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Horace Andy Every Tongue Shall Tell

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Horace Andy Every Tongue Shall Tell

  • Every Tongue Shall Tell - Horace Andy
    "Every tongue shall tell, on that day When the Lord comes again to judge everyone For the wrongs they have done And all the lies they have told On that day, that dread day All you back-sliders And all"
  • Every Knee Shall Bow - Johnny Clarke
    "Yeah... Mmmmm Every knee shall bow And every tongue confess On that day when Jah shall come Every knee shall bow And every tongue confess On that day when Jah shall come No more crying, no more heartaches No"
  • Tongue - Damien Rice
    "This one's for you This one's for me This one's for you What must I be? I've got a nervous feeling, over you I got someone to love me, oh so true I need to feel hope I need to feel young again I need"
  • Tongue - Bellx1
    "This one's for you This one's for me This one's for you What must I be? I've got a nervous feeling over you I got someone to love me, oh so true But who am I fooling I like airline food I need to feel"
  • Tongue - Saliva
    "All this time I believed your lie raised your flag deep within your sight I raise my flag to all you hide and drive your spike within me within you within me What makes you think I wanna know it makes"
  • Tongue Tied - Faber Drive
    "Bright cold silver moon Tonight alone in my room You were here just yesterday Slight turn of a head Eyes down when you said I guess I need my life to change Seems like some things just aren't the same What"
  • Black Tongue - Gene Simmons
    "(Gene Simmons, Frank Zappa) Frank: "Alright kids, here's a real rock 'n roll song" (Verse) Frank says... If everyone says your hair's too long Or else it's far too short... Don't ever afford yourself"
  • Fork Tongue - Pissing Razors
    "Fork Tongue He lost his mind every single day No visitations while his eyes turned gray No need for sorrow now he's laid to rest The wounds will heal a new life begins Yeah - your eyes tell a thousand"
  • Silver tongue - Humble Pie
    "You look to me like you know what you see Every step that you take coming closer Yes I can see underneath your I.D. You're a woman You're a woman On your hands are the rings That a bond of love brings"
  • Love Is The Light - Horace Andy
    "Whoooooaaaah! Whoah, whoah! The wages of sin is death, The gift of Jah is eternal life, So, little children, No fuss no fight! Little children, Please do right! In dis trial and tribulation, You must"
  • Bite Your Tongue - Powder
    "Thought I knew you really well pretty good So why is it awkard to tell you That I've been left behind I'm not afraid just feeling bruised While you talk about how much you've improved I bite my tongue Every"
  • Only Tongue Can Tell - Trash Can Sinatras
    "Once upon a sign I read a warning and it said 'When in Rome don't feed the lions' What is meant I can't hazard a guess But now I've learnt my lesson I'm a better person I'm filled up with high hopes and"
  • Every Knee Shall Bow - Paris Twila
    "Verse I As the sun rises in the east So He shall split the eastern sky Sword in hand upon the mountain Fire of Heaven in His eye CHORUS And every knee shall bow Every knee shall bow We kneel before Him"
  • Every Knee Shall Bow - Twila Paris
    "Verse I I will cry for the desert When He's bleeding from His heart and soul Die for the desert And remove my hands from what I hold Deeper in my heart I will hear Him call Deeper in my heart I will give"
  • Every Knee - P.O.D.
    "Wherefore, God had highly exalted Him and given Him a name Which is above every name And at the feet of Jesus every knee shall bow Of things of heaven, of things of earth and things under this earth"
  • Tongue - R.E.M.
    "Call my name, here I come. 90 to nothing, watch me run. You call. I am ashamed to say. Ugly girls know their fate. Anybody can get laid. You want a room with a fire escape. I want to tell you how much"
  • Tongue tied - Holly Valance
    "Before I spoke Your voice was moving here The water safe this way That way I feel his thoughts Your choice It's all there There comes a time to find piece of mind Take some time to let go Cos I wanna know"
  • Tongue Tied - Bleed The Dream
    "It was the coldest november in recent memory if there ever was a bad time to cross me, you would see now i'm not the kind of guy to go carrying an axe but you made it so obvious, who wouldn't attack? you're"
  • Tongue bitting - Kurczat
    "It will be better if you don't realize what I had to tell you but I didn't tell you that the most beautiful things of my mind you'll never hear that you won't be surprised. I bite my tongue maybe this"
  • Tongue Ring - Three 6 Mafia
    "Hey we gonna do a song called Tongue Ring Let me feel your Tongue Ring, is it rusty, hahaha Let me feel your tongue ring, let me feel Let me feel, let me feel, let me feel your tongue ring Let me feel,"

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