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Hote walls

  • Walls - Napalm Death
    "(SIEGE) Walls that part humanity Over which I cannot see Walls as old as history Cast a shadow over me Break down the walls Take down them all Break down the Take down the Shake down the Walls that"
  • Walls - Downhere
    "The walls are all surrounding What's behind the paint? I put up all my hangings, But do they hide the stains? All the pictures on the paper Never changed the way I look inside I'm surfacing to the light Chorus Walls"
  • Walls - Icehouse
    "Listen if you listen you will hear an endless heartbeat on the inside through the walls the sound is crawling down the corridors and halls it cracks the ceiling the windows and the doors all the rest won't"
  • Walls - All Time Low
    "Hey there it's good to see you again It never felt like calling this just friends I'm happy if your happy with yourself Take off your shirt your shoes Those skinny jeans I bought for you We're diving in"
  • Walls - Circle II Circle
    "I turn away There's nothing to see here Only a distant memory Of how things really were Supposed to be And life moves on Ever so quickly I see my past it flashes by Like the stars in the sky flickering And"
  • Walls - Pacifier / Shihad
    "on your own today lost with no direction they took your dreams away and stripped you of protection but there's a light that won't burn out when your heart is screaming out is screaming it doesn't matter"
  • Walls - Pacifier
    "On your own today Lost with no direction They took your dreams away And stripped you of protection But there's a light that won't burn out In a heart that's screaming out It doesn't matter where you are There"
  • Walls - Louis Tomlinson
    "nothing wakes you up like waking up alone and all that’s left of us is a cupboard full of clothes the day you walked away and took the higher ground was the day that I become the man that I am now but"
  • Walls - Drowning Pool
    "And now it's over , And here i sit all cold and alone... You know i can't find my way through one more day , Now you're gone! When you left me here , all you left me with , Save you're it's emptiness nothing"
  • Walls - Article One
    "So maybe what I thought were good intentions Were nothing of the kind at all, I was better off before And doubting that I put aside convention And bring you flowers like the last time Will it count for"
  • Walls - John Frusciante
    "Rain on your mind If I'm so inclined It's left you all At there photo stall One blast, my fast So you wanna know, where youre gonna go? So you wanna know, where youre gonna go And all you want To be"
  • Walls - Marit Larsen
    "I'm surrounded by walls They grow closer when I speak And the ceiling falls When I try to stand up on my feet I'm looking for doors They disappear when I breathe There are plenty of floors But they can't"
  • Walls - Beck
    "Some days we get a thrill in our brains Some days it turns into malaise You see our face in the veneer Reflected on the surface of fear Because you know that we're better than that But some days we're"
  • Walls - Beck Feat. Cat Power
    "Some days we get a thrill in our brains Some days it turns into malaise You see your face in the veneer Reflected on the surface of fear Because you know now we're better than that Some days we're worse"
  • WALLS - Kings Of Leon
    "I can get there on my own You can leave me here alone I’m just trying to do what’s right A man ain’t a man unless he’s fought the fight I could never point you out Waste of space in a faceless crowd Tell"
  • Walls - The Subways
    "well go dancing into death now whole world is catching breath judgement day has come by stealth now its like fire in the sky that time has left us in the cold our heroes are falling walls are tumbling"
  • Walls - Yes
    "(Rabin, Hodgson, Anderson) Don't you know it's my way out To be on my own. When I feel like crying out I do it best alone. Can you give me love and Protection to shield my heart. All the fear I feel from"
  • Walls - Abney Park
    "One hundred years ago isn't long Would you be blamed for another's wrong? Generations claiming retribution While your poets and your prophets are yelling "execution" Who's building the walls now? Who's"
  • Walls - Gordon Lightfoot
    "I'm not ashamedTo say that I've loved you wellI'm not ashamedTo let you knowI'm just a name that's allScratched upon your wallYou've used it well but what the hellThat's what walls are forI'm not ashamedTo"
  • Walls - Ryan Adams
    "These are the walls Walls our emptiness made And this is the storm Looks like it's gonna hold Yeah, nobody knows Who they are around here anymore Cigarettes and some beers Then it's back in the car [???]"

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