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High Tides And Swimming Conditions

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High Tides And Swimming Conditions

  • Tides - First Blood
    "First you give FIRST YOU GIVE Then you take, just like the turning of the tides I will rise... HIGH TIDE rise and find good things and bring them within reach Bring me good fortune; reward my good"
  • Swimming - Postmen Flying
    "The endless ocean of high emotions That's what you're dreaming about Unforbidden pleasures, one billion treasure Man, you've got your head in the clouds Swimming in this turmoil you can't avoid Playing"
  • Conditions - Samiam
    "if i could be anywhere and feel at home and be without anyone without feeling alone and do anything knowing it's all right i'll keep you in mind don't want to spend my time looking ahead or back it keeps"
  • Conditions - We Came As Romans
    "we were designed for more. in an image not our own. but we've fallen short. i'm quite speechless and was quite unaware. of what the capabilities of a weak heart are. we're cast away. it'll run through"
  • Green Grass And High Tides - The Outlaws
    "In a place you only dream of Where your soul is always free Silver stages, golden curtains Filled my head, plain as can be As a rainbow grew round the sun All the stars I've love who died Came from"
  • Green Grass And High Tides - Outlawz
    "In a place you only dream of Where your soul is always free Silver stages, golden curtains Filled my head, plain as can be As a rainbow grew round the sun All the stars I've love who died Came from somewhere"
  • Van Rides And High Tides - Broadway Calls
    "I've got a plan, I've got it dripping down my forehead In the shape of a bead of sweat. How sweet would my life be If I wrote the songs the kids could not forget? I jump the gun again, I call you up"
  • Tides - Onelinedrawing
    "This time next year, I won't be here. By then I swear, I'll be somewhere. I rely on this, I rely on this I rely on this, I rely on this Standing on top of a tall pole, Trapeze, still air, and me there"
  • Tides - Tarot
    "Oh, I see your face as if in a dream. Eyes where the shadows drown. Frozen in a frown. And I feel like paper burning free. The wind is shattering me. I'm the sky, I'm the sea. Walk for now. Endless days"
  • Tides - As Cities Burn
    "She's now my new sun She don't speak but somehow calls to me Automated exchanges make us not lovers But feigner's, we are only strangers Not estranged to regret Not estranged to what follows our faulty"
  • Swimming - Emilie Simon
    "I was swimming across the sky Clouds and angels by my side Then I realized that I was lonely And it wasn't such a good thing I was flying in Paradise In that ocean of dead lights I was looking for your"
  • Swimming - Sunset Rubdown
    "Maybe an ocean is found in a lake. Maybe exceptions to this could be made. But Im swimming Lord, just to be saved She always loved him, but not in the way, The way shes supposed to, but she never claimed"
  • No Conditions - Bad Brains
    "No conditions No conditions breadren Every time is real I'm not a nationalist (YES ZION) We don't trust politics (TRUE) God gives us all we want!! And level lives can (LIVE) We worship Haile Selassie Our"
  • Terms And Conditions - Ari Hest
    "She flips back the page of the guy with the six pack And the girl with the buns of steel She sees "$29.99" in big bold print and figures, "Ooh what a great steal." And says, "Farewell to melba toast, Rice"
  • Tides Of The Moon - Elysian Fields
    "I can hear the wild waves break This island of bone Below the swell the stars are waking No matter how much I shake i'm gonna find home Though I've been overtaken By the tides of the moon I'm swimming"
  • Swimming In Blood - Abscess
    "Smoke filled skies, Bloodshot eyes I'm as high as that glow in the sky Burn, doe and fuckin' fry Gonna fuck shit up and I don't care why Hour's late, War's begun Hit and run, We're having fun Gas mask,"
  • American Swimming Lesson - Lovedrug
    "Black scene leather kid, real ameri-kid Shove off or move my mountain Calm these bitter bears and i'll thank you for punching a hole And sinking my balloon. hey! Nag my conscience, inferior conscience Like"
  • The Seven Tides of Labyrinthine - Onward
    "Dream forever, forever I dream Ten thousand galaxies away Rests the world of hallowed waters Two suns that shine on Labyrinthine Reflections of the seven crescents Icons of the gods once worshipped Control"
  • Sweet Tides - Thievery Corporation
    "it took so long, for me to realize how strong your heart is and all this time, my mind was working in strange ways looking back on the days, just wanna be free through the love in your eyes now I'm staring"
  • Tides Change - The Hush Sound
    "The tides changed its time to go home The waves said I should go The wind began to blow and the water got tall And that's when I went home My mind changed and then I let go The pain said I should go The"

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