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Hongkong 22 agustus 2021

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Hongkong 22 agustus 2021

  • Hongkong - Mireille Mathieu
    "Ich sah im Kino einen Film von Hongkong und hab getrumt von dieser Stadt Ich ging mit einem fremden Mann durch Hongkong, der mich verzaubert hat Hongkong, du bist wunderbar, wo mein Herz eine Nacht lang"
    "dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie pociąg z forsą zawsze z pełną torbą Suki maja co chcą palec w pussy pow pow przyjechała corsom razem z twoja siostra razem z twoja siostra dziś odwiedzę Hongkong jedzie"
  • 22 - Magneta Lane
    "All your years of treasure hunting for thruth and love are stealing all your youth 22 22 is when you said you would improve But you all had to loose, cause you already used 22 22 is when they said they"
  • 22 - Taylor Swift
    "It feels like a perfect night To dress up like hipsters And make fun of our exes Ah, ah, ah, ah It feels like a perfect night For breakfast at midnight To fall in love with strangers Ah, ah, ah, ah Yeah,"
  • 22 - Lily Allen
    "When she was 22 the future looked bright But she's nearly 30 now and she's out every night I see that look in her face she's got that look in her eye She's thinking how did I get here and wondering why It's"
  • 22 - Sundown
    "It's all blurred from where you stand You're not all that high in demand Would you want me more if I would lie Can't love you girl - Won't even try What you put on display is such a boring view Rather"
  • 22 - For Amusement Only
    "I was only twentytwo when I met you but something stayed with me that day those games you played turned me away and now theres nothing I can say We've missed the chance to make things right back to how"
  • 22 - Circle Jerks
    "glorified neurosis and a carload of explosives our doctor friend's just a wee bit fried ears to ghetto blasters, a prescription to disaster an all day job just to stay alive would you lick my palms? through"
  • 22 - Zimowa
    "Sleeplessness is fair Luscious body so full of drives Sweetness in the mouth Half an hour till the next bite Blithely I rely on you Please move in So I could see The night of the world Something tangible"
  • 22 - TINI, Greeicy
    "ya son mas de las doce y sigo ahogando tu recuerdo entre mas tomo mas me acuerdo de los dos de tu piel tus beesos y tu voz aunque tu seas el malo yo rcuerdo lo Bueno hoy quiero vivir mis veintidos y yo"
  • 2021 - Vampire Weekend
    "2021, will you think about me? i could wait a year but i shouldne't wait three i don't wanna be... 2021, will you think about us? copper goes green steel beams go rust it's matter of..."
  • 2021 - Lauv
    "2021 We could have some fun Mayne we could run Or i could be the one Think it’s time to go hard for your loving Baby i love you I don’t want no one esle but you 2021, 2021 We could have some fun Mayne"
  • 22 Days - 22-20s
    "for all of the times I tried to make you see well I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry but I still don't understand who you expected me to be but I'm sorry, yeah I'm sorry well I'm sorry for you and I'm sorry for"
  • Catch 22 - Yngwie Malmsteen
    "Well You're damned if you do You're damned if you don't Catch 22 You're so Very close, Yet so far You gave your best shot Still no cigar Working your fingers down to the bone Running with sinners,"
  • 22 Years - Styx
    "(John Curulewski) I've got a crazy little mama Lord, she's my heart and soul I don't even have to tell ya she knows how to rock and roll well this crazy lovin' mama makin' everything all right I don't"
  • Court 22 - Against All Authority
    "I was raised in a trailer (Court 22) Always told that I was a failure (Fuck you) Never thought that I would get outta there (Court 22) My father kicked me out when I shaved my hair (Fuck you) Never fit"
  • 22 Days - Roy Orbison
    "(Pitney) Oh it's been 22 lonely blue days without a word from you and 44 million more tears I've cried since you walked through that door The sun never reaches my doorstep each empty day seems to be"
  • 22 Steps - Andy Stochansky
    "If I were him I'd know your birthday Just what to get The colors you wear We'd buy old bikes We'd ride on Sundays You'd review The books I sent And I know It takes 22 steps From the walk to your door It"
  • 22 Dreams - Paul Weller
    "I had 22 dreams last night And you were 21, the last one I saved for myself Just to save my soul I get consumed by your fire and grace I lose control when Im in that place I had 22 dreams last night I"
  • Catch 22 - Terri Clark
    "(Bob Regan/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) A farmer on a tractor Plowing in the field Doing all he can to increase the yield But the more he raises The more the price goes down Over at the factory Working on"

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