again I want to fight the same You want to touch my face You want to walk like them The feelings we had we used to share Burning our love and despair Snow falls so hard on me and you Running"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Empty City Lights
    "The memories of us will fade away Falling deep like rocks in water Like a drain our pain will rain again Pictures blown like scissor paper cuts As we move on into the darkness Forever dreams will touch"
  • Hearts Of Black Science Miles
    "City birds flying home Fading eyes bleeding eyes Clap your hands sing for me What have we done to ourselves Paranoid whats my name Bleeding ears and flowing tears In the streets of lonely souls The"
  • Hearts Of Black Science To Kill The Ghost You Left Behind
    "Faded out like a picture from the past Unclear like a view from behind the dirty glass Empty thoughts and silent cries Take that feeling and bring it back to life You and I, we never found the time To"
  • Unearth Black Hearts Now Reign
    "take rob this world of resource burn the oil for fortune stealing from our savior in quest of power sealed our fate is catastrophic the coming days of failure aborting evolution in quest of power take"
  • Nocturnus The Science of Horror
    "FEAR!!! OF THE UNKNOWN!!! FEAR!!! OF THE UNCERTAIN!!! Haunted, Plagued by horror from the beyond Hideus Forms, emanating figure, that lurks in the black Nightmare, visios from the dephts of ypur mind Lost..."

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