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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch
  • Lykke Li I Will Survive
    "At first I was afraid I was petrified Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side; But then I spent so many nights Thinkin' how you did me wrong And I grew strong And so you're back from outer"
  • Young Igi Neandertalczyk
    "Hej, hej, hej, hej, hej Hej, hej, hej, hej, hej Nie wiem jak się zabrałem do najlepszych melodii Do dzisiaj mam wrażenie ze to przypadki Chcą mi wmówić, ze tak było I nie mam nic w sobie Tylko ja miałem"
  • Natalia Szczypuła Beautiful Trauma
    "we were on fire I slashed your tires it’s like burn so bright we burn out I made you chase me I wasn’t that friendly my love, my drag we’re fucked up cause I’ve been on the run so long they can’t find"
  • Maja Mędrek Love On The Brain
    "And you got me like What you want from me? What you want from me? And I tried to buy your pretty heart, but the price too high Baby you got me like You love when I fall apart So you can put me together And"
  • Æther Realm The Sun, the Moon, the Star
    "Long have been complacent with the hand I've been dealt Restless and weak, from the life I've built So I'll journey afar, for there's glory to find And I'll fill out my entry in the annals of time Bif"
  • Marshmello & Demi Lovato OK Not To Be OK
    "Feeling like a drop in the ocean That don’t nobody notice Maybe it’s all just in your head Feelinf like you’re trapped in your own skin And now you’re body’s frozen Broken down You’ve got nothing left When"
  • Katie Melua Your Longing Is Gone
    "It used to really feel like we were high flying you could say our days were too good to be true I loved it when you showed me that inside you were dying like I had to answer that pull from you and"
  • Canterra Heartmachine
    "Come see who of them is lying Come feed the heart to a new start without a doubt Let’s heat the beat, stop crying Let’s dry the tears - Forget your fears – Without control Come and turn these wheels to"
  • Amy Macdonald The Hudson
    "I seen thi sguy on a Saturday night You’re looking good, yeah you’re shining bright I seen the girls in their high heeles shoes Lookig for love they’re got nothing to lose What happened through these"
  • Crepuscle In the Winds of Glory
    "Watching from the sidelines as everything falls apart Like a plague, words of poison quickly spread A contagion infects the minds weakened by hatred Idolatry hands the crown to a tyrant History will not"
  • Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson High
    "Data premiery utworu nie została jeszcze podana. "this song will make you call every ex you ever had. Miley's vocal is 11/10" - napisał Mark Ronson zapowiadajać utwór "High" z Miley Cyrus."
  • Terra Atlantica Forces of the Oceans, Unite!
    "From the great atlantic hall Mighty seahorses ride. Sending out a distress call To the towers of light. All hear my words: We are left again on our own The lord of the waters has turned to ... stone. Down"
  • Ciara Rooted (ft. Ester Dean)
    "Young girl stay rooted I done plant my seeds now I am rooted Brown skin poppin’, I am rooted ATL bred I am rooted Rooted, nappy head rooted All my songs come with melanin Got the heart Got the soul"
  • UFO Too hot to handle
    "Caught in the crossfire, a warnin' fight Legends make or breakin' Swept off by the roarin' waves of the night Paper chase for fame And I was too, too hot, Baby (Too hot to handle) Yeah, I was too, too"
  • Alicia Keys So Done (ft. Khalid)
    "Cause i am so, so done Got it my time Holding me back I am living the way that I want Cause i am so, so done Fighting myself Going through hell I am living the way that I want I am living the way that"
  • Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky
    "It's been a long night And the mirror’s telling me to go home But it’s been a long time Since i felt this good on my own Lot of years went by with my hands tied up In your ropes Your ropes Forever and"
  • Carla Fernandes Entera (ft. Matt Hunter)
    "Tell me what you’re thinking Wanna know your weaknes I know how it goes I Yeah, yeah I could be the one to Make you fal lin lobe Yeah, yeah If you pull me closer Yeah, yeah We can go further I won’t get"
  • Die Antwoord I Don't Dwank
    "Ninja, Yolandi? Fuck, bro? Fuck, dude, I'm so fucking pissed off, oh Like can you not drop fucking-fucking drop ash on my fucking carpet? Sorry, dude, sorry You know that fucking picture with the-with"
  • Kris Ros Our Time
    "Love Work Rest Repeat Every Day Is The Same But I Know Now Better Days Will Come The Days, When The Sunrise Gets You High Two Lovers Living In July This is Our Time Baby, Take Me Home This is Our Time,"
  • Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper!
    "There once was a little girl Who had a crush on a bad, bad boy But when that bad boy got out of prison That little girl's ass was in big, big trouble Daai bra Anies, hy's n fokken gam bra Haai! Daai"

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