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Hilary Duff A Day In The Sun

  • Same Old Christmas (Featuring Hilary Duff) - Haylie Duff
    "(Verse one) Rows of angels in the snow Hugs and kisses by the mistletoe Sugarplum fairies everywhere,must be that time of year Stars that shine on christmas trees Smoke that curls from chimineys Rednose"
  • Hilary - The Fall
    "Hilary Where's the sixty quid you borrowed off me for the gas? I won't give you a kiss Hilary Hey Hilary 'New Faces' on Saturday at six Brought you back to me Hilary I'm sure it was you in the"
  • Hilary - Fall
    "HilaryWheres the sixty quid you borrowed off me for the gas? I wont give you a kissHilaryHey hilarynew faces on saturday at sixBrought you back to meHilaryIm sure it was you in the new audiOutside sainsburysHilaryRemember"
  • A Day In The Sun - Hilary Duff
    "Everything's working out fine You've got all the things you want and I've got mine No more struggle and strife Kickin' back and diggin'...it's a wonderful life And then you awoke To start the day out"
  • Tell Me A Story(Feat.Hilary Duff) - Lil' Romeo
    "YO YO This Romeo And You Know What We Gonna Make Them Dance This Christmas (Hilary) Tell Me A Story,I Belive Oh I Belive All Things Are Possible On Christmas Eve (LiL Romeo) It was the night before"
  • I've Got A Crush On Hilary Duff - Scott Cain
    "I got your poster on the wall, I see your movies - seen them all! Saw you on the cover of a magazine, Britney is so yesterday, you know what I mean? I love her as Lizzy, she makes me dizzy everytime! Chorus:"
  • We Are Siamese(Ft.Hilary Duff) - Haylie Duff
    "We are siamese if you please. We are siamese if u dont please. We are former residents of Siam. There is no finer cat than I am. Do you see that thing swiming round and round? Maybe we can reach on in"
  • Homerun Hilary - Jude
    "Your picture was in the news a piece of paper my friends may have burned but it refused and though you wore a smile the muscles that you flex too much look tired after a while and you always forced your"
  • Chasing The Sun - Hilary Duff
    "Why am I in such a hurry Always getting up too early? So fast, everything is blurry, It's like the clock is always racing But my time is not for wasting Someone else can do the chasin' 'Cause I'm chasing"
  • A day in the sun - Anneliese Van Der Pol
    "Everything's working out fine You've got all the things you want and I've got mine No more struggle and strife Kickin' back and diggin'...it's a wonderful life And then you awoke To start the day out laughing It's"
  • A Day In The Sun - Death By Stereo
    "A life without fun is what I do not know A life on the run is what I have to show A day in the sun is what I wish for now A day in your arms is what I long for how You can't go back, no you can't go back In"
  • Hilary - Agnieszka Osiecka
    "Alina Janowska, Jan Kobuszewski Ty jesteś naj Najwyższy znak jakości Ty jesteś Eiffla Wieża kobiecości Tyś jest babka stulecia Pataczkówna ci Krecia Nie dosięga do pięt Tyś na miarę Fidiasza Lud ofiary"
  • Day In The Sun - James Reyne
    "You took a little white cloud And you're fixing up your silver lining You took a little black car And drove it all the way Your conversation It's so confiding And we could talk about tomorrow 'Cause we"
  • Day In The Sun - Peter Frampton
    "Frampton/Savigar 1993 Almo Music Corp Comboplate Music Kevin Savigar Music(ASCAP) Here's what you can dream on and it's all I can give you Come with me now and leave it all behind I don't know what"
  • Cold Day In The Sun - Foo Fighters
    "Take a high dive into your brain And you make your only cause You just might wear your welcome out if you don't let it go. There's nothing that you couldn't say Cause you said it all before Think it's"
  • Christmas Day In The Sun - Hot Hot Heat
    "December dozens of punches give up those car keys and walk to the new year ignore these michievous motives my balance and focus get blurry when you're here I want my Chirstmas day in the sun all I"
  • When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown - Hilary Duff
    "Dear Santa, I live in Hollywood, but it's not like in the movies, where Christmas is always snowy white. On my list, is just one wish, that it would snow tonight. When the snow comes down in Tinseltown You'll"
  • Our Lips Are Sealed(Ft.Hilary) - Haylie Duff
    "Can you hear them? They talk about us Telling lies, well that's no suprise Can you see them? See right through them They have no sheild, no secrets to reveal It doesn't matter what they say In the jealous"
  • Rainy Day Sun - Spinal Tap
    "Here she comes, that Rainy Day Sun, Peeking in and out the falling raindrops; Smiling down on everyone. In her golden, gossamer gown, And a necklace of the finest rainbows; Drying out this rainy day town. Good-bye,"
  • In The Sun - Howie Day
    "I picture you in the sun wandering what went wrong you've fallen down on your knees asking for sympathy and being caught in between all you wish for and all you see and trying to find anything you can"

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