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Hold to you

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Hold to you

  • Hold - Superchick
    "Tell me that it's gonna be okay Tell me that you'll help me find my way Tell me you can see the light of dawn is breaking Tell me that it's gonna be alright Tell me that you'll help me fight this fight Tell"
  • Hold - Rick Derringer
    "Ocean's gonna roll without me And river's gonna flow without me And love it's gonna spin without me And there'll be songs to be sung, Long after I'm gone I walk by the stream, As the sun goes down (Sun"
  • Hold - Superchic(k)
    "Tell me that it's gonna be okay Tell me that You'll help me find my way Tell me You can see the light of dawn is breaking Tell me that it's gonna be alright Tell me that You'll help me fight this fight"
  • Hold - KRS-One
    "Verse 1 Yeah....yeah..... Mmmmm....Mm! Alright, here we go... I'm thinkin' real hard about some money I can hold But everybody I know is deep in the hole A steady payin' job is too hard for me to hold I"
  • Hold - Ensign
    "These beliefs that I hold as true You once, believed them too Now the fire's gone from your eyes And you've become what you once despised But I, I still believe In that simple guideline In which, I take"
  • Hold - Gravity Kills
    "Step into the light Illuminating you for all to see Come into my sight Empty handed not for me It's in your hands, my one demand No one can tell, the sins I need to sell I'm still sipping from your"
  • Hold - Saves The Day
    "Oh well, you've got me under your spell and I don't think that I'm kidding around. I don't think I can forget you now. I once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town. I saw the structured"
  • Hold On - Enemy You
    "I've seen six billion lies, 'cause we don't even try To recognize a simple fact that we all know You cannot resist, our hopes are futile at best 'Cause it's where we're from and where we all will go Our"
  • Hold Me Now - Close To You
    "Chorus Hold me now 'Cause all I want is you Hold me now Say you want me too Take my hand And lead my to fairy land Where I can feel That love is real I'll make you understand Dance with me Close to you"
  • Hold You - Basto
    "I just want to hold you When the music starts to play All my fears just fade away Cause when you hold me Seems the night is gone I just wanna hold you Boy you take away the pain You let the sun shine through"
  • Hold You - Russell Crowe & 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts
    "(Crowe) This time is no different I control my urge to feed Stalking your scent Through the kitchen This type of social gathering Leaves openings for speech And I would talk to you But I'm twisting If"
  • Hold You - Gus Gus
    "**intro** I have a word I think I have a premonition I feel i should meet with you On a secret rendezvous We could sit in the sun I sit outside with my man And the mountains will grow taller for"
  • Hold You - ATB
    "All the things that I told you All the things that I never mentioned All the things that I told you twice Give me something to turn to Like an answer that has no question Give me something that I can"
  • Hold you - Cabaret Voltaire
    "All the things that i told youAll the things that i never mentionedAll the things that i told you twiceGive me something to turn toLike an answer that has no questionGive me something that i can fightChorus:"
  • Hold You - Axxis
    "I see my life like a ship in the rain sometimes lost in the ocean There's no aim - it's drifting away There's no wind to set it in motion Silence spreads its wings in the air I can hear the waves"
  • Hold You - Deepside Deejays
    "I never told you I'd give my life I could hold you I'm losing sound when I should love you You are my sun where there's no light Make it rise, alright Told you I'd give my life I could hold you I'm losing"
  • Hold you - Omd
    "To hold you Love you See you smile at the break of day To touch you Know you Want you by me. When yore far away It's easy to say But hard to do When yore in love With some foolish child And everybody Just"
  • Hold You - Bonfire
    "Turn your head (walk away) Deep inside, did you wanna stay? (Are you ready?) Love is gonna catch you Every nice(make a scene) Do you tell me what I really need? (Are you ready?) Love is gonna catch "
  • Hold you - Martin Jondo
    "And I will hold you forever never let you go I will row down Jah river right beside you in my heart is a fire it never will be through no burn come a come a pretty darling let me turn let me turn let me"
  • Hold On To You - Madrugada
    "Take the forward path Have a big slice of the city Get the upper hand While you're still pretty But you know what we're like No, they will never respect you The way you want them to respect you"

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