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Here's the hippo

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Here's the hippo

  • Hippo Stomp - Steppenwolf
    "If I should go astray and say "I lost my way" nobody would know me But if I don't believe I can and still say "Hear my plan" Somebody would follow just because it's free We're all Hippos rollin' down"
  • Hippo In The Bathtub - Sesame Street
    "Hey Daddy! There's a dragon in the driveway And momma there's a grizzly on the lawn! You better come, quick! 'Cause there's a hippo in the bathtub, And he's goin' down the drain -- oh no, he's gone!"
  • Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo) - Alice Cooper
    "We're so young and pretty We're so young and clean So many things That we have never seen ...from Ohio Sell this damn old store Big Apple dreamin On a wooden floor Skyscrapers And subways and stations Starin'"
  • Hippo - Apulanta
    "Kdet pelkk tahraa Jokaiselle on oma nimens Kun m katson peiliin Toivon etten se olisi min Sill minun piti olla parempi Olla muuta kuin ne joita vihasin Sill min luulin ett oisin enemmn Oisin enemmn kuin"
  • Here's To... - Slade
  • Here's Monday - Bonnie Tyler
    "Here's Monday And the day is just beginning And the sun is in my eyes And the overnight sensation of loving you so much Has brought us to this morning of goodbyes Here's Monday And the truth is just beginning To"
  • Here's The Poison - Amen
    "(Build the prostitute) Kill with every good intention You better decide if you wanna get circumsized to live And kill to get attention Now go buy yourself a violin And did you know that it's only an"
  • Here's To Love - The Matches
    "The first had scars in her eyebrows, just like yours Woke the neighbors with another Hope you heard One more on all fours, forehead to floor like yours once was And I hope you heard. One with breath all"
  • Here's To Love - Frank Sinatra & The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
    "Here's to love, may we meet again, Here's to love, life may be sweet again. Here's to the moon in the sky, the stars that used to shine, Yes, that moon in the sky and all those stars, They were all yours"
  • Now Here's You - Huey Lewis & The News
    "I've paid my money and I'm taking my chances I've done my share of city dances If I fall I'll just play on through I deal with love the best as I'm able I keep my cards on top of the table I don't"
  • Here's to Life - Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution
    "How did Camus really die that night? Were they right? When he died was it really his time? Or was it suicide? And Holden Caulfield is a friend of mine. We go drinking from time to time and I find it"
  • Here's To You - Dio
    "Here's to you! Here's to me! Masters of the universe The curse of destiny All for one, it's one for all Now you can pull the trigger As we're knocking down on the wall When you finally shoot too high The"
  • Here's To Love - Frank Sinatra
    "(back-up) Here's to love, may we meet again, Here's to love, life may be sweet again. Here's to the moon in the sky, the stars that used to shine, Yes, that moon in the sky and all those stars, They"
  • Here's To You - Diffuser
    "here's to you and all your loving thoughts here's to you you're such a fuckin' whore here's to you for bringing me down here's to you i'm glad you're gone now ain't it true what comes round goes around here's"
  • Here's to love - Dean Martin
    "Here's a toast to the most romantic intention It's that art of the heart most worthy of mention So pay attention here's to love here's to love Here's to all that love can stand for It's a wishful wonderland"
  • Here's To Believe - Aslyn
    "I can tell by the way you're looking You need something from me And I could bet it's affirmation that you're seeking 'Cuz my million thank you's sound like silence in response To all you give When you"
  • Here's to life - Aga Zaryan
    "No complaints and no regrets, I still believe in chasing dremas and placing bets And I have learned that all you give is all you get, So give it all you've got. I had my share, I drank my fill, And"
  • Here's To You - Zebrahead
    "Here she comes to ruin my day again Right away she's start with shouting Making this the best week ever If only she could scream forever Here she comes to pick at my faults again Right away she's"
  • Here's my hello - Blake Lewis
    "Here's my hello-o-o-o-oHere's my hello-o-o-o-o-oYou turn me onNow don't turn it off Cause I don't want to fade out tonight. Your lips are the sweetness, Your bodys the sin. A single touch and my skin is"
  • HERE'S MY HEART - Pat Benatar
    "Our two worlds met in strange surprise I hid my love in thin disguise I tried to leave, how could I stay? What if my heart gave me away? I always thought I'd be prepared But love just caught me unaware You"

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