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Helmet - 410

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Helmet - 410

  • 410 - Helmet
    "Been trading insults all night long Now we're just getting started Well I think we got it I see you talk, I see you opening your mouth You just spit it out All night long All night All night long Are"
  • Helmet - Bobs
    "Helmet ---------------------------------- I can remember how it started I'd follow the firemen I'd dreamed of the astronauts They looked so happy in their shiny metal headgear I knew that inside they"
  • Room 410 - Wonder Stuff
    "I remember the morning you roared into my room We were trying to find a reason To see though the gloom Don't be worried now Don't be sad I'm not the best daydream That you've ever had When you thought"
  • Headrush Helmet - Atrox
    "I got my headrush helmet on I'm in a state of euphoria I watch my display I feel safe I see pixels, that's all I'm in a state of the art box above you Nothing can harm me Steady formation Stay on target We"
  • Dark Helmet - bloodsimple
  • Direct To Helmet - The Spinto Band
    "Directly to my helmet Directly to my heart Directly to my hairline Where do I start? It's not like art is just value Just try not to argue Your work looks good Your look works great How can I"
  • Helmet Ja Kuu - Nicole (FI)
    "lyt minut sirpaleiksi, uudelleen suudelleen kynnkset kierrt tiukkaan kun helmikuu laskeutuu syt minut palasiksi, uudelleen suudelleen riipukset ovat poissa || ==English translation== You hit me into"
  • Hyper Erotic Joy Helmet - Hanzel Und Gretyl
    "the hyper erotic joy helmet new from hug technologies the people who brought you the comacon sleep simulator and the extra sensory bathtub the ultimate in soft gratification if you reserve one piece"
  • Redboots And The Helmet - Guided By Voices
    "Redboots smiled like an electric child The gift his father gave him Came straight from God "Journey onward, Son Through porcupine nights and daffodil days..." This was in 19 something and 5 Before the"
  • Helmet In The Bush - Korn
    "'ello, esta Caco et eres Caco Well, you know , you fuck'n call me the Caco, okay? I keep asking, what's your lie? It is disturbing This isn't mine Why Days keep passing A lot of time me? I don't"
  • Can You See The Hard Helmet On My Head? - My Morning Jacket
    "Do you see the hard helmet on my head... totally unscarred serves protection for my head but I don't believe everything I read... one that makes them warm don't ever lose any of your god-given"
  • Bury Me - Helmet
    "Bury me alive and pretend I'm awake Like you lost me out somewhere in the highway I thought you were decent Everything was easy Every single word was true I left all them all I believe I was right I might"
  • Monochrome - Helmet
    "I can fill in your blanks here Just like reading your mind Everybody's got opinions, Well I know I've got mine We're running in place, ain't you tired? Just make up your mind there We're only running"
  • Swallowing Everything - Helmet
    "Hanging out with all these dicks Still collecting tokens Knock 'em back, you're making noises You live in the moment Wonder you're not morning sick Making conversation This dull arithmetic, all these stock"
  • On Your Way Down - Helmet
    "You have worked your way up to the top Thought that you would make the whole world stop Up to Venus, Mars and Jupiter Bet your feet don't even touch the Earth On your way On your way down On your way You're"
  • Money Shot - Helmet
    "Dirty pictures, watch as she gets paid The money shot Greatest hits on the mattress are What she's got So relive her of right where you belong You want to be wanted But nothing is as good as you thought"
  • Gone - Helmet
    "Hey son, where you think you going? We ain't done, hang tight Everything could vanish overnight None of your friends ever did anything Now you're dead You are dead Hey now you are gone I can't feel the"
  • Almost Out Of Sight - Helmet
    "Don't ever show them how That weight might drag you down And you don't feel like trading places Your false humility to be who they want you to be But you can't stand their smiling faces It's only economics,"
  • Goodbye - Helmet
    "It can't be hard to find a way to make your mark Just light yourself on fire, I'll sound a smoke alarm Still life will pass you by You're gone without a trace Might slow down just enough To spit right"
  • Smart - Helmet
    "Hey, it's late I can barely see straight You're barely standing out You talk, you feel You wanted something that's real I am pretending now I know that you're smart You mentioned it before You can read"

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