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History 1 d

  • History - Tenacious D
    "(spoken) This is a song called the history of Tenacious D And its not just a list of bullshit that we've done in the past It's a chronicling of our rise, to power! (sung) We ride with kings on mighty"
  • History - Scandal'us
    "Ooh Yeah Ja Si Break it downC'monYeah Verse 1 A turn of the key early in the morning You walk in the room And I can smell that perfume You tried to explain that you missed the last train, (No, No) You're"
  • History - Jay-Z
    "Now that all the smoke is gone And the battle's finally won Victory is finally ours History so long so long so long In search of victory she keeps saluting me If only we can be together momentarily We"
  • The history of Tenacious D - Tenacious D
    "This is a song called the history of tenacious Dand its not just a list of things we've done in the pastbut its a chronicling of our rise to POWER!We ride with kings on mighty steeds across the devils"
  • A Fool's History Pt. 1 - Something For Kate
    "Everything's understood and nothing more to know You sleep by the river and walk yourself home You picked a perfect reason put back on your feet That shows you the way back... To triggers and loopholes"
  • History Lesson - Crashdog
    "We built this country on "democracy" We stole this land through hypocricy We found ourselves some liberation And we hid our guilt on the reservation What we want we must possess It's time for us to take"
  • D Original - Jeru The Damaja
    "1. Dirty rotten scoundrel that's what I'm called on the street Could connive and cheat but rarely get beat Ya see I'm streetwise a con game pro Kickin the Bobby bullshit too smart for Willie Bobo Not"
  • History Of The World, Part 1 - The Damned
    "I just hit the ground boy have I arrived Tell the dinosaurs they just won't survive So I fell and you just laughed You think that I can't stand To see me trip this way You think I'm second hand I have"
  • History Of The World Part 1 - Damned
    "I just hit the ground boy have I arrived Tell the dinosaurs they just won't survive So I fell and you just laughed You think that I can't stand To see me trip this way You think I'm second hand I have"
  • The History Of Ealdormere: Part 1 - Heather Dale
    "First was the wolf and the wilds and the will And the rule of the mid-realm king Long was the night when the wolf pack was still in their wait for the gathering spring Soft was the face of the deep-hidden"
  • D - Religijne
    "Ref: Dłonie otwarte wznoszę, Panie mój.Przyjmij świat w ofierze.Dłonie otwarte wznodzę, Panie mój.Radość naszą przynoszę.1. Strzeż nas małych przed Twoim obliczem. Czystych jak źródło górskich kniej.Strzeż"
  • D - Religijne
    "Ref.: Trzeba nam jeszcze ofiaryNa krzyżu wiszącej świtem,Jednolitej pragnieniamiI myślami jednolitej.Trzeba nam jeszcze wyrzeczeń,Żeby zaistnieć prawdziwie,By Polska Polskę znaczyła -Trzeba nam padać w"
  • D - Jerzy Por
    "1. Długo mnie nie było w domu, niby nie ma żadnych zmian, Lecz naprawdę nie ma komu, komu moje morze dam. Nie ma komu, nie ma komu, komu dać to morze mam. 2. Długo mnie nie było w domu, długo mnie"
  • D - Pięć Dwa Dębiec
    "Ref. Dębiec, Dębiec tutaj jestem To to miejsce najpiękniejsze Tu zaczynam i tu kończę Serce z miejscem nierozłączne 1. Furia poznańskiego Wkurwi niejednego EFPE ERWU chcesz? Zapytaj się jego Ale niewyśnię"
  • #1 - Big Tymers
    "All the niggas was, buck, buckin' in the crowd And all the ladies was, scream, screamin' out loud Go number 1 Brian, Baby, Bizzy, Bubba Go number 1 Old ig-nant motherfucker (Come on, you ridin' this"
  • D-Law - D-A-D
    "Look at that guy in those tight leather-pants He can't sing and you can see he can't dance And soulfinger's spinning; throwing his hair He's got nothing to say; He's just happy 2 B there Look at his friend"
  • Edge Of History - Adelleda
    "There's a television on In the basement where the beasts are chained to the wall Theres a fistfight in the hall Where the beasts all dance to songs made for listening There's a backbone in a proportion The"
  • Honky Tonk History - Travis Tritt
    "I got these calluses from all those nights I spent playing a telecaster until my fingers bled bud light I got this scar in a beer bar brawl Outside of Tuscaloosa Stiched it up in a bathroom stall And"
  • #1 - Joe Budden
    "Joey! Let's go back in the days before your present Back when it was a little more pleasent Before I knew this rap shit would ever lure me in Let's go back like Mike Fox in the Delorean Back in the day"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice - Spice 1
    "[ ant banks ] ( *burp* ) Aw shit One of them fake-ass answer machines again 1-800-fake-ass-answer-machine ( *dial tone* ) [ verse 1: spice 1 ] Mi-ni-mi pickin up da phone to hear da ring-a-ding-ling-a Mi"

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