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Helmet Crisis King

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Helmet Crisis King

  • Crisis King - Helmet
    "If you're inclined to complain It doesn't matter, he's got greater pain Any crisis takes its toll Then he'll get down, let the bad times roll You'll never go down fighting You'll just go down The crisis"
  • Identity Crisis - Screeching Weasel
    "you got an identity crisis who are you and what do you believe and why do you care what i think well i believe that you're taking up space so make up your mind right now or get on your way so many verses"
  • Helmet - Bobs
    "Helmet ---------------------------------- I can remember how it started I'd follow the firemen I'd dreamed of the astronauts They looked so happy in their shiny metal headgear I knew that inside they"
  • Crisis - Fear Factory
    "You that I despise Repentance of sorts Death comes naturally Not from a hated war Repentance Repentance of faith Repentance of hope Repentance of hate Not my war Soldiers marching on Not my war Soldiers"
    "Crisis If I killed your father with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I killed your mother with a drone bomb How would you feel? Father If I killed your children with a drone bomb How would"
  • Crisis - The Kelly Family
    "Sweetest angels are still crying, Because, my baby, the world is dying. But if they continue crying, Their wings will break, that's bad for flying. I'm going through my crisis, my crisis, Paying prices"
  • Crisis - Dirt
    "So this is the crisis they knew had to come, why do they act so surprised? you know they've been warned often enough, we wont take any more lies. And this is the crisis they tried to ignore prevention"
  • Crisis - Creeper Lagoon
    "When I wake up Throughout I start up Guess I miss the heart you tore up Wait a minute, you didn't finish There's still something you couldn't reach I don't want to be a midlife crisis I don't want to"
  • Crisis - Sebadoh
    "Story of water stronger than a man Town crier: day of the dam! More than a hundred years ago The flood raged on fast and cold Smashed barrels and broken chests Bridgework carried along to rest Crisis;"
  • Crisis - Mesh
    "Come here, young lady!... No? And what does that mean?" You're feeling far too low It's all the thinking and the pressure of home You could work it out just fine If you could only get away some time but"
  • Crisis - Bob Marley
    "They say the sun an-a shines for all, But-a yin some people world, it never shine at all. Mm-mm-mm. They say love is a stream that will find its course; I mean - some-a people think life is a dream So"
  • Crisis - Alexisonfire
    "YEAH! This town is going under. The temperature is through the floor Your fingers are turning black There's a crisis knocking at your door One nine seven seven One nine seven seven You better try to"
  • Crisis - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "They say the sun, shines for all But in some people world, it never shine at all They say love is a stream, that will find its course Some people life is a dream So they making matters worse But no matter"
  • Crisis - Obus
    "Ves muy negro el futuro y sin solución ests cansado de buscar tu oportunidad dicen que est acabando y que la crisis se va, pero es tarde par ti no puedes esperar, no has perdido el tiempo todo te ha ido"
  • Crisis - Kelly Family
    "Sweetest angels are still crying,because, my baby, the world is dieing.But if they continue crying,their wings will break, that's bad for flying.Refrain:I'm going thru my crises, my crises,paying prices,"
  • Headrush Helmet - Atrox
    "I got my headrush helmet on I'm in a state of euphoria I watch my display I feel safe I see pixels, that's all I'm in a state of the art box above you Nothing can harm me Steady formation Stay on target We"
  • Dark Helmet - bloodsimple
  • Direct To Helmet - The Spinto Band
    "Directly to my helmet Directly to my heart Directly to my hairline Where do I start? It's not like art is just value Just try not to argue Your work looks good Your look works great How can I"
  • Helmet Ja Kuu - Nicole (FI)
    "lyt minut sirpaleiksi, uudelleen suudelleen kynnkset kierrt tiukkaan kun helmikuu laskeutuu syt minut palasiksi, uudelleen suudelleen riipukset ovat poissa || ==English translation== You hit me into"
  • Identity Crisis - The Sweet
    "Everybody loves a star Makes no difference who you are It's a good game when you're winning They don't see you in the rain When you're crsis are pain Do I find a new beginning No time to loose Identity"

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