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Hope love

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Hope love

  • Hope - Boy Hits Car
    "Let me come and break the night I wanna come and fuck away the night I can make out the vague screams of trees As they burn and die Will I watch it leave so boundless and so free Drifting carelessly I"
  • Hope - Klaatu
    "'''Hope''' (John Woloschuk) Hope is like a lighthouse keeper's beam Hope the master cobbler of our dreams For Hope believes in desert streams The mightiest of stars The microcosm in a jar Vast or small"
  • Hope - Clockwise
    "Little help of violence, Few chances for my freedom, With every step u won't take, Grief inspires my evil, You had stood your fall, Rusted pose made red flood, Straggling is too simple I need more, need"
  • Hope - Richard John Thompson
    "Twist of fate falling through the rain I wanna see the light that shines behind the pain Hope of love weeping through your cries I wanna be the one that shines upon your eyes We're gonna be the ones"
  • Hope - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Hope Hope (claude s.) (peace, love, worth, hope) Everything inside Comes to me tonight, Have you seen my praying? In this factory No one here to see me Smiling at the heavens Everybody"
  • Hope - Jack Johnson
    "Shadow walks faster than you You dont really know what to do Do you think that youre not alone? You really think that you are immune to It's gonna get that the best of you It's gonna lift you up and let"
  • Hope - Paul Brandt
    "I can't believe you found me here You saved me in the nick of time Just when I thought nobody cared You reached out and with your hand took mine You know just how to pull me through Thats what I love"
  • Hope - Apocalyptica
    "Hope is beauty Personified At her feet, the world Hypnotized A million flashes A million smiles And on the catwalk She flaunts her style a long mile An angry sign of darkness Our hope lies lost and torn All"
  • Hope - We Shot The Moon
    "Hope it's all the I have The calm in the storm Is right where I am Inside of hope It's all that I know It's what I'm moved for It's what I live for Wave goodbye to a time That you once believed was everything I'm"
  • Hope - Quicksilver Messenger Service
    "And I don't ever want to see you blue, oh no, all I ever wanted to do was know you And maybe hope you could know me too. Well I don't ever want to make you sorry For anything you've ever said or done, Oh"
  • Hope - Shaggy
    "I remember, wasn't so long ago We had a one room shack and the livin' was low And my mama by herself raised me and my bro Wasn't easy, but we did it with the little that go Worked hard while the suckers"
  • Hope - Ashbury Heights
    "The viciousness of youth The meanest streak I ever saw The harmony of truth And self-deception in our hearts We're almost perfect You're like a deathray Little kid blow felt princess Saturday We're nearly"
  • Hope - Sarah Masen
    "We'll be taking off our clothes to sing We'll be wearing our own skin We'll be taking off a whole lot more Just so we can sing Just so we can sing Hope is coming out tonight Knocking at the door You've"
  • Hope - Penumbra
    "One word Just one word to exist Precious as a jewel Cruel as a farewell Like an echo in my head Showing your obsessions All the hopes that I fed Just can't be illusions Hope I refused to say it Thinking"
  • Hope - Myrath
    "Walking in darkness all alone With no place to call my home Winds Whispering sad sorrows silent cries uncertain tomorrows No tears to cry, to ease my pain No way to heel, I'm going insane Will darkness"
  • Hope - Duff Mckagan
    "The clowns have come to rest, the Jester's sold his soul, the world has lost its laugh, human kind is turning cold It's time to say your grace, it's time to call your friends, Start your laughing instead"
  • Hope - Faithless
    "When I arrive eyes wide fired up Tried not to slide and let the side down Now the planes on the ground I'll find a good profession it's 1957 I've come to the mother land to make a home to put my bed in This"
  • Hope - Twista
    "feat. Cee-Lo Man, I know we had a lot of tragedies lately. I just wanna say rest in peace to Aaliyah, Rest in peace to Left Eye, Rest in peace to Jam Master Jay, And everybody lost in the Twin Towers,"
  • Hope - Faith Evans
    "(feat. Twista) I wish the way I was living could stop, serving rocks, Knowing the cops is hot when I'm on the block, And I Wish my brother woulda made bail, So I won't have to travel 6 hours to see"
  • Hope - Accidental Superhero
    "with the princess i would leave the city gate she and i would go into the fields and wait for the sky to dusk turn dark and feed the moon a knight could only hope light would not come soon the land looked"

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