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Hit the radio on

  • Radio - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    "The melody thats calling me Wont disappear You are that sweet song that I long to hear Youre my elation Favorite station That I'll never change You are simply, so loud and clear You are my radio Ive gone"
  • Radio - Wiz Khalifa
    "Uh huh, uh huh Should I stay or should I leave Don't know which way to go My mind is saying yes, my heart keeps saying no Can't find the words to explain, you always take it wrong Call up the station,"
  • Radio - Kurupt
    "Hey DJ (I'm your radio) It's a brand new day Whatchu say baby? You wanna get down? You gotta get up And I'm your wake-up man The Gargamill is in your ear Rappin' in your ear On WBALL (Balls) It's not on"
  • Radio - Eazy-E
    "(DJ: This is radio K-EAZY-E. Hi, this is Greg Mac. Mac Attack And we're gonna go to the phones right now and find out what's goin' on. Hello, who is this ?) (Guy1: Yo, what's up ? This is Lorenzo Patterson) (DJ:"
  • Radio - Keith Murray
    ""word" Rock on. All my peoples up top rock on. All my peoples down low rock on. All my peoples on the left rock on. All my peoples on the right. Word up. Def Squad rock on. Well it's the supersonical"
  • On The Radio - Bosson
    "Someone found me a letter you wrote me on the radio And they told the world just how you felt It must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat They never said your name but I know just who"
  • On the radio - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "Big up to anyone who's been involved in care & community'Cos it's the GLC back againWith another rave anthem for you to feast on, ya bastardsI nick stereos, videos and TVsBut when I'm feeling nice I helps"
  • Hit - Herman Brood
    "I'm sittin' with Nelly in front of the telly I'm fillin' my belly with a bottle of wine goin' with Kelly to the cross-country rally up to Chez Nelly straight down the line Just say she ain't mine &"
  • Hit - Discount
    "A conversation after a long day of sidewalk aggrivationsthe sky was loveless from the ground upshe's like neon signs and coffeespecial personalitiestelevision educationmechanical romanceHit me in the foreheada"
  • Hit Music - Pet Shop Boys
    "Hit music on the radio Hit music on the radio When you dance with me we dance forever All night long to your favourite Hit music on the radio Hit music on the radio When you dance with me we dance forever All"
  • Hit My Heart (Radio) - Benny Benassi
    "Hey boy, it's not a game You are the one to blame My love is not your toy You better be careful boy.. You told a million lies to me One day you said goodbye baby I gave you one more chance So please tell"
  • Crush On Radio - Visqueen
    "Circuitry has soldered me like fuses to a frame A tiny dial, and love erupts on broadband Talk to you through speakers Shining deep inside my veins You're nationwide But I'm the girl who loves you You'll"
  • The Radio - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) Yeah, hit 'em up, hit 'em up Fly way shit (Chorus: Solomon Childs) Tired of hearin' wack brothas on the radio, and wack brothas on the stereo Hearin' the same kinda scenarios,"
  • TV On The Radio - BLIND
    "I seen a girl With a guy With hair like yours From what I remember He took her hand And smiled her name Her face like yours She smiled the same From what I remember Been so long since last December She"
  • Radio - The Radios
    "Radio My my radio oh no ulla ulla ugha ugha Pop chuari yeah come on ! My girl my girl my girl Won't listen won't listen to my radio She says "Now big deal ! Big deal ! Wanna see the picture show" She"
  • Radio - Avalanches, The
    "Avalanches, The Since I Left You Radio Johnny, johnny! open up Johnny, it's frank! open up Look you've been in there for three weeks Now come on, open up Johnny, johnny! Out of my way, i'm watching television Are"
  • Radio - The Avalanches
    "Johnny, Johnny! Open up Johnny, it's Frank! Open up Look you've been in there for three weeks Now come on, open up Johnny, Johnny! Out of my way, I'm watching television Are you crazy? That's the test"
  • Radio - Saves The Day
    "Hearing the words as they're leaving my mouth I can't believe myself I'm trying to be what you want me to be I guess I can't catch up Once in a while, making you smile, we're singing with the radio You're"
  • Radio Radio - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    "I was tuning in the shine on the light night dial Doing anything my radio advised With every one of those late night stations Playing songs bringing tears to my eyes I was seriously thinking about hiding"
  • Radio, Radio - Roger Miret And The Disasters
    "What's that playing on the radio? On the radio, on the radio I hear the music blasting from across the hall It drives me crazy I can't take it anymore Until it stops I'll keep banging on your wall What's"

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