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Hello sweer grief

  • Grief - Grave
    "Oh my saviour set me free release me from my agony Grant me your eternal reich take me to where corpses lie Look into my dying eyes still gazing with ecstasy Take me away end my life end my misery I"
  • Grief - Finley
    "Greetings from me to all my friends to my girlfriend and my parents I'm leaving this town I can't forget to say goodbye I can't forget the laughs and cries The moments I spent That's nothing to weep about"
  • Grief - Earl Sweatshirt
    "Good grief, I been reaping what I sow Nigga, I ain't been outside in a minute I been living what I wrote And all I see is snakes in the eyes of these niggas Momma taught me how to read 'em when I look Miss"
  • GRIEF - Dir En Grey
    "Shout up! That's fucking bullshit Blood tastes like vanilla Fuck off Shout up! That's fucking bullshit Headless body, Headless body, I'm damned Fuck off Headless body, Headless body, I'm damned I"
  • Grief - Modern English
    "tears are moving down your face etching lines across your skin clutching ? warm and dry an ice cold grip is on my mind why do you do this to me? watching from a distance I'm so helpless what do"
  • Grief - Abhorrent
    "Face The shelter, (the) pit you lie Mind The eye, to learn Break The walls (that) keep you dumb Mine Only my low life Scream For your soul Lie Burn and sold Fear Your choking life Pain you visualize You"
  • Grief hammer - The Darkness
    "(Grief!) Yes, it's grief hammer time (hammer)(Grief!) Yeah it's grief hammer timeWell it's a hard job, but someones gotta do itJack of all trades, master of noneI'm a heavy metal hammer GodLet it fly !(Grief!)"
  • Mourning Grief - Airged L'amh
    "Facing the nightmare in me dreams of emptiness Dark clouds spit fire and ice all across the land Tide of forgotten times in nameless shape arise as I had fallen into shadow Gazing these purple skies I"
  • Apportioned Grief - Dying Breed
    "A view from the outside apportioned grief Cut the down time enforced rage Mock the carnage Lost life Grinning The choice is made another loss Another fall Mock the carnage Lost life Grinning The choice"
  • Heroes Grief - Mekong Delta
    "Hear them sing the tales of glory About a man so brave and wise He subdued the hated tyrant But he's unlucky, hear his cries Why, why, why All of mine are dead and gone (why, why) Oh, my absence was too"
  • Good Grief - Nedelle
    "see these arms here by my side where you should be but they cannot hide so they'll swing I think all the night these limbs are weak try as they might somehow they werent built right but they could astound"
  • Rapturous Grief - Gorguts
    "Dead with pride Hopelessness behind...I ascent Feeble minds Regret in their eyes...They repent Inner horizon I glorify my death in peaceful solitude Obscure concept of blissful imagery Rapturous Grief AS"
  • Good Grief - Urban Dance Squad
    "My style is triple, quadruple, damage for mc's I make 'em huff 'n puff like mufflers for meineke Human exhaust, you wanna get lost ? Rhymes plus exxon ride brains like alain prost Mc clowns, I blaze towns I"
  • Good Grief - Staple
    "You gave it, I took it. There's nothing left of me. I saw it, I had it. It's only now I see. My flesh conflicts my vision, this poison's filling me. Defiling my conscience and I know its slowly killing"
  • Autumn's Grief - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "The dance of two free souls... No more masquerades of mortals Just you and me as nightly guests At the dance hall of our last Autumn Your look's so faithful, so brave... As you feel our common pain Our"
  • Good Grief - Foo Fighters
    "he floats floats away on the ground he comes back down they float float away on the ground they come back down she floats floats away on the ground she comes back down we float float away on the ground we"
  • Scum Grief - Swingin' Utters
    "I try to please them with my way most every day i try to please you while i'm here wasting away i'll promise you a world so wide, love replace my lies in time with truth, love. Access to exits everywhere"
  • Good Grief - Blacklisted
    "If I should ever fall from grace Just let me fall right on my face Turn around and walk away My soul just ain't worth the save You're wasting your life waiting for me to come around But when I hit the"
  • Lover's Grief - Empyrium
    "O gothic moon thy shine encharmest me tonight Bereavest me of sleep, makest me wander under thy light. Thou letst abloom my heart until the very last of thy ray. Shine, bereaver of sleep, ere black clouds"
  • Poori (grief) - Shinhwa
    "Moot chuh gah dah nuh mahn dah chuh Heem up shi jjoh jah gah neun nuh ji buh chuh Geu ruh dah dah chuh rah neun mahl johm dahk chuh Muhk gah teun nae moh seup mahn bah rah boh dah mi chuh Mahl doh ahn"

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