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Henrz Green

  • Green, Green, Green - Hank Snow
    "Walking with my honey down by the water Green green green Spring is in the air but we're doin' what we order I'm just a poor boy she's the banker's daughter Green green green Nights are warm and sun is"
  • Green - The Dandy Warhols
    "You opened the door, I let myself in. Between you and me, I only believe what I want to believe. I guess it's because I'm Greener than green. Only because I'm green. (repeat 2x) I came up to your floor You"
  • Green - Edie Brickell
    "We like to spy on the neighbors. They look so happy together. Funny the power of strangers. Sometimes I wonder if they got it better. Green. Have you seen green? Check out the view from the rooftop. They've"
  • Green - Raven-Symon
    "1...2..3..Let's do it! Oh Oh Oh Let's do it! Oh Oh Oh Listen up I got a secret My flaws are beautiful I'm way beyond average I don't catch the common cold The bar I set is a reach above...to you See, I'm"
  • Green - Status Quo
    "(Bown) So the the sky turned weird And the sun went down But it weren't two hours before it came around It was a midnight feast Such a sheer delight I saw the Northern Lights, then I hit the ground Green,"
  • Green - Armia
    "Waiting for another misery Waiting for another stupidity Hey I love you son Hey I need it after all Hey I love you son Hey I need it after all All right Waiting for tomorrow never knows Waiting"
  • Green - Blake Shelton
    "Lookout! People used to call me backwards, Living out here with the tractors, Letting this world leave me behind. Now-a-days I'm an innovator I'm a country boy prognosticator I'm a man ahead of my"
  • Green - Forbidden
    "Green - it's never enough Different shades bought and sold, illusion control Extortion incest Greed - it's never enough They're building us up while they're tearing us down On their hands is the blood"
  • Green - Atheist
    "Suddenly all turns to green!! (whisper) And a forest cracks a smile A seed conceals an important part Of the way we see, the world is ought to be Plants and trees, initiate the air we breathe And give"
  • Green - Seven Nations
    "C'mon Jamie we've got, we've got to hurry baby We've got our tickets bought We've got to make tracks, lady Isn't that just me? I'm always lost in the future Making plans for some new scene I'm always"
  • Green - Love Spit Love
    "Green is a placeI want to seeBefore i'm goneThe sky in the treesWilder than bloomOlder than meI'll be waitingFollow meI'll be waitingWhere the rainCan't fall on meI'll be waitingThese city nightsAll of"
  • Green - Kill Your Idols
    "I cant escape from these dreams of where it went and what it meant a pain i've felt now back again what i thought was a beginning turned into an end thoughts of you fill my days I feel confused like im"
  • Green - Alex Lloyd
    "This house is your own still living alone it don't make you sad but I think it's good to be green The summer is gone and spring don't belong the traces are here for long winter I miss the green it used"
  • Green Green - Bill Anderson
    "(Randy Sparks - Barry McGuire - Encino Mandalay) (Green, green, it's green they say) (On the far side of the hill) (Green, green, I'm going away) (To where the grass is greener still.) Well, I told my"
  • Green - Unhinged
    "time has made me green and i'm standing here alone i've watched the changing scene, and i've no way to get home you cannot pretend that our love is gone for good don't take me for granted even though you"
  • Green - Dealership
    "Gettin' close and I'm feeling jittery. I grabbed your hand, it was sweaty; asked you to dance. I jump around as you hint of fun and romance and feel the spin as I squint and try hard to see. The way that"
  • Green - West Indian Girl
    "You feel inside so long ago a dream The sky and sun were real and Everyone was there to wave you on Oh sister...oh mother...oh father It takes by surprise that love never dies Everywhere everyone's a"
  • Green - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "hikari kagayaite rin to shita kigitachi gami wo kakusu you ni iro wo keshite yukukibou he tsunagaru nanimokamo o toozake tenukumori wo kowagaru watashi no you niano hito no egao ga moumabushikute yasashii"
  • Green - Professional Murder Music
    "They didn't call so I thought I would take matters into my own hands You were looking for something that I buried long ago I wish you could see yourself now Your reflection is fading Outside of this light You"
  • Green - Suicide Machines
    "I don't understand your problems 'Cause you got too many of them, It's hard to relate to you Well, we've been told that the grass is always greener on the other side, the other side, oh yeah That doesn't"

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