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Here i am , don't you see

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Here i am , don't you see

  • Here I Am - Bee Gees
    "I know that you want a man To love you like no other can Here I am , here I am I know that you want a boy To fill your lonely heart with joy Here I am , here I am I'm gonna prove that my love was made"
  • Here I Am - Girlicious
    "Sometimes you don't realize what you mean Sometimes grass is greener than it seems Sometimes we don't realize what we're worth Sometimes we fall so hard that we're numb to all the hurt Tell me is there"
  • Here I Am - Delta Goodrem
    "I saw the sun for the first time today It's been so long I thought you'd gone away And now I feel as though I've been here before Once again my friend I'll see you til the end Here I am this is me What"
  • Here I Am - Patty Loveless
    "(Tony Arata) Don't do it darlin' Don't you dare look in there You said you didn't want to see me But you've been lookin' for me everywhere And you know that you're gonna find me If you keep on drinkin'"
  • Here I Am - Alcazar
    "Did I here you crying in your sleep Did you feel like you were all alone Well, it must have been a real bad dream You should know I never let you go And as long as you got eyes to see You will always"
  • Here I Am - Skid Row
    "Six foot one and lonely Dressed in spaghetti rags Standing at the bus stop With her alligator bags What can u do? No, no, no, what can I do I better see a doctor 'Cause I think I'm getting hooked on you I"
  • Here I Am - Blaze Ya Dead Homie
    "(Jamie Madrox- chorus) Here I am (I'm right here dog) Well here I am (I'm right here nigga) (can you see me?) Here I am (I'm right here bitch) (can you see me?) (can you see me?) Well here I am (and I'm"
  • Here I Am - Al Green
    "HERE I AM (COME AND TAKE ME) Al Green (A. Green, T. Hodges) From the album: "Call Me" I can't believe that it's real, the way that you make me feel. A burning deep down inside, a love that I cannot hide. Our"
  • Here I Am - Lyle Lovett
    "Hello I'm the guy who sits next to you And reads the newspaper over your shoulder Wait Don't turn the page I'm not finished Life is so uncertain Here I am Yes it's me Take my hand And you'll see Here"
  • Here I Am - Shindig
    "i never thought i'd see the day when you would up and walk away from me. but now it hits me just like a slap to the face. i draw a blank, with nothing i can say to make you stay. i'm trying hard to understand. if"
  • Here I am - Alexander
    "There'll be times whenYou feel so lost and lonelyI know I've been thereI understand a helping handMeans so much moreSo don't despair'Cause I'll be there You never walk aloneCHORUS:Here I am just for youHere"
  • Here Am I - Caravan
    "When doin' it all late at night I feel a thousand faces All lookin' at me pale and white From most peculiar places They keep tellin' me that my life Tell me that my life could be better If all I want"
  • Here I Am - Shaaman
    "Called back in time by the ancient winds Can't you recall all the memories? Walking the lost way of those who lived In loneliness Think of the joy and the endless days One step aside and the skies were"
  • Here i am - Kelly Clarkson
    "Seems like just yesterdayYou were a part of meI used to stand so tallI used to be so strong.Your arms around me tightEverything it felt so rightUnbreakable like nothing could go wrongNow I can't breath"
  • Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard
    "If I could write the kid I was before, I'd tell him you'll get everything you ever wanted but you will still want more Someone's gonna tell you who you should wanna be so you'll forget the vision that"
  • Here I Am - No Secrets
    "Ever since I was a little girl Ever since I took my first step and said my first hello (hello) I've been dancing, I've been singing I've been hoping, I've been dreaming, I've been praying For a chance"
  • Here I Am - Jimmy Somerville
  • Here I Am - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "Lord here I am Lord here I am Lord here I am Lord here I am Let me take out this time To tell you you're so good So many Things you've done for me I know you shoudn't Do because I don't deserve But you"
  • Here I Am - Sertab Erener
    "Something calling from deep inside me, A voice I knew but I could not hear. For so long I have tried to hide me, Couldn't see that you were so near. You know me, You show me, Everything that I really"
  • Here I Am - Kaskade
    "I'm too shy to show you my vulnerable side I'm to near to make it clear ?emotional suicide Is this love i'm thinking of? i know that Close the latch i can't attach, i'm sure that Here i am, i can't give"

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