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Hobbie Stuart - Still Here

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Hobbie Stuart - Still Here

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Hobbie Stuart - Still Here
  • Hobbie Stuart Still Here
    "I was speaking to my dad and he told me that Don't expect to give nothing and then get something back Scratch the silver of card and then win a life Cos the world don't owe you anything you didn't buy And"
  • Dead Milkmen Stuart
    "You know what, Stuart, I LIKE YOU. You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park. Oh, don't go get me wrong. They're fine people, they're good Americans. But they're content to sit back,"
  • Travis Tritt Double Trouble feat. Marty Stuart
    "(Travis Tritt/Marty Stuart/Paul Kennerley) Well I got a buddy at the factory I know him and he knows me We were talking on the line today You wouldn't believe what he had to say I told him all about you He"
  • Kina Still Here
    "And winter's coming God it's been a whole lotta years Time is moving faster it seems I can feel it Life is changed But I'm still here Had many lovers and been in love at least two times Couldn't seem"
  • Natasha Bedingfield Still Here
    "You looked at me and saw what I never could see You made me feel more than I thought I could ever be And when I needed a friend you were always there to lift me up To make me strong You're not gone You're"
  • Halo Still Here
    "Inside nowhere, gets so cold here Trapped in this reflection of me Kiss me gently, screw me, rent me All I wanted, is all I can see This is all I ever thought I'd never feel When I dream about you, feels"
  • Elephant Island Still Here
    "I've forgotten But how the past Can feed the fat of future Something about you That leaves a piece Of every place familiar Shapes of bodies Shapes of loss The very least in common Left to guessing And"
  • Ian Thomas Still here
    "Late at night, when I get to thinkingI'm so hard done byI take a look around and I can't feel sorry for myselfSome things I've wanted most, I've gotBut some have passed me byThey're the motivation to try,"
  • Agnostic Front Still Here
    "I'm not in this fight alone! Still in your face, still fucking here! Till my last dying breath! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! So many have come and gone, only a few have stood the test For some it's just a"
  • Unitopia Still Here
    "It seems so far away, so long ago. Remember when you wouldn't dream of letting go. Things are not what they used to be. Every waking thought takes me back to you. The plans we made for a future bright Evaporate"
  • Kristian Valen Still Here
    "Are you slipping away? This is hard for me to say I'm barely holding on So scared of the unknown I'm still here Holding your hand Close your eyes I'll stay beside you I'm still here I won't let them"
  • Information Society Still Here
    "So I dreamed we were somewhere and everything you said was real and everything I said was right that we don't have to fear the night Then I'm in light and I still find that when we look around we still"
  • New Model Army Still Here
    "Hey there Matthew Hopkins, are you listening to us - we're still here Boodstone, Tiger's Eye, whet the hell - we're still here The dreaming Earth's moving in your sleep - it's all real And everything you"
  • Westlife Still Here
    "Sometimes I wanna leave I think of giving up on us I say I'm letting go but when I do you call my bluff and even thought you say it's not true you love to keep me running round in circles but I wouldn't"
  • ATB Still Here
    "I never knew life could be this way Life without you I never knew life could be this strange Like a sky that isn't blue I know you're still here I know you still care I know you follow me places only you"
  • The Perishers Still Here
    "When youve gone Im still here Waiting for your call I'm waiting patiently When youve fired your last shot Youll come back for me So this world has left you bare I'm sorry I no longer care I wonder wholl"
  • Lyfe Still Here
    "(Verse 1:) Street life killed my daddy Got my momma pregnant in the back of a caddy Since i lost my first tooth i ain't been happy Young wild nigga child why that boy is so nappy He got that devil"
  • Nine Days Still here
    "You hold tight to your tomorrow Cuz there's no one here except yourself I did not come to beg or borrow Were you expecting someone else And I will be there to soften your fall And I will be there for the"
  • Lyfe Jennings Still Here
    "(Street life killed my daddy Got my mama pregnant in the back of a Caddy Since I lost my first tooth I ain't been happy Young wild nigga child why that boy is so nappy He got that devil in 'im Police"
  • Secret Sphere Still Here
    "(music composed and arranged by Buratto, Messina, Lonobile, Cartasegna, Gianotti, Agate; words by Messina, Buratto, Lonobile) This song is for all you, Talkin'trash to what you never gonna do, You all"

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