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Holy Father

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Holy Father

  • Father, Father - Axxis
    "Father Father Grant me your wish now I will be nothing but your child tonight! Oh, once you soar, angels fly and, In the sky, above our heads. They look like, pretty creatures Stay and with a dare Hey"
  • We Welcome You (Holy Father) - CeCe Winans
    "Holy Father God We welcome You within this place (4x) We come to worship You With all our might We exalt the o God The lord most high And we magnify You In the earth forever O Lord You are our"
  • Father, Son and Holy Goat - Labrat
    "Question myself till I bleed Will I live to spoil another day The answers lost in mud I won't if it goes on this way And what if you discovered that I could not give a fuck Would you crumble, start to"
  • Abba Father - Shaun Groves
    "Abba Father My Defender You are holy And I surrender For in my weakness You protect me and when my heart strays You correct me I Cry Abba Father I love You Daddy Abba Father I love You I love You Abba"
  • Heavenly Father - Andy Hunter
    "Heavenly father Holy is your name (2x) Open the heavens Teach us to pray (2x) May your kingdom come, And your will be done Heavenly father May it be on earth As it is in heaven Heavenly father Heavenly"
  • Father Picard - King Diamond
    "A new chaplain has arrived Madeleine and a few other nuns At the convent will meet him tonight Wellcome to my quarters, do come inside Wellcome dearest Sisters, come into the light I'm Father Picard,"
  • Everlasting Father - Unashamed
    "God is with us, for to us a child is born, to us a son is given, all authority has been given to Him, and He will be called wonderful, counselor, mighty God, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father. Then"
  • Our Father - Don Moen
    "Hear our prayer We are your children and we're gathered here today We're gathered here to pray Hear our cry Lord we need your mercy and we need you peace today Hear us as we pray Chorus Our Father, who"
  • Abba father - Michael Card
    "Until Your Son called out to me I was lost For years my cradle swung above the grave It is a wondrous thing to be adopted by a king To know a love that crowns and crucifies When Your Spirit moves I breath"
  • Goat Father - Cadaver
    "Goatfather's son Sacred holy words of loyalty claiming your salvation When the timing of the rulers of your life is depending that their words Are truly reviling you from pain you feel when you wait to"
  • Father you're not a father - Immolation
    "Bless me father For you've sinned against me It's been one week since you've raped me holy Father, your spirit inside me Holy Father, robbed my virtue Holy Mary, mother of Christ The fruit of thy womb"
  • Cry Holy - Salvador
    "We come this far, by light of day, through deserts of loneliness, to the sacred place, well you know my life, and all I've been through, the sin in my heart, has kept me from you, but father your grace, is"
  • Holy man - Charlotte Perrelli
    "I just needed loveAll I wantedTried to hold it backBut I couldn't fight itI didn't worryI didn't promiseBut he gave me loveWhen my heart was missingHoly, holy man tell me why I'm cryingHoly, holy man tell"
  • Holy Shadows - Edguy
    "You're a child of an old illusion Can't you hear it cry? You live your life to the exclusion Of what they call a lie The touch of evil it is getting stronger You'd better hide in the daylight Or"
  • Holy Graal - Opus Atlantica
    "The silent scream filled with anger He's the king of all the kings In the wisdom of the prophets tale Crowned in his ancient glory Some will say it's just a tale In his own eternity wings of pain Winged"
  • Holy Spirit - Michelle Shocked
    "(Victoria Williams) Come by here Lord, come by here Come by here, oh come by here Come by here, come by here Mmmmm On the banks of old Lake Bisteneaux 'Neath the cypress and the moss We hammered and"
  • Holy Smokes - Aesop Rock
    "(Give him one of these pills if he has any pain) (A parable....What is it? Well it's a little story with a lot of truth An earthly story with a heavenly meaning Jesus told many parables to grown-ups and"
  • Father of lights - Hillsong
    "I'm changed I'm not the sameThe Father called me by my nameHe called me through His SonThe Father's holy righteous OneWe are the first fruitsThe children of the KingChorus:Praise to the Father of lightsIn"
  • The Good Father - Born Against
    "The American Dream the good father wants to paddle it one way democracy it's our gift to the savage the good father the holy saviour rests one hand on a smaller neighbour and we're nowhere close to getting"
  • Father Of Creation - Necrophobic
    "Engraved on the altar The name was written in blood The sign of Lucifer's child Creation of the unborn son With inhuman force of evil The bastard child was spawn The crucifier of God and heaven Satan's"

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