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Heat on firmę Jonathan

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Heat on firmę Jonathan

  • Jonathan - Lonewolf
    "Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been ? I was searching for you since you once left me. Tell me, Boy, did you ever miss your sweet home and a single kiss, oh, Jonathan, Jonathan, where have you been"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Time Honoured Ghosts Jonathan Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like"
  • Jonathan - Barclay James Harvest
    "Circles in the sky White as paper fly Sound of seagulls crying fills the air High above the lonely one is there Jonathan he cares To feel better Like the passing wind Swooping down again Waitin' for the"
  • Jonathan Wilkes - Wilkes Jonathan
    "You really seemed to lost ya way, Its your first date and your gonna be late, All the traffic lights are red, The feeling your head says go back to bed, Through the window everything seems right, That's"
  • Jonathan Rado Faces - Jonathan Rado
    "When I walk around with my head to the ground You seem to look down on Tuesday The faces I'll stare but I am prepared To look into nobody's faces You're seemingly dead and it's gone to your head You feel"
  • Jonathan Fallow - Pain
    "Witness Jonathan Fallow, sit & stare, He's a cartoon engineer extraordinaire He's a tatterdemalion of dubious means, Paper champion pencil making scenes You see objects he sees life like Bulbous-eyed"
  • Heat - The Mission
    "Let me lay waste with gentle persuasion Let me lay down To sweat in the heat On the back of beyond we laugh at all reason And in the light of it all There's no need to retreat And the heat comes down And"
  • Heat - Mariah Carey
    "That's Mariah... Heat, heat, heat Heat, heat, heat Next time I'm gonna come on harder Can't step on this heat Don't Bother Next time I'm gonna, next time I'm gonna Can't step on this heat Don't Bother"
  • Heat - Balligomingo
    "Don't move Scare me on Take too much But don't take too long Now you're moving in Like acid on my skin I like being burned Your heat is what I yearn Your salt Corrodes my vault Get too close The spill"
  • Heat - DMX
    "Heat Uh yeah yeah Uh...grrrrrrrrr...uh...hot! Uh..arf arf arf.. The heat is on Are y'all really ready to fly The heat is on Are y'all really ready to die The heat is oonnnnn Have your mother"
  • Heat - Kelly Price
    "(feat. Kelly Price & Cha Cha) Cha Cha, ah I got you heated in the 400 A slow moment with a payback, sure want it Ain't gon' run it 'till I gain the feathers gon' wit it Ain't gonna split it 'till you"
  • Heat - Swollen Members
    "Who else you think this is? It's just us I don't wanna tell you again so just trust Who make the moves, makin the bucks and bring the heat so bake that it's shakin your truck? (Let it go) Back up in"
  • Heat - Soft Cell
    "It was the heat of the night I think Or it could've been the effect of the drink But I had to brush away the flies That started to collect around your eyes I've still the taste of the sweat and the dust You're"
  • Heat - Jethro Tull
    "When the rats are running and the boys are gunning for heads on a tin plate --- you can hear the footfall softly in the back yard. And the black jack is called face up on the last card. You'd better call"
  • Heat - Apocalyptica
    "I'm giving up the ghost of love And a shadow is cast on devotion She is the one that I adore Queen of my silent suffocation Break this bittersweet spell on me Lost in the arms of destiny bittersweet I"
  • Heat - 50 Cent
    ""Aye you want some of this shit" "Naw, I don't want that shit" "I don't give a fuck, I don't play dat shit" "And I'm fin'nin to buss a cap in a nigga" "Man SHUT the fuck up" "Whoa slow down, slow down,"
  • The Heat Is On - Heat
    "The Heat Is On - Heat's Theme Everybody knows that he is the one Busting move's that set him second to none When U began to think he's over & done (Ain't no stoppin - stoppin - stoppin ) The heat is"
  • Ty Jonathan Down - Videodrone
    "This track features Jon Davis on vocals. Fifteen pure and clean, innocent Lost sheep secrets I keep under lock and key Someone help me So look at me you're like a superstar I can impress your mind"
  • Firma Terror - INXS
    "Here on terra firma The violence is spreading The walls are collapsing Into your back yards Here on terra firma The fires are raging The riots up staging To prove a point to none Here on terra firma The"
  • Holding Firm - Sizzla
    "Whoa ooh whoa oooh oooh Hail Jah, eh ey Always hailing him I've been here all day of my life Works good and queer I behold with my sight Some will share, others do as they like Some, yuh flesh dem"

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