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Hiry go ageine may lovley


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Hiry go ageine may lovley

  • May - Duct Tape
    "Sorry if u burned them sorry if u let it drown but all i was doing was bringing you down i didn't mean to hurt i thought you wanted this right being happy just us was always just alright with"
  • May - Autonomadic
    "When the muezzin call, they sing for freedom And when the muezzin call, they sing for justice But when the people come, they come for vengeance And when the people come, they put down women Can you take"
  • May - Lifehouse
    "I'm standing I'm waiting I'm falling more in love with you every time I find myself here and what I feel for you it can't be contained and how I long for you to come I want to get carried away by you and"
  • Isn't she lovley - Stevie Wonder
    "Isn't she lovelyIsn't she wonderfullIsn't she preciousLess than one minute oldI never thought through love we'd beMaking one as lovely as sheBut isn't she lovely made from loveIsn't she prettyTruly the"
  • Whereever You May Go - David Coverdale
    "You mean the world to me More than I can say And when I look at you It takes my breath away I look into your eyes And see the love for me Once again I realise Theres no where else I'd rather be And"
  • Rita May - Bob Dylan
    "Rita May, Rita May, You got your body in the way. You're so damn nonchalant But it's your mind that I want. You got me huffin' and a-puffin', Next to you I feel like nothin', Rita May. Rita May, Rita"
  • May I - Trading Yesterday
    "And there you stand opened heart--opened doors full of life with the world that's wanting more. But I can see when the lights start to fade, the day is done and your smile has gone away. Let me raise you"
  • May Queen - Black Box Recorder
    "Meet me in the playground after schoolWhen everybody has gone homePromise not to breathe a word of thisDon't even look at me till we're aloneOr tonuges will start to wagStories will go roundThey'll talk"
  • Maggie May - Pietasters
    "There's a place were we all go To have a few when we feel low To drink ourselves into a state Drown our sorrow and fuel our hate A Bombay beauty in a tight black dress Pours our beer and cleans our mess Answers"
  • Daisy May - Spiderbait
    "I think of you I want to know Where is the place we used to go? I feel like I have been away Just thinking of you makes me say Hey, hey, daisy may Where are you now I'm coming to stay Today I'm always"
  • May Day - Eddy Huntington
    "Wanna be with you, in everything I do, I wanna see you, every day and night, When I was so lonely, I felt this strong desire to love, But it went too quickly, and now Im burning - hot, And now Im burning"
  • May i - Nine Days
    "The night was sweet and shivers ran along my aching spine my heart was warm my thoughts were afraid of the quick yet sacred time I'd met him there my smile, my security and cried with evening rains he"
  • May 26 - Custom
    "may 26 is a day not to be missed no more lies just the big fat dis our shit is history no more misery or sick trickery or the current bribery for both of us are free the concrete fleas and the electric"
  • May flower - Vangelis
    "The Sea like The SeaThe Wind like The WindThe Stars in the SkyThe Sea like The SeaThe moon like The MoonThe Stars in The SkyThe Sea like The SeaThe Moon like The MoonThe Stars in the SkyIn the wind-on"
  • Maggie May - Blur
    "Wake up Maggie I think I've got something to say toyou It's late September And I really should be back at school I know I keep you amused But I feel I'm being used Oh, Maggie I couldn't have tried anymore You"
  • I'll Go Wherever You May Go - The Calling
    "So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place When I'm gone you'll need love To light the shadows on your face If a great wave shall fall and fall upon us all Then between the sand and"
  • Mother May I - Cee-Lo Green
    "Mother may I Oh, mother may I I wanna go outside tonight Tell me it’s alright Mother may I Mommy just listen Something in the wind keeps calling me And I’m old enough now to answer I want everything that’s"
  • May I Baby - Peter Frampton
    "May I baby May I walk you home May I baby Cause I don't want you to be all alone With each step my heart beats three times There's so much trouble in my mind May I baby Tell you what it's all about May"
  • Come What May - Trevor Morgan
    "If I lose or if I win If I fall then stand again In a quiet prayer or lifted voice Come what may I will rejoice If I doubt or if I know In a crowd or all alone If I gain the world or live in need Come"
  • King of May - Natalie Merchant
    "Farewell today Travel on now Be on your way Go safely there Never worry Never care Beyond this day Farewell tonight To all joy and to all delight Go well and go peacefully We can't keep your majesty Be"

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