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Hello ITS mi

  • Hello - Alex M
    "Hello, hello Hello what are you doing to me Oh I never thought I'd change Hello what's this your seeing in me I wanna thank you for the faith And I realize that your on my mind And your all I ever need And"
  • Hello - Candice Alley
    "Daddy's working day and night, Gotta keep the world running on time, Says he keeps the family fed.. Mother's got a boyfriend, Sees him on the weekend, Tells her friends "he's dumb, But at least he's good"
  • Hello - Maryla Rodowicz
    "Hello, Hello Pora żyć slow Niespiesznie trwać Wolniej niż było Hello, Hello Pora żyć slow Nie dziwić się że wolna miłość Trochę jak koala miś Spokój śnic Na leciutkiej bańce drzemać I uśmiechać się przez"
  • Hello - Christina Aguilera
    "Does it ever feel like no one is with you no one sees it your way everyone's against you But its your life Gotta keep the faith hold your vision you will find your way I may not fit the mold may not do"
  • Hello - James
    "You and me Play this song, the vision Hope to make this love stretch forever Don't let go in this now or never Hope there's change enough to say... Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello You"
  • Hello - Take That
    "i'd watch the world go by in the morning loose myself in the the news, looks like the cost of houses are falling but i dont notice i'd write a long love song with no meaning and hope nobody would hear,"
  • Hello - Big Tymers
    "Ladies and gentlemen, see its like Hello, Hello, Hello Hello Hello See baby Hello, Hello, Hello Hello, Hello Now I been trying to fuck with you since 7th grade But I didn't want to fuck"
  • Hello - Ogie Alcasid
    "Hi, hello, its nice to see you again, I didn't quite expect this.. I don't know wat to say, Seems so strange to see u standing there Thought u left forever now u reappear Yes I know its been a long"
  • Hello - Jeans
    "No quiero una vida normal quiero volar, quiero escapar Tumbare las paredes que no permiten que me arriesgue a enloquecer Yo soy soadora de corazon soy yo mi destino estoy decidida a encontrar amor"
  • Hello - Angelo Kelly
    "Why did we change so fast or did you stay the same I thought our friendship would last I thought it was our aim we used to have a blast but now were just so lame the damage has been done and now we have"
  • Hello - Sita
    "Why should I go, why should I care How could I know, it wasn't fair What if I forget it all What if I say Hello, I'm the one you've been looking for I know that it's true Lets go, I don't know if you're"
  • Hello - Zion
    "Hello, yo soy aquel... Que anoche en la discoteca estuvo contigo... Yo soy aquel que bien supo amarte... Yo soy el que con besos Supo seducirte pero no te obligo Fue por par de copas que te entregaste Hicimos"
  • Hello Hello - SR-71
    "Hello hello I bring you letters from the man you used to know Give in let go To the words that made you feel you weren't alone Now it's funny how we find out Time can solve the mystery but love is only"
  • Hello - Ginuwine
    "Pick up the phone: Umm Hmmm Baby Pick up the phone I'm all alone Baby pick up the phone ( Baby pick up the phone) And call a brotha some time ( Call a brotha some time) To see what's on my mind ("
  • Its Not Goodbye - Laura Pausini
    "It's Not Goodbye And what if I never kiss your lips again Or feel the touch of your sweet embrace How would I ever go on Without you there's no place to belong Well someday love is gonna lead you"
  • Its A Pity - Tanya Stephens
    "INTRO I said if we never get a chance to be together go with Jah, Tanya loves ya, wha me seh? Hook It's a pity you already have a wife and me done have a man inna mi life rudeboy it's such a pity"
  • One Hello - Randy Crawford
    "One Hello If you're not afraid Of what love brings Then endings are beginnings Of beautiful things Its a chance you'll take It's a chance you'll win If someone's gonna find you First you gotta let them"
  • Hello Mam - Hector Bambino "El Father"
    "Hello mama (Hello Papa) Come on mama (Come on papa) No seas guapa (Yo soy guapa) Lets Go mama (Lets Go papa) Hello mama (Hello Papa) Come on mama (Come on papa) No seas guapa (Yo soy guapa)"
  • Hello world - Przygody w siodle
    "Hello world, this is me life should be, fun for everyone. Life is easy if you wear a smile, just be your self dont ever change your style, you are you, I am me, well be free. Hello world this is me"
  • Hello, Pansy !! - Mihimaru GT
    "Hello, Pansy !! Ryoute hirogete Clap ! Kono RIZUMU ni notte karada wo yurashite Motto chikaduite Hello, Pansy !! Nayande nai de Clap ! Shiketa kao wa yamete ima wo kettobase POCKET no naka ni wa MASUTAAKII Tsugi"

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