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Hoods Bastard

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Hoods Bastard

  • Bastard - Hoods
    "everyday my dreams slip away I won't go out-without a fight everyday my life is taken from me I won't go out-without a fight treat me as the bastard life is cold, I'm so lost these days drag on and on minutes"
  • Hilltop Hoods - Hilltop Hoods
    "More cunts here than at a Hilltop Hoods show Hilltop Hoods represent With a six-pack of pale, listen to the Hoods and watch the double blues boys prevail Hill... Hilltop Hoods... Hilltop Hoods... Pulling"
  • Bastard - The Tiger Lillies
    "A nice man came on Monday, he was so good and kind, she almost felt a twinge of guilt when she had robbed him blind. A nice man came on Tuesday, rich, gentle and good, she put him so much into debt,"
  • Bastard - Motley Crue
    "Out go the lights In goes my knife Pull out his life Consider that bastard dead Get on your knees Please beg me, please You're the king of the sleaze Don't you try to rape me Bastard Consider that bastard"
  • Bastard - Ian Hunter
    "(Ian Hunter) Vestal Virginia - ain't got a bad thought in ya - you're a bastard Mean as a killer - instinct that's within ya - you're a bastard. Laughs like a drain and it messes up my brain Cos you know"
  • Bastard - Oomph
    "Eingezingelt, eingefangen Eingepfercht und eingezwngt Abgeschlachtet, ausgeblutet Ausgemerzt und aufgehngt Aufgelauert, angeschlichen Aufgesprt und abgelenkt Abgeschossen, abgezogen Ausgestopft und hingehngt"
  • Bastard - Dope
    "Backed out to save yourself But again left out again Bailed for the whole to see Now you better watch out for me Bastard Bastard you hear what I said When we find your ass you're dead You're dead Bastard And"
  • Bastard - Cryptic Wintermoon
  • Bastard - Rosenstolz
    "Jede Nacht ein langes Warten jeder Tag geht nie vorbei bist der Ruber meines Glaubens und geliebter Samurai Jedesmal wenn ich Dich sehe geht die Stunde viel zu schnell und jedesmal wenn ich dann gehe ist"
  • Bastard - Oomph!
    "Eingezingelt, eingefangen Eingepfercht und eingezwngt Abgeschlachtet, ausgeblutet Ausgemerzt und aufgehngt Aufgelauert, angeschlichen Aufgesprt und abgelenkt Abgeschlossen, abgezogen Ausgestopft und hingehngt Ausgehungert,"
  • Dime Store Hoods - Link 80
    "there are boys that i know who are mean as hell they keep to themselves and it's just as well they've got bad cars and they've got cool chicks greased up hair, man they look real slick DIME STORE HOODS they"
  • Bastard - Ben Folds
    "The old bastard left his ties and his suit A brown box, mothballs and bowling shoes and his opinion so you'd never have to choose Pretty soon, you'll be an old bastard too You get smaller while the world"
  • Bastard - Planlos
    "Eine Stadt in grau, doch es geht mir gut Vielleicht, weil ich hier geboren bin Ja, ich hab hier gespielt als Kind Und irgendwie, fhl ich mich zu Haus Obwohl ich doch nur ein Bastard bin Und somit nirgends"
  • Hoods On Peregrine - Thrice
    "The blue light spills like oceans We smile and let it in It cures us of our questions Like hoods on peregrine Knowledge locked in a tower Barons will hold the key But if knowledge is power, Know this"
  • Bastard - Agnostic Front
    "i remember just the best of you, like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was how you would resort. tell me what i have done wrong to"
  • Bastard - Kat
    "Nie z krzyża jestem zdjęty - bóg. Ani czerwonej gwiazdy strzec. Kocham czerń, kocham noc. Pluje na prawo bo kocham wolność.Tu - na dnie życia zżerają ziele mej woli.Bić się o dusze już za późno!Cos we"
  • Bastard - Diary Of Dreams
    "Regret... that's all it is! But what for? What is the purpose... And yet you always look back You go to all these familiar places You see familiar faces Forgive and forget My tears dry in this desert My"
  • Bastard - Front Porch Step
    "Someone give me a break, I'm bored and can't find shit to do. So I thought I'd write this awful tune and hope that someone might just sing along. My family hates the sight of me. I've got no girl to the"
  • Bastard Saints - Sinister
    "trapped in a mendacious world ignorant child, victim of christian filth enforced to have faith in the book of lies, disguised as goodness bastard saints filled with lies and disgust reverend and ravisher bastard"
  • Little Bastard - Ass Ponys
    "Little Bastard, all fish belly white Wears gym trunks and a tank top shirt When his grandma sees him playing with a knife She says, "Put that down, you're gonna get hurt" And she calls him Little Bastard And"

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