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Here we are bum bala

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Here we are bum bala

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Here we are bum bala
  • Cam'ron Bum Bum
    "You tink all a bum bum Yuh know dis to all Jamaicans Yuh nuh live in Solomon fashion, ya know Tell me seh one ting Nancy can't understand A one ting Nancy can't understand Wha make dem a talk 'bout me"
  • Arash Labaf Dasa Bala
    "jennifer: emshab shabe bahalas,kaf bezanin eyvalla tonight is the night of hot people,clap!bravo dasa bala endeshe,kaf bezanin eyvalla put your hands in the sky!it's the end of it,clap,bravo arash: dasa"
  • Outkast Boi
    "Boi i love yoU! o yes im gay too happy Boi ur the besta I wanna like ur chesta You are so hott N we would make this hott! Cuz ur mah sex Machine No boi im not mean i wanna liiiiik u from ur head to ur"
  • Cake Like Bum Leg
    "There was a guy I used to know His name is Joe He used to live across the street And every day Joe would say Do you wanna come out and play? And I'd say I'd love to, Joe But I can't Wanna know why I've"
  • Joe Ely Carnival Bum
    "The carnival is closed for the winter The gates are full of nails All my belongings in a camper truck In front of some Hell Hole Motel. The rides are wrapped in canvass There's a smell of snow in the"
  • Angelique Kidjo Bala Bala
    "Bala Bala Written by: Anglique Kidjo/Jean Hbrail Chorus Bala bala, bala bala Bala bala, bala bala Bala djo min djo wa mon Verse Akete, akete, akete, douna Douna, douna, o douna douna Akete, akete, akete,"
  • Alicia Keys We Are Here
    "We are here We are here for all of us We are here for all of us That's why we are here, why we are here We are here Bombs over Baghdad Tryna get something we never had Let's start with a good dad It's"
  • Jimmy Buffett Here We Are
    "(Jimmy Buffett) Here we are Here we are Here we are Here we are Who would have thought this game, this flame would still be burning Who would have guessed that all these blenders would still be churning Not"
  • Au Revoir Simone We Are Here
    "The way things should be Became all that I could see But I could've never imagined that kiss Love is this And now what we know Shows us what we've always known I want to know you and hold you always Won't"
  • Bloom 06 Here We Are
    "In these times where money glows for the prize the mind blind folds. In this race to disgracethe vanishing of faith. Take your seat to nowhere and forget who brought you here. Call my name, use your brain to"
  • The Flying Tigers Here We Are
    "I was so pathetic That I let it take Control of me It made me sick It made me tick Did not know what to do But now I'm back And I'm on track And all I have to say is Here we are and Its our time and now"
  • Yoomii Here we are
    "I have never felt like this before It's like a dream it's like a miracle of life And I wonder while I feel so high When I am here, when I am live on stage tonight And there's a lane without a street"
  • Alabama Here We Are
    "Here we are, once again Stronger now than we have ever been Hand in hand, heart to heart Now we made it through the hardest part We had to break it all down to build it back up Lean on each other when"
  • George Jones Here we are
    "(with James Taylor)Did you say that you've been searching for a place you've never beenHere it is darlin' here it isAnd when you're down there on the bottom and you're looking out for friendsHere I am"
  • Creeper Lagoon Here We Are
    "So long to the life you always knew, Was never meant to be, Throw out a kiss and relax, You're growing away from me, Dance while the music's on, And the summer days grow long, Take my hand you are lost, But"
  • A Global Threat Here We Are
    "There's a 15-minute fad rule They're seven inches late Here we are, too hard, too fast! And I'm just the cynic to tell you It just dont move me at all Bubblegum punk trying to cater To a crowd WITHOUT"
  • Saint Here We Are
    "You are the Master The mighty everlasting King You are the Savior Creator of all everything You are the Glory The stripes You bare You bare for me You are the grace Lord That all of us have been come free,"
  • Lene Marlin Here We Are
    "Keeping my distance I look but I don't really see It's like things lose their color And people are walking right through me To not pay attention Not easy to see what's passing you by I gave it a"
  • Paul McCartney Here We Are
    "Back in the sunshine again No more worries and no more pain We're leaving behind All our troubles and strife And that's the way it's gonna be For the rest of my life Here we are, here we are Back in"
  • Idols Teen Here We Are
    "(Jamai) oeoeoeh, yeah (Hind) Here we are We've come to the end of the road We've made some friends along the way Oeoeh yeahhh... (Dewi) Here we stand You gave us the time of our live A memory we will"

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