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Home a place

  • Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    "Take a look deep in my eyes More than a feeling - I call it pride when I know There's a chance and I've got to take it And I don't mind a bruise, yeah yeah Baby I've got nothing to lose It's only a crazy"
  • A place called home - Ignite
    "Standing outside looking over A place called home, I couldn't stay Leaves have fallen, wind keeps blowing colder Winter's on its way My bags are packed the car is waiting My greatest fear, you left alone"
  • A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
    "One day I know We'll find a place of hope Just hold on to me Just hold on to me Walk tight, one line You're wanted this time There's no one to blame Just hold on to me (Come on my love) And I'm right on"
  • A Place Called Home - Kim Richey
    "Well, it's not hard to see Anyone who looks at me Knows I am just a rolling stone Never landing anyplace to call my own To call my own Well, it seems like so long ago But it really ain't you know I started"
  • A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
    "One day I know We'll find A place of hope Just hold on to me Just hold on to me Walk tight One line You're wanted This time There's no-one to blame Just hold on to me And I'm right on time And"
  • Old Home Place - Phish
    "It's been ten long years since I left my home in the hollow where I was born Where the cool fall nights make the woods smell right and the fox hunter blows him horn I fell in love with a girl from the"
  • Old Home Place - Dave Dudley
    "(They're selling the homeplace today) Yeah they're sellin' me out today just lost too much money too many years in a row And since pa died I ain't got no help Ma was waitin' for quite some time before"
  • A Place To Call Home - Joey Tempest
    "I was out the front door like nothing was lost wanted my freedom no matter what the cost It made no difference what anyone said I didn't follow my heart I followed my head well a man is an island but"
  • Home - Home Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
    "Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa Not the way that I do love you Well, Holy moly, me oh my, you're the apple of my eye Girl, I never loved one like you Man, oh, man, you're my best friend, I scream"
  • No Place Like Home - Randy Travis
    "No Place Like Home: Randy Travis. Written by Paul Overstreet. (Screen Gems-EMI Music/Scarlet Moon Music.) From "Storms of Life", 1986, Warner Brothers and "Forever and Ever, The Best of Randy Travis", 1994,"
  • No Place Like Home - Kid Courageous
    "there's a photograph i take with me everywhere i go of sydney streets and family i just realized there's no place like home going away wish i could say there's no place like home i don't no what to do i"
  • Low Place Like Home - Sneaker Pimps
    "You walked all over, in your blunderstones In your own road movie, with your one armed man Gonna make it to the problem page Trouble-shoot your life Gonna make it to the problem page Need some time and"
  • No place like home - Blu Cantrell
    "I've met a lot of different people And I have seen my share of things So much I have come across, while traveling (yea) But nothing can compare to what I have come to know and love That's what made me"
  • No Place Like Home - Mesh
    "If you say it right Say, "There's no place like home" You'll be back there alone In your room I'm walking a line I just want to say that you've been on my mind We don't talk all the time Still, I don't"
  • No place like home - ATC
    "Im on a mission in space wondering, why youre up to thinking of you wish you were here by my side coz Im feeling lonely youre the only one Im set in my engines in reverse Im done with the universe you"
  • No Place Like Home - Squeeze
    "I'm faced with the facts And a fist full of threats I stand quite amused At the end of my bed I have no defense For what I have said As a handful of love Whacks me right round the head She's growling and"
  • No Place Like Home - Travis Randy
    "==================================================================== ===== There's my easy chair, just sitting there I've spent a lot of time Thinking of this perfect love I know is yours and mine Oh how"
  • No Place Like Home - Balance Of Power
    "So silent so free of everything So softly the bindings fall So very close to ending So silent forever more No angels no stairway no welcome no sanctuary So evil so empty no place no stay This is not my"
  • No Place Like Home - Rude Buddha
    "I'm living outta suitcase, i packed my bags and ran just as far away, as i can, yeah, now a days, i don't feel the same about myself and the man, i know i am someone help me find a piece of mind cause"
  • No place like home - 4 Non Blondes
    "When I wake up in my house I get dressed when I get lost I don't know which way to go I guess I'll have a cup of Joe Where the hell was I anyways So I end up on the street Walkin' talkin' to my own beat"

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