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Hey hey let it go gosaline

  • Hey - Marissa
    "Someone like me Said something that really hurts And I need you Remember me And our memories Cos I miss u now Oh I miss now But Ii know that we have got To just let it go Hey, I know it’s complicated If"
  • Hey - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Won't somebody come along and teach me how to keep it alive To survive Come along and show me something that I never knew in your eyes Take away the tourniquet I used to be so full of my confidence I"
  • Hey - Danni Minogue
    "Ah Ah Ah AhOh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OhOh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh(Verse 1)Ooh take a sip, lick your lipsSpin it round and take it downI'm movin in, boot it upTurn me on and check it outShivers creepin"
  • Hey - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "I thought about you just last saturday My voice got cracked I didn't know what to say Down in the shade or maybe in the sun And if you need it I think I got one Where are you And what's on your mind Where"
  • Hey Hey - Athena Cage
    "All the ladies in the club Not ready to give the party up Lift your hands up Let me hear you say hey A little louder Hey hey Sing it louder hey All the fellaz show some love Come on then give it up Lift"
  • Hey Hey - Swami
    "Intro: I said hey, hey boy I love you so won't let you go I feel the need to let you know, so Punjabi Chorus: HAI HAI, BEY MUNDIAN DI GAL BAN GAI BALLAY BALLAY, BEY MUNDIAN DI GAL BAN GAI SHABA SHABA,"
  • Hey Hey - Hi-C
    "(feat. Big Steele) Hey hey, yeap We make 'em say hey hey Hey hey Hey hey, yeah See you light-skinnded women be tryin to act pretty Bitch hit me off with some ol' high saditty All I'm checkin fo' is"
  • Hey Hey - Leonardos Bride
    "leonardo's bride she turns the t.v. on it's 9 a.m. she's bored again she has no place to be nothing going down she just hangs around she surrenders to it there's a white flag blowing she hangs"
  • Hey - Chalk Farm
    "Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, yeah I shot a man the other day The morning sun, it shined on me anyway I took a breath and walked away But I lost more than he could save If I was strong it would be wrong But"
  • Hey Hey Hey - Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand
    "I want to know what makes your tock tick I want to know what makes your clock click All them gears going round and round inside your head don't make a sound I want to know what makes your boat row What"
  • Hey - Bratz Rock Angelz
    "(When The Angelz Play)You wanna see How it could be With something new like When we strike We're readt to try c'mon let's fly No-one can stop us When we're sliding by And it's getting stronger and stronger"
  • Hey - Ebba Forsberg
    "Hey (Ebba Forsberg lyrics&music EBOTH Production) Hey I've got this notion I've got a foul player Dealing for me Hey My life needs unreeling fast I've got this intriguing burn You left here for me Such"
  • Hey - Jurassic 5
    "Scorpio...Cancer...Leo...Taurus...Sagitarius... Hey...hey, hey Now, if theres a party theres about to be Then let me start queing up the frequency Six members, fresh spinners, we make the fly ladies"
  • Hey - Big D And The Kids Table
    "(All right) Hey where you going (hey where you going) Hey where you been (hey where you been) Lost in the world at the age where life begins You're all alone (you're all alone) In unfamiliar ground"
  • Hey - A
    "Hang on, don't be frightened, Hold on, keep the light on, You call me anytime you want to. Keep a night in summer, Don't cry when its over, You take me anywhere you need to. Like its your birthday, Like"
  • Hey - Velvet
    "I was stolen by your charm With all your grace, alluring smile Like a curse set to my soul You engulfed me, then unleashed yor fire (rise1) The way you loved me Held me gently Called me sexy You adored"
  • Hey - Bubba Sparxxx
    "Yeah I'm a country boy, but I'm a player too All up in your city flexin' down the avenue But I ain't mad at you dog, that's what I had to do That least that you could do is gimme a lil' gratitude Hey,"
  • Hey - Amie Miriello
    "I was blinded by the light Cause I was so misty-eyed Was looking for love and it was right on time I was shaking, he was too You know what i should do Was late on a sunday, tell me Is that a crime? Can"
  • Hey - Oingo Boingo
    "Hey, I've got a commentary without much to say You know those damn kids drive me crazy every day But all I ever think is something to complain... And I wish that they would all just go away 'Cause all"
  • Hey Hey Hey Hey - TLC
    "Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) Oh no (uh uh uh oh no) You think You can pay mind games On me Tommy doesn't know Will wants me While you do your thang I'm playin'"

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