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Holiday in Paris sunday afternoon

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Holiday in Paris sunday afternoon

  • Sunday Afternoon - Bobby Brown
    "SUNDAY AFTERNOON (Written by Bobby Brown, Derek "DOA" Allen, and Kenny Finnel) Yeah, on the re-make ????? Sunday afternoon, yo DOA, bring it to me, baby Well, well, well Listen up baby Bright and early"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Guster
    "Where'd you get that Blue ocean in your head I know you're there when you close your eyes Don't waste my time Just make up your mind It's the hardest thing there is to do Just treading water here with"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Texas
    "I can think of better days As I look into your eyes And I feel that in a way I know that you'll be alright And he walks for a mile It's his style Baby never acts wild Feels he's invencible He walks for"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Jon Lajoie
    "Ladies and Gentlemen get off the dance floor and start doing your chores! IT'S SUNDAY AFTERNOON! It's Sunday Afternoon and there are a few things that I have to do, and I'm gon do em, I'm gon do em. It's"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Rachael Yamagata
    "It's a choice to stay It's a dream & I wanna wake You have blood on your hands and I'm feeling faint And honey You can't decide I'm a drug Ya don't wanna give up Smoke your cigarettes Make your love You"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Paul Simon
    "(Paul Simon) ESMERALDA Salvador, the afternoon sunlight is folding around us, The dishes are done, The buildings here, tall as our mountains Slice through the windows and cut off the sun. On such days"
  • Ev'ry Sunday Afternoon - Ray Charles
    "I love to do my work, Never complain; Never get tired, Don't mind the strain. I always say, "Old man, Wait till you're through. Sunday will come- Thursday comes, too. In those two days Think what you'll"
  • Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon - Backstreet Boys
    "How come I was the last to know You took the stage then you stole the show Another unsuspecting Sunday afternoon I was captured by that stare Now I'm shattered but I don't care And the people walking by"
  • On Sunday Afternoon - Del Reeves
    "The last time I saw them I wanted to die Our baby reached to kiss me and said daddy please don't cry I must go home with mommie cause the man said for me too But we'll see each other on Sunday afternoon I'd"
  • Black Sunday Afternoon - Anna Ternheim
    "On the black Sunday afternoon sun is pale like the moon When you look to the sky, holy, holy why All fades into blue on the black Sunday afternoon No good time to walk alone on a bike riding home When"
  • Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Faces Small
    "Wouldn't it be nice to get on with me neighbors But they make it very clear they've got no room for ravers They stop me from groovin, they bang on me wall They're doin me crust in it's no good at all, Lazy"
  • Lazy Sunday Afternoon - The Toy Dolls
    "Wouldn't it be nice to get on with my neighbours But they make it very clear they've got no room for ravers (Chorus:) Lazy sunday afternoon I got no time to worry I close my eyes & drift away Here we"
  • Paris - Joshua Kadison
    "Ezra was an old man He lived by the sea. Watchin' himself gettin' older, With no Family. And Cassie was a pretty one, A bartender by trade. She had a daughter with big green eyes, She called her Jade. They"
  • Paris - Kadison Joshua
    "Ezra was an old man. He lived by the sea. Watching himself getting older, with no family. Cassie was a pretty one, a bar tender by trade. She had a daughter with big green eyes. She called her Jade. They"
  • On A Sunday Afternoon - Lighter Shade of Brown
    "Hi this is Huggy Boy This is going out to all the homies on a Sunday afternoon Sittin in the park on a Sunday afternoon Me and the crew just jammin the oldie tune Sippin on a cold bottle of brewsky Gave"
  • Holiday - Rhubarb
    "I got a line from you last night Said the weathers fine And that you're losing track of time Nothin' much to do Between the ocean and the pool Hope to see you soon I work as hard as anyone Double timing"
  • Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon - Queen
    "(Mercury) I go out to work on a Monday morning Tuesday I go off to honeymoon I'll be back again before it's time for Sunny-down, I'll be lazing on a Sunday afternoon Bicycling on every Wednesday evening Thursday"
  • Sunday Afternoon (Featuring Half Pint) - Lucky Boys Confusion
    "Sunday afternoon In a night you won't be perfect you won't be pure And Monday asking you Why did you how could you play me for the fool (Refrain) Oh, there's no simple answer Oh, there's no reason at"
  • Sunday Afternoon - Sarah Masen
    "Sunday afternoon Got some work to do But I can't keep my mind off You I look at where I am I look at how I stand And I would be nowhere without You I fear I'm falling fast, cut by broken glass And I shattered"
  • Sunday Afternoon - John K. Samson
    "Another Sunday afternoon Nothing much to do But sit and try and make some sense of what I think about you Soaked with surroundings that just make me yawn First snow is melting outside on the lawn Scattered"

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