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Helloween Mission Motherland

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Helloween Mission Motherland

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Helloween Mission Motherland
  • Helloween Mission Motherland
    "So far from our system we came here through space To leave poisoned spheres for your race Our knowledge we trade for the time shared on earth To take and give for what it's worth On, our screens we've"
  • Neverland Helloween
    "What can I do? Will I be getting through? Now that I must try to leave it all behind Did you see what you have done to me? So hard to justify Slowly it's passing by Forever and one I will miss"
  • Heather Nova Motherland
    "If I could keep you underneath my wing The sky above you, safe from everything Under, under my wing To watch you breathing is all that I can do To see you smile, my only wish come true I'm living, living"
  • Joan Baez Motherland
    "Where in the hell can you go far from the things that you know Far from the sprawl of concrete that keeps crawling its way about 1,000 miles a day? Take one last look behind, commit this to memory and"
  • Natalie Merchant Motherland
    "Where in hell can you go far from the things that you know far from the sprawl of concrete that keeps crawling it's way about 1,000 miles a day Take one last look behind commit this to memory and mind Don't"
  • Graveland Motherland
    "I ride!With the winds I ride!On my warhorseI ride to the battlefieldInspired by flames of hatredOf my honor and of my pride!In the distanceFarI can see the smokeOf my flaming homelandBurnt by the foeAnd"
  • Single Gun Theory Motherland
    "a long time ago I picked flowers and sang on a hillside far away I'm still singing a long long time ago I felt love for the first time it's still with me now through the years, through the years"
  • Crystal Kay Motherland
    "? ==Romanized Japanese== Kimi ga tabidatsu hi wa itsumoto onaji jaane to te wo futta Marude ashita mo mata kono machi de au mitai ni Ai wo shinjiru no wa jibun ni mo makenai koto Yume"
  • Face Down Motherland
    "Red angels dance on lips As my mother burns for your sadistic trips I can turn the vision away But the image persists it won't go away You preach like prophets but you say it wrong You fan the flames of"
  • Helloween Exclusive Helloween Interview
    "Well, Japan. We've been there, I think, two times now, and it's always been a great fun playing there. I like the venues. They are sounding very good, they look very good, and kids over there really appreciate"
  • Ex Libris The Motherland
    "A white velvet winter coat Lay bestowed upon the palace lawn. Through the cold, the river Neva flows To the Baltic Sea, with regality She winds away from my home, The Russian throne. From northern lands"
  • Under Byen Mission
    "Det ligner mod Men er det ikke Mest af alt nsker jeg mig En mission Jeg ligger lavt Jeg er langt ude Jeg gr s langt jeg kan Jeg gr igennem Jeg gr hele vejen Det ligner mod Men er det ikke Det er noget"
  • Dub War Mission
    "somehow you lost your way you have no understanding from you 2 me an me to you there's just too much demanding the wires they have crossed connections surely faulty we'll never win the national by riding"
  • Electric Light Orchestra Mission
    "For may days we travelled from a distant place and time, To reach a place they call the planet Earth, There was to be a celebration, On the mission of the sacred heart. The planet Earth from way up there"
  • Chris Cornell Mission
    "Pulled through you, and drowning in your swirl Circling, unfolding in your will I'm going to glide on the winds of your breathing And alight on your guarded heart I'm gonna tear all your temples down I'm"
  • Rush Mission
    "Hold your fire Keep it burning bright Hold the flame 'til the dream ignites A spirit with a vision is a dream With a mission I hear their passionate music Read the words that touch my heart I gaze at"
  • Buddhuza Mission
    "I gather I was told I gotta mission to fly, I took a chance to pick a plane so I looked around, I ran into a mirror, saw a couple of curious eyes, I gotta hail old lordie, sign is so better than sight. We"
  • Shaggy Mission
    "Welcome to the mission My music has got to get what it rightfully deserve Shaggy My music got me on a mission I'm following my intuition Why don't you check the composition With this ya music when"
  • Kerli Mission
    "The streets are protection Wiseman say To freeze your perfection Wiseman say What if we could feel the power What if we worshipped the clown The streets are affection And i am so naive Was this the right"
  • Scred Connexion Mission
    "V'la l'indisciplin, comme un gosse de ma terre, celui qu'aime pas s'incliner, celui qu'aime pas s'voir a terre, celui qu'a pris l'rap d'assault sans l'abimer celui qu'est pas picasso sinon y t'aurait"

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