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Hooverphonic - ETHER')

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Hooverphonic - ETHER')

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Hooverphonic - ETHER')
  • Hooverphonic ETHER
  • Coil Ether
    "It's either ether or the other My mind is back to front And sometimes absent And slip the cup I've taken a sip from the cup that slips into ether It's either ether or the other I press my window to the"
  • Gang Of Four Ether
    "Trapped in heaven life style (locked in Long Kesh) New looking out for pleasure (H-block torture) It's at the end of the rainbow (White noise in) The happy ever after (a white room) Dirt behind the daydream Dirt"
  • Kashmir Ether
    "When it feels like you've been cancelled Like someone took your breath away To replace it with ether And you stagger in eadwind all day It's too easy to go crazy Way much harder to stay clear Tough you're"
  • Yob Ether
    ""Ether" Inside two worlds explode Two words made up of dust The dust the essence of ageless pain Never will I see the sun again The planet the race Enthralled with ice and snow Glacial rivers of compressed"
  • Linoleum Ether
    "I painted it blue It reminds me of you Blue like the skies that I saw in your eyes But I pictured them red as you dwelled in my head As you I look over my shoulder Look back into your eyes And drifting"
  • Nas Ether
    "("Fuck Jay-Z") What's up niggas, ay yo, I know you ain't talkin 'bout me dog You, what? ("Fuck Jay-Z") You been on my dick nigga, you love my style, nigga ("Fuck Jay-Z") (I) Fuck with your soul like"
  • Nothingface Ether
    "I'll never hesitate because i'm to go for this I'll never show restraint because theres no need for that I know everyone I've been everywhere I know everything, because i'm everybody We came to take control We"
  • Verbena Ether
    "Living is so easy With less than the life you got So blind that now you see A lonely little crown? Playing with a fire I swear it keeps you warm Lay back and shut your mouth And out of the white she'll"
  • AFI Ether
    "Wear your tears tonight my dear. I'd say they truly suit you, unimpressed and moistly dressed. I may decide to keep you. I open my mouth and drink down the sea. You'd drown in me. If savior sleep"
  • A Fire Inside Ether
    "Wear your tears, tonight my dearI say, they truly suit youI'm impressed and moistly dressedI may decide to keep youI opened my mouthAnd drank down the seaYou told me it's safe to sayWe cease to evadeI"
  • Microbunny Ether
    "When I don't speak I say everything When I move on you will keep going strong And he's ..... Staring out to see Cars rolling by endlessly Like waves on a pebble beach (Break) In these black days"
  • Kristin Hersh Ether
    "I would bet you don't careSo I pray to the etherI thought the city air would hear me whisperWhen the blue expanse of morning comesYou sleep while I stalk the sun, like a babyI don't break in icy blastsI"
  • Lil Wayne Ether
    "Haters nigga... Squad Up nigga("Fuck Jay-Z")Naw my nigga I fucks wit Jay-Z Sorry you know what I'm sayin("Fuck Jay-Z")No no no I fucks wit the homie man...sorry no("Fuck Jay-Z")Yes we bout to squad this"
  • Plastic Tree Ether
    "Asa hikari ga futtaMata jikan ga togiretaIma kizuita kedo...Mou etteru no sokoTage sonzai wo koji shitaBoku sonzai ga kihaku daHora kowarete shimau hi made tsumi no shirabe dake gaTada bokura ni nagarete"
  • The Audition Ether
    "Can someone please just shake the lies out of me? It seems that every word I say don't mean a thing I've tried so hard reel you closer to freedom With every cast I just exhaust all my options Tonight,"
  • Prong Pure Ether
    "This is it, this is what I've found This is the final statement The one that's always bound It's all predestined by forces so unknown Watching your every move behind a curtained wall At one point I thought"
  • Laura Veirs Ether sings
    "My wooden vibrating mouthSing me your lovers songCome with me well head up north Where the rivers run icy and strongThe empty theater is lying coldIn the shadows of the pastA church group enters to touch"
  • Ben Kenney The Ether
    "it broke my heart for me to find out what i've done it took a lot for me to see how far you've come and i don't want to play the villain in this story anymore with the way the light is hitting me that's"
  • Turin Brakes Ether Song
    "In the ther, in the ether's air Would you be there? Would you be my friend? In the morning, in the morning rain In the binary, of a data stream On an airplane On a radio All around me In the Ether's flow Under"

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