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Hedley, Lose control

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Hedley, Lose control

  • Lose Control - Courteeners
    "Lately I've been going through One or two things that would make the nurses on the ward turn blue Rabbit in the headlights with no place else to go Can you pinpoint the place where you lost control? Where"
  • Lose Control - Kylie Minogue
    "Round like a circle Caught up in a spiral You make me feel like a wheel I'm running off the cable But the cable seems so far now And the wheel is turning faster And I know I'll get there somehow Cuz I"
  • Lose Control - Evanescence
    "You don't remember my name. I don't really care. Can we play the game your way? Can I really lose control? Just once in my life, I think it'd be nice, Just to lose control, just once, With all the pretty"
  • Lose Control - Stellar Kart
    "The road ahead is going nowhere Fast the light is red Looks like i'm gonna crash I've lost all direction Right is left and up is down So here's my soul confession Right now check it out I wanna lose"
  • Lose control - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "I lose control togireta kokoro sotto kaze ni sarawarete boku wa ten o aogu I lose controlfusagarete yuku anata sae kizukazu ni kowashite shinai souGood-morning Mr. FEARkakusei sareta no wa nakushiteta"
  • Lose Control - House Of Heroes
    "I cast no shadow on the grave No one knows my name I ride the wind of seven seas Gone before the rain I am both friend and enemy An object of disdain Living it up in the down and out I roll with the foxes"
  • Lose control - Waldo's People
    "I don't wanna lose control, but I'm falling Falling down I got this panic emotion that I cannot describe to you My world is tumbling down what am I, what am I gonna do Ca-can't deny it, deny it, what am"
  • Lose Control - Kevin Federline
    "That's right just get it Let you feel it Make you lose control This is that hip-hop flavor mixed with a lil bit of rock & roll Valet yo whip Grab your chick You know how it goes I got that shit,"
  • Lose control - Audio Adrenaline
    "This is what it feels like To lose control This is what it feels like To be left alone This is what it feels like To lose a friend This is what it feels like To reach the end God came down And walked beside"
  • Lose Control - Tyra
    "(Chorus) Baby you got me I can't take no more But you got a hold on me Oo baby, you make me lose control (Verse 1) Baby when I seen ya I couldn't help but stare Perfection so hard to find But baby you're"
  • Lose control - Ciara
    "Music make u lose control Music make u lose control Lets go Yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah Here we go now Here we go now Here we go now Here we go now Watch out now (music make u lose control) Misdemeanors"
  • Lose Control - Missy Elliott
    "Music make you lose control Music make you lose control Let?s go Hey hey yeah Yeah yeah yeah Here we go now Here we go now Here we go now Here we go now Watch out now (Music make you lose control) Misdemeanor?s"
  • Lose Control - Blood on the dance floor
    "Keep talkin' shit I'll give you fat lip Take a chain saw Rip it down raw Get me pissed, don't fuck with this I love it when I'm dangerous Coming like a freight train Painting walls with your brains You"
  • Lose Control - Maria Mena
    "Oh ohoh ohoh Shame on you for making me wait Time and time again you're too late And I'm about to make a mistake so please hurry babe just hurry You might as well just take it from me You said that I"
  • Lose Control - James
    "Where is the loveWhere is the loveWhere is the loveThat everyone is talking ofWhere is the loveWhere is the loveThat everyone is dreaming ofCome to bedCome to bedCome to bedI cannot sleep in all this heatCome"
  • Lose Control - Silk
    "ohhh ohhh ohh ohh "Im sorry..... I never meant to hurt you baby...ohh I really didn't Im so sorry I just want you to sit down Just a minute..let me talk to you......" Last night, we had an argument."
  • Lose Control - Ricky J
    "Ya get on up Ya lose control You are never too young or too old Ya get caught up The night unfolds People jumpin, party, bumpin Making you say oo ooo. March madness Who would of seen my star status You"
  • Lose Control - Ash
    "I can't stop- can't stop thinking About you at all I called you up to come on round tonight You wouldn't give a straight answer But you wouldn't say no Even though you're going with him Here comes the"
  • Lose control - Nena
    "MemoriesI remember the face of my father, my eyeslost in hiss mileI remember painted emotions on his faceThey just grazed to the years...The laughing and games with the childhood'sfriends,the wish to grow"
  • Lose Control - Ummet Ozcan
    "I'm losing my feelin' I'm losing my feelin' My feelin' My, my feelin' No more My feelin' My, my feelin' No more No more, No more, No more, more"

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