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Her she comes again

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Her she comes again

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Her she comes again
  • Royksopp Here She Comes Again
    "Here she comes again Troubles on her brow Here she comes again With worries she can't hide Who can stop the rain Pouring down __ ___ Ever be so mine Here she comes again Clover up and bleak Such a pretty"
  • Night Ranger Here She Comes Again
    "Here she comes again now Walking all alone A lazy cafe off of sunset Where she makes her home Now my trouble's getting close to her Ain't no good hanging on the line And what it always comes down to Is"
  • Sasha Here She Comes Again
    "Music: Michael B. & di Lorenzo Lyrics: Michael B., di Lorenzo & Pete Smith Met a girl and wrote a letter - to get her Asking her if she could fill a hole in my heart Now I got myself all messed up - just"
  • Lit She Comes
    "Common sense Goes out the window like a cigarette I take a hit again When all her friends They talk about me in a past tense I take the hit again (BRIDGE:) She walks in in the middle of the night"
  • Kris Kristofferson Here comes that rainbow again
    "The scene was a small roadside cafe the waitress was sweepin' the floor two truck-drivers drinkin' their coffee and two okie-kids by the door how much are them candies, they asked her how much have you"
  • The Highwaymen Here Comes That Rainbow Again
    "The scene was a small roadside cafe. The waitress was sweepin' the floor. Two truck drivers drinkin' their coffee, And two Okie kids by the door. "How much are them candies?" they asked her. "How much"
  • Bill Anderson Here Comes Honey Again
    "(Sonny James - Carole Smith) Just about the time I pull myself together When the hurt in me gets better than it's been Just about the time I feel life's still worth living It's funny, here comes honey,"
  • The Psychedelic Furs Until She Comes
    "until she comes again i can hear the things she said i feel no thoughts to move my head until she comes again and with her step, i move my feet and with her hand, i feel my skin and with her need,"
  • Sugarplum Fairy Here She Comes
    "Oh you got to see her Always wears black and black To her the world is a mirror And she never looks back Now watch her go She never asks any questions No answers are new to her She only moves with perfection She"
  • Kurt Nilsen Here She Comes
    "Have you ever met my friend? Her name is June She's a solid piece of work Brought up in a shitty little town Which stays unknown Still she misses home She's done it well on her own Here she comes She won't"
  • Gino Vanelli Here she comes
    "Here she comes the ghost of Venus de MiloA touch of madness streaks through her hairShe'll tear your heart with a poisonous arrowShe'll rob your soul if you look at her squareDo I dare?Here she comes ....."
  • Camouflage Here She Comes
    "Creepy Silence Views recalled When the dream turns lucid You can feel it all Its the directors cut Out of scenes that I shot In fifty frames per second Favourite sound when she talked Upon water she walked Love"
  • Mr. T Experience Here She Comes
    "She's so hot and I love her a lot. She's got everything I haven't got, like savoir faire, and joie de vivre, and je ne sais quoi like you wouldn't believe. She's got a monopoly on how to do it properly, so"
  • The Androids Here She Comes
    "Do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do I've got her stuck in my brain like a tattoo memory And I've just gotta say That she's so hot I feel warm on a winters day And the snow just melts away Come"
  • Androids Here She Comes
    "Do do do do do do do Do do do do do do do I've got her stuck in my brain like a tattoo memory And I've just gotta say That she's so hot I feel warm on a winters day And the snow just melts away Come"
  • Bell X1 Here She Comes
    "Shylock came for his pound He's got his own scales and everything Where is Portia now, the phone is diverting Shylock came for his pound The look on his face as she enters stage-left She sings him"
  • Sammy Kershaw Here She Comes
    "(Sammy Kershaw) Here she comes boy, the one I've been talkin' about The one I just can't live without Here she comes boy Her warm kisses they linger in my mind I think of them all the time Her warm kisses Well"
  • Eurythmics Here She Comes
    "Here she comes, that girl with the sacred heart Pickin' all the flowers from the cemetery park I didn't know anybody could be so dark as her Here she comes that girl with the vampire grin Looking for a"
  • Bonnie Tyler Here She Comes
    "(Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) Shade begins to steal the light Confusion throws another mystery It's out for focus with eye So now you wonder is this just a dream Here she comes, here she comes She's"
  • Joe Here She Comes
    "Sorry baby - didn't mean to do this to you Sorry baby - didn't mean to do this to you After a long night of lusting Shorty came home while I was crushing I'm about to get busted I'm rushing It's about"

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