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Henzap! My keep henzap

  • Keep - Gary Jules
    "And the dream comes to the surface And you know you're not asleep Pictures come crawling through the cracks in your eyes A mind is hard to keep She said its Natural For you to be afraid She said its Natural To"
  • Keep Keep - Far-less
    "I wouldn't listen No one really knows I didn't care what anybody thought I knew that I was not destined to fall Everybody knew that I was wrong I can't believe in you If you don't believe in me I am not"
  • Keep My Faith - Ziggy Marley
    "Worlds all changing They trying to change us too I might be going crazy What am I to do Keep my faith Walls crumble around me I'm not surprised What could I do When you took my rights Keep my faith Like"
  • Keep my grind - K-Maro
    "need to cut and lose sometimes Im like a ball player, watchin' the game again ***** see your forward wrong yes I did it, we played again how can I get better, how can I do this smarter, is there any possible"
  • Keep My Coo - Lil Peep
    "I can Keep My Coo under pressure under pressure clouds of that loud like the weather show-show-showtime, bitch kiki Shepards kiki Shepards if I didn’t like you then then I ain;t gon’ like you never like"
  • Keep my picture - Horrorpops
    "I'm leaving a note for you.Surprise I'm leaving you behind,I've made up my mind.It's funny how, funny how,funny how it feels so good writing something like this.You, you can keep my picture!Hang it on"
  • Keep My Cool - Madcon
    "Girl U know I’ve been around the world Girl But nothing can beat the view Of U putting that thing to work Like a 9 to 5 You’ve got them sun kissed things Girl you’re hotter that July If I act a fool It’s"
  • Keep My Heart - Jeff Deyo
    "Nothing left but these pieces Nothing here except my broken life All I offer is all I have I lay my life beneath your throne Keep my heart I give it to you, Lord As I offer mine Will you give me yours? Keep"
  • Keep My Cool - Luis Fonsi
    "It was last night that I saw ya You were dancin' in the corner of our favorite club (It was) instantly love, oh girl You were puttin' on a show Watching your body go Was so much more Than sensual Oh I"
  • Keep my company - Fall Out Boy
    "It's kind of like smiling similiar to a mouthful of candyIt's like 3:00 on your last day ofSchool it's someone else's turn to play the foolLet's take a walk and let our feet just talkLet's reach for hands"
  • Keep On - Brady Bunch
    "Flying down the highway in my makeshift Model T.A. (Woo! Yeah! Woo!) It's a beautiful morning and it's gonna be a beautiful day The wheels are humming and the guitar's strumming And the radio is blasting"
  • Keep My Secret Well - Xandria
    "Keep my secret well Like my eyes keep their tears It's raindrops on my face A thunderstorm has led me here Keep my secret well Like my lungs keep on breathing Until I close my eyes The last time it's"
  • Keep Control - Sono
    "think it's time to put an end to it try clean my head again start to resuscitate my engine try to walk back where i ran keep control, of me try to keep the frequency keep control, of me try to"
  • Keep Driving - Meat Loaf
    "Another New York waltz at four a.m., in the canyons lost at night The city's just a jail for me, full of high rise prison walls And I'm riding through this darkness, 'cause I know there's life within And"
  • Keep Me - Khalid
    "Roses were your favorite flower And I couldn't stand the scent But if it's what it takes to put a smile on your face I guess I'll deal with it You hung with the popular kids And I couldn't stand them But"
  • Keep Me - The Black Keys
    "Keep me clean, Keep me warm, Keep my soul away from harm, Keep the night, Keep the day, Keep the in-between away, Hold that second, Hold the time, Hold that picture in your mind, Hold the smoke, Hold"
  • My Feet Keep Dancing - Chic
    "Dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing My feet keep dancing, dancing, dancing I need some help, I get beside myself And I got so many things in life"
  • Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson
    "The storm is coming but I don't mind. People are dying, I close my blinds. All that I know is I'm breathing now. I want to change the world - Instead I sleep. I want to believe in more than you and me. But"
  • Keep Up - Alexis Strum
    "Keep up Keep up You take it nice and slow Yeah I like your pace My fascination grows, With every move you make. I wanna get next to you Face to face Show you what I can do Watch me watching you Now"
  • Keep Talking - John Farnham
    "Every time you speak Every time you say the things you say All the pain you put me through Starts to melt away You say "forgive me" And you say your sorry now Keep talking, I'm listening Tell"

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