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Hot 16chalange dis stream

  • Binary Stream - Pigface
    "This is a tale spun straight out of my binary core. This is a vision of my world seen through membranous eyes. This is the oceans filled with technicolor nuclear fish, their mutated metal scales riveted"
  • Stream - The 3rd And The Mortal
    "I long for you as a flower longs for the morning dew I long for you A a hind longs for the running streams Frown on me no more and let me smile agaon before I go away and cease to be While I refused"
  • Check Dis - Oxide & Neutrino
    "Oxide And Asher D Check Dis How many ways can a man express this? I wanna get it off my chest, but I breathless, MCs in the game never test this, And if they do then you know it is a death wish, You"
  • Rap Dis - Oxide And Neutrino
    "Wanna test s-o that's a NO I'm a DJ but I heat up Mic's wen I flow! Spit for real Hit to kill It gets messy when I grip my steel Explosive flows like my rapture Distinctive part on my counter Faster"
  • 10% Dis - MC Lyte
    "(11 seconds of audio collage at the intro) *mc lyte's voice gradually fades in* Hot damn, hot damn, hot damn, hot damn Hot damn! hot damn hoe, here we go again Suckers steal a beat, when you know they"
  • Play dis - Common
    "CHORUS Little piece of sumpin' "Play" "Orginial rap" "Play" Little piece of sumpin' "Play" "Hardcore in hip-hop" Amazed dudes to wack crews Lay it down Kids could never walk a mile in my shoes Shorties"
  • Tase Of Dis - Brooke Valentine
    "(Intro Vamp:) I'm getting off about six I'm rollin' trough da hood all anxious Hitting up a party without a care I told my girls "I'll meet ya there!" (Verse 1:) Tell me what sitting at home has done"
  • Bout Dis Shit - Soulja Slim
    "Let me lock this muthafucka down, ya understand what I'm sayin', nigga Fuck wrong wit you I talk dis shit cause I'm bout dis shit Ain't noway I can run, noway out dis shit I breathe dis shit cause it's"
  • Hold Dis Blaow! - Redman
    "Red's Gone Wild Yo, I'm hot, global warming ridin on two-six I ain't thug nigga I don't, bullet-proof shit Gilla nigga, and we abide by the blueprint We ain't all loud, holla and whoopin Blah"
  • Hot Boyz - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Lil' Mo) This is for my ghetto motherfuckers Uh hey, are you really a hot boy? Oh, check me What's your name, cause I'm impressed Can you treat me good, I won't settle for less You a hot boy,"
  • I'm Hot - Webbie
    "I'm hot nigga it's my turn I wouldn't touch me cause my hand My burn, I'm cold u already know u can go by wat u heard Depending on wat dey told you Man I knew it would be a day some bitch azz nigga cross"
  • Diss (Ludacris) - Eminem
    "(Eminem) Damn, why don't u ever go away , huh? (Hook) We need to stop this shit And relize what u spit It's me and this garbage Just shake some ass and tits Don't act like ur sick and i'm gonna repect"
  • 30mileexclusive Diss - Blueface
    "Finna bleed through this, fuck your hood, aight Blueface, baby (Let's get to it, stop playin') Yeah, aight (Aight) Know I'm finna bleed Finna get real disrespectful, listen up, bitch, aight I pull up"
  • Blood Stream - Bill Nye
    "If you're in a blood vessel by the side of a vain That means you're right in the middle of the Blood stream! Blood stream yeah yeah! Our hearts pump blood through our veins Circulating red cells and white"
  • The Stream - Ben Christophers
    "When you drove your car into the stream That was weird you seemed so phased by it In a moment your life turns Like a carousel inside When you found your daddy's heart in you All those things you hated"
  • Silent Stream - Demether
    "The oldest tree in the forest Tells the story from the old time Tale of the fairy and her guide The Stream dates from 1365 She fell in love with the King of men Will she trade her immortal life for love... Or"
  • Get On Dis Motorcycle - Petey Pablo
    "(feat. Bubba Sparxxx) AH! Y'all ready .. Y'all ready .. Y'all ready .. One of the illest rhymers that ever came outta Carolina, put this whole shit on the map Went back got two states, y'all"
  • Icebound stream - Laura Veirs
    "Watch, i can flash across the skyA lightning bolt from up on highAnd i can crash into myselfNow a flower blooms in reverseAnd a song takes back a verseA photograph fades to whiteI can hold a thunderhead"
  • Love's Stream - Postmen Flying
    "My baby's gone and I'm alone And the leaves turn brown in the town What can I say? I hope someday She'll return to me just to see My living is sad 'cos all I had Now is far away from her way But I keep"
  • Love's Stream - Flying Postmen
    "(A. Nicula) My baby's gone and I'm alone And the leaves turn brown in the town What can I say ? I hope someday She'll return to me just to see My living is sad 'cos all I had Now is far away from her"

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