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Higer in the room

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Higer in the room

  • Higer - Ariana Grande
    "(Hahaha) lalala uhuh Been runnin' 'round in circles Tryin' to find the end (end) Bumped into this shy guy While chillin' with my friends (friends) He's eyein' me, his eyes on me Makes my body weak He's"
  • Room - Simple Minds
    "In your room In your room Silent man Once again The razor's song The razor's song Wear the mask Another fave In your room In your room City red City red Wear the mask Wear the mask A private hell A secret"
  • Room - Rachael Lampa
  • In Your Room - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "In your room There's a bed in the corner In your room There's a view over the town In your room You're tipewriters telling stories In your room There are you waiting for me When I look into your eyes I"
  • In The Room - Sammy Hagar
    "No windows, no doors How'd I get in? There's no way out once you've come in It's so clear, so cold You're body stings You start to get up as a bell rings Everything makes sense Like some crazy dream I've"
  • In The Room - Vision Of Disorder
    "dont play, this is your ending dont you see, cant someone help me? broken body now i piss out a machine gun..well the inside something inside has died it feels like death in my side and you know what you"
  • Room To Room - Terry Allen
    "Ah standing in the kitchen Looking out the window Wondering when shel come home You know she out drinking And you been thinking When she gets back youl be gone But when she finally comes in Youl still"
  • The Room - Durutti Column
    "There's a room in this place And the room is called heaven Lights go out on me Then I get to see The room called heaven The room called heaven The face against the glass Stand quietly in the dark Dreaming"
  • The Room - Wade Hayes
    "(Chris Waters/Tom Shapiro) When I pull in the drive where your car used to be It doesn't hurt me like it used to I can walk through the door, and not wonder anymore Where you are, like I used to I can"
  • The Room - Nine Days
    "(k. Edwards) Black spider Crash pain, sting, pain, sting Black mother eyes of red blood Nailed to the walls A Scream Crash Black spider covers my face pain, sting, pain, sting Mother looks at me Burning"
  • The Room - Zoe
    "Hello and welcome to my room, there's no easy way out, we can sail on the rain on my yellow umbrella. Stay back and hold your breath away, all the clouds are in bed, we can feed my guitars anytime in"
  • In Your Room - THE BANGLES
    "I love it in your room at night You're the only one who gets through to me In the warm glow of the candlelight Oh, I wonder what you're gonna do to me In your room I come alive when I'm with you I'll"
  • In Your Room - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The Everything In Your Room (s. hoffs/b. steinberg/t. kelly) Susanna I love it in your room at night You're the only one who gets through to me In the warm glow of the candlelight Oh, i wonder"
  • In This Room - The Church
    "Oh the avenging angel Shiver in the way of her stare I will admit that she never loved me But I admit that I didn't care And it's too damned late to buy the gate And why close it if your heart isn't there And"
  • In My Room - The Last Shadow Puppets
    "In my room she'll get to you In my room she'll get to you In my room Could I turn on the light Inpress unknown eyes Humour absorbs the thoughts Challenge emotionless thoughts Seeing things with a second"
  • Save Room - John Legend
    "Say that you'll stay a little dont say bye-bye tonight say you'll be mine just a little bit of love is worth a moment of your time. Knockin' on your door just a little it's so cold outside tonight let's"
  • In The Reptile Room - The Gothic Archies
    "In the reptile room, Where the baby screams, Weirder creatures loom, Than in all of your dreams. In the reptile room, Hither and thither, Creatures from cartoons, Slither any-whither. In the reptile room, Anacondas"
  • The Shelf In The Room - Days Of The New
    "The key is so distant I've opened doors Know when to listen know what to listen for, yeah The shelf in the room has been the way of holding me and letting me stay Kick me out let me go (go) I don't belong"
  • Shelf In The Room - Days Of The New
    "The key is so distant..ive open doors Now when to listen No what to listen for ,ya The shelf in the room Has been the way Of holdin me, And letting me stay Kick me out, Let me go (go) I dont belong"
  • Horses In The Room - Everything But The Girl
    "and who is this man standing at my door? is he lying or is he true? is this how I see you? like a rolling pebble on the deepest ocean floor life has rubbed me smooth. but you cup me in your hands"

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