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Hi lo evanescence

  • Hi-Lo - JT Money
    "Hit 'em (17x then to background of hook) Hook: 2x Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii Hit 'em loooooooo Verse 1: I only drop the hotness Dosie haters and some suckers can't top this Ain't nobody in da gang who"
  • Hi-Lo - Money JT
    "Hit 'em (17x then to background of hook) Hook: 2x Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii Hit 'em loooooooo Verse 1: I only drop the hotness Don't see haters cause them suckers can't top this Ain't nobody in da game"
  • Hi - lo - Dog Eat Dog
    "Its not about a revelationIts not about some religionIts not about a house of worshipIts about our redemptionWe have to make it workWeve got to live, give, dont tripWhy do you ask what I believe inWhen"
  • Lo/Hi - The Black Keys
    "Out on a limb In the wind of a hurricane Down at the bar Like a star in the howlin' rain Nobody to love you Nobody to care If you got nobody to hug you No one to answer your prayer you get low,"
  • Hi-Lili-Hi-Lo - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Hi-Lili-hi-lo On every tree there is a bird singing a song of love... On every tree there is a bird and every one I'd ever heard Could brake my heart without a word singing a song of love... The song"
  • Hi-Lilli, Hi-Lo - Gene Vincent
    "The song of love Is a sad song Hi lilli, hi lilli, hi lo The song of love Is a tale of wow You ask me how How I know-ow-ow, yeah The song of love Is a sad song And that's Why everyo-o-one"
  • Hi Lili, Hi Lo - Anne Murray
    "Visite a comunidade Anne Murray no Orkut, l temos muitas outras tradues. ON EVERY TREE THERE SETS A BIRD Em cada rvore, l est um pssaro SINGING A SONG OF LOVE... Cantando uma cano de amor... ON EVERY"
  • Hi-Lo And Inbetween - Neil Halstead
    "One day it just snowed I guess and they closed the roads into your heart You came home like a dead star no light left, no loving anymore Years ago you sent a postcard, it's the one that always made me"
  • Carnival Song/Hi Lily Hi Lo - Tim Buckley
    "From Dream Letter Live In London 1968 If you're ever in New York...(Is it a girl?) If you're ever in New York, there's not very Many carnivals going on And that may not be much, but uh... If you're used"
  • Evanescence - Faye Wong
    "*Tu ran jian wo zhao dao yi ju Ke yi xing rong zi ji de zao yu Neng gou bu qu shang hai bi ci Que you zu gou zuo wei jie shi* #Na shi zai xiang jin ge zhong fang shi Ming zhi mei you ban fa de shi Hai"
  • Evanescence - Forbidden Site
    "(Poetry : Arnault de Stael) (Music : Romarik d'Arvycendres) Triste et belle lueur Qui d'un souffle s'endort Vacillant faiblement En attendant l'aurore Son cour est une mche Que son me consume D'espoirs"
  • Hi-Fi - Anna Oxa
    "(M.Lavezzi - O.Avogadro) Hi-fi per sognare per sdraiarsi e farsi accarezzare Hi-fi per guidare non restando soli col motore mentre fuori piove quando c' la neve oppure un sole lieve non si sa da dove spunta"
  • Hi (She) - Noa
    "Lyrics: Leah Goldberg Music: Gil Dor Transliteration: Shalachta elai et hao'ach, Lehaireni mishenah, Limadta oto litsvoach, Milot ahavah utchinah - Aval ani lo avo, lo avo, lo avo ! Shilachta bi"
  • Crying At The Discotheque (Hi/Lo Impact: Cardio Section) - Allstars
    "Sometimes we're caught by the hysteria People scream and shout A generation's on the move When disco stares like a bacteria Those lonely days are out Welcome the passion of the groove The golden years,"
  • Hi Fi Mama - ZZ Top
    "I want your hi fi mama, won't you let me play it tonight I want your hi fi mama, won't you let me play it tonight I put the needle in the groove, baby while you douse the lights. I play it on your dresser,"
  • Slung-Lo - Erin McKeown
    "I was slung-lo and So gung-ho For anything to get me to start I had my rock I had my roll But I couldn't find my spark A flip of the hi-fi A glimpse of the good life And the clouds began to fade I'm turning"
  • I'll Fly With You - L'amours Toujours (Hi/Lo Impact: Cardio Section) - Allstars
    "I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what You've done in your life Baby, I'll always be here by your side Don't leave me waiting too long Please come by I, I, I, I still believe in your eyes There"
  • Point Of Evanescence - Kataklysm
    "A solace erupts at dusk fall of my shame. Inhuman shade of glory. I overwhelm the kingdoms at the surface... The new culture inherited; fashions the high throne... Alone in front of the Stone! The Tome"
  • Hi hi hi - Sandra
    "You Can't run Can't hide I Can't leave Your side When your heart is burnin' Turn me inside out if you can Love is just the yearnin' Searchin' for a caressin' hand Hi! Hi! Hi! We need emotion Love is incurable"

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