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Helmet You Borrowed

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Helmet You Borrowed

  • Helmet - Bobs
    "Helmet ---------------------------------- I can remember how it started I'd follow the firemen I'd dreamed of the astronauts They looked so happy in their shiny metal headgear I knew that inside they"
  • You Borrowed - Helmet
    "i'll throw you scraps and talk the bad things the language or the motive affected shown is self imitating trust the dying breed the pitch i made has been on my end i trust in what's left here to lie"
  • Borrowed - Ignite
    "Check up all the words you say They turn up borrowed Check the targets that you flay They run up borrowed When thinking comes to you too hard You whip out your library card CHORUS: Check it out, check"
  • Headrush Helmet - Atrox
    "I got my headrush helmet on I'm in a state of euphoria I watch my display I feel safe I see pixels, that's all I'm in a state of the art box above you Nothing can harm me Steady formation Stay on target We"
  • Dark Helmet - bloodsimple
  • You Borrowed - Limp Korn Muphin
    "I'll throw you scraps And talk the bad things The language or the motive Perfected shown is Self imatating Trust the dying breed Yeah the pitch I made has been On my end I trust you Whats left you To lie"
  • Direct To Helmet - The Spinto Band
    "Directly to my helmet Directly to my heart Directly to my hairline Where do I start? It's not like art is just value Just try not to argue Your work looks good Your look works great How can I"
  • Helmet Ja Kuu - Nicole (FI)
    "lyt minut sirpaleiksi, uudelleen suudelleen kynnkset kierrt tiukkaan kun helmikuu laskeutuu syt minut palasiksi, uudelleen suudelleen riipukset ovat poissa || ==English translation== You hit me into"
  • Borrowed Heaven - The Corrs
    "All beauty all fade away, borrowed All moonlight return today, borrowed All sunrise all shooting stars, borrowed All earth bound bare feet in clay you know we're standing on Borrowed borrowed heaven"
  • Borrowed Love - Dwight Yoakam
    "Dwight Yoakam & Earl Scruggs At every glance, you steal from me I catch your eyes still offering You've got desire bought with deceit 'Cause borrowed love ain't never free. --- Instrumental --- I vainly"
  • Borrowed Time - Richard Thompson
    "(Richard Thompson) There's riders in this county They're taking heads for bounty Wake up Corinne, they come to ride us down Sweetness we have tasted The time to move is wasted They're riding like a hurricane"
  • Borrowed Time - Pathos
    "Ooh - when it comes to violence I think the world will crash any day, anyway - sad to say. Ooh - when it comes to hatred I feel the hope is gone, sad to say - but I think that it's true. Look around you"
  • Borrowed Legs - Lovedrug
    "Oh I thought you learned your lesson, Caroline Now you're slipping on this black ice Running round the world You know you're running round the world On borrowed legs Running round the world You know"
  • Borrowed Love - Chris Duarte
    "Well, I sometimes sit and wondered often felt misplaced Tried to figure out silly human race How did we ever get by How did we ever get by Although we seem to get on through it Though we seem there's nothin'"
  • Borrowed Time - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Well we're living on borrowed time, Lord Can you give us another day Yes we're living on borrowed time, Lord Can you give us another day Our chance of survival is slim, it's what they say Yes"
  • Borrowed Time - Cuesh
    "Every fight needs mending Every start has an end Like th sunrise and the sunset Thats just how it is Love on borrowed time Will never be yours nor mine I need you like you need me The way we ought to be Oh,"
  • Borrowed Time - A Fine Frenzy
    "thick as thieves the last of leaves in the winter sun holding fast this freezing branch is home to us step, step right over the line and onto borrowed time when its life, not waiting to die waiting"
  • Borrowed Time - Diesel Machine
    "you can't change people with your fist for you I'll make an exception you will be the example forever change your perception it seems you've made this a habit and now it's time for me to break I've got"
  • Borrowed Time - Cher
    "I turn my back on him Now it's you that makes me smile But in your arms, I'm restless Like I'm leaving in awhile I let the match and burned my bridges You were mine Now I got this feeling You'll be the"
  • Borrowed Wings - Jim White
    "That night we drank wine from the crazy well. Shot a shotgun out the window of our automobile. We was young, we was wild and we sure had our fun. Until the sheriff caught up with us and we tried to run."

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