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Heter korn

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Heter korn
  • Tomte Korn & Sprite
    "Ich bin bereit, gib mir Korn und Sprite. Ich bin bereit, gib mir Korn und Sprite. Da ist ein Licht, am Ende des Tunnels. Licht, am Ende des Tunnels. Licht, am Ende des Tunnels. Da kommt ein Zug, ein Zug,"
  • Danger Doom Korn Dogs
    "(MF Doom) One one Two two, two To get the dough, the Villain'll flow off of Stella D'oro and water go off the head for the slaugter you bet your daughter That liquor only gets you sick quicker Take it"
  • Korn Children Of The KoRn
    "Attention all parents! Report to your local therapist! Report to your local church! Report to your local police department! It's goin' down! Glaring into my sons eyes. Reveals a void I felt her in the"
  • Ola Magnell Korn Och Timotej
    "Korn och timotej Vilken flummig grej Ta det cool om allt r upp och ner Trubbel med din tjej Drm dej bort med mej Men det tjnar inget till att grta mer Frden, den r hrd Mot vr kyrkogrd Samma frd men inte"
  • All Hetero
    "What a fucked up world Or is it my fucked up head? The only way you are cool is If you're gay or dead Straight, normal, hetero guy Normal, hetero, straight guy I never get any chicks But it's better than"
  • De Kast Hetere Vuren
    "Opgesloten in het lot Het gaat niet meer zoals je wilt Je wordt gedwongen sterk te zijn Al is er niemand die het zegt De last rust op je schouders En het gaat maar niet voorbij Alleen door anoniem te blijven Word"
  • The Sugarcubes Hetero Scum
    "Bjrk My blood flows in me My red juice in my veins My blood travels fast My blood rushes through me When I need you My blood flows faster My veins turn into molten mud I'm turning in, turning in to Turning"
  • Korn Play Me (Clean)
    "Nas: Everybody's an Enemy tellin' me lies and it's killin' me why they all want to get rid of me Everybody's my enemy Several try to disguise the devil in them Wantin' get into my cerebellum but I'm Ready"
  • Korn Coming Undone Wit It
    "Yeah... DFB, Bitch! And Korn in this muthafucker, The collaboration Yeah! Wait! I'm coming undone That's right I let my shoulders lean, I snap my neck back, I let my wrists pop, I make my fingers snap First,"
  • Korn All In The Family
    "What's up with this fucking 'Ball Tongue' shit? (on original lyric's sheet) All I needed was a Pepsi... (on orignal lyric's sheet) You better shut the fuck up, punk. (on orignal lyric's sheet) Whatever"
  • Jiri Korn Dneska beru stek
    "J byl vdy lumen,tv jak Paul Newman,slouil jen mzm svm,zmk jsem, jak znmo,vaudeville i drmo,august a velk mim.J tu byl idol dvek, en,chlcholil jejich brek,hlavn role bral jsem jen,a s ostatnma jsem sek.Dneska"
  • Limp Korn Muphin All In The Family
    "Say what, say what? (x4) My dick is bigger than yours... Say what, say what? (x3) My band is better than yours... Too bad I got your beans in my bag, you stuck-up sucka', Korny motherfucka'. Takin'"
  • Korn The Christmas Song
    "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, everybody was stoned, even the mouse. Her from the whore house, me from the jail, I just settled down to get a piece of her tail. When all"
  • Korn So This Is Love
    "So this is love.. First i give you all my love and now whats up So i'll tell you what it feels like this time I put my whole life and soul on the rocks Trying to get jealous is just another bad experience Fuck,"
  • Korn Alabama Man
    "Alabama Man! Alabama Man! Hey Ho! Alabama Man! I like pie! I like pie! Apple Pie! I like pie! Alabama Man! Alabama Man! Hey Ho! Alabama Man! Meat is murder! Meat is murder! Beef is nasty. Meat is murder! Alabama"
  • Korn Old Brown Shoe (The Beatles Cover)
    "I want a love that's right, but right is only half of what's wrong. I want a short-haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long. now I'm steppin' outta this old brown shoe, baby, I'm in love with"
  • Korn Ratamahatta
    "(feat. David Silveria) Biboca - (Dive) Garagem - (Garage) Favela - (Slums) Fubanga - (Hoodlum) Maloca - (Shanty) Bocada - (Ghetto) Maloca - (Shanty) Bocada - (Ghetto) Fubanga - (Hoodlum) Favela - (Slums) Garagem"
  • Korn Sleepy Hollow
    "Jonathan: Came to see him for you only might find Gone take my lay for you and I will find Form to see my fates I cannot ever find Places I care for nothing in my mind Bring me not far enough all lurking"
  • Korn Ice Ice Baby
    "All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is back,I got a brand new invention Something grabs a hold of me tightly Then I flow that a harpoon daily and nightly Will it ever stop? Yo--I don't know Turn"
  • Korn Make Me Bad/In Between Days
    "I am watching the rise and fall of my salvation There's so much shit around me Such a lack of compassion I thought it would be fun and games (It would be fun and games) Instead, It's all the same (It's"

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