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Hours Of Wealth

  • Hours Of Wealth - Opeth
    "Found a way to rid myself clean of pain And the fever that's been haunting me Has gone away Looking through my window I seem to recognize All the people passing by But I am alone And far from home And"
  • Wealth - Talk Talk
    "Create upon my flesh Create approach upon my breath Bring me salvation if I fear Take my freedom Create upon my breath Create reflection on my flesh The wealth of love Bear me a witness to the years Take"
  • The Growing Wealth Gap - Behind Enemy Lines
    "Despite the wage stagnation the economy still has the illusion of growth Because people are now deeper in debt, spending more than what they're worth Working more jobs and hours for less pay in an effort"
  • Wealth of pride - 100 Pets
    "He can move easily when all others lie still he is free to look far beyond where he stands when time stops for him he is found Wealth of pride comes to his side again I feel so serene when time stops for"
  • Orphans Of Wealth - Don McLean
    "There is no time to discuss or debate What is right, what is wrong for our people Time has run out for all those who wait With bent limbs and minds that are feeble And the rain falls and blows through"
  • Hours - Lengsel
    "(Words: Ole Halvard, Music: Ole Halvard and Lengsel) I will never sleep again I will go to my world Where I always can change Everything How could things end up like this? All this hatred I am a part"
  • Hours - TV On The Radio
    "You walked around Thought yourself beautiful Just too bad they stare, just too bad they stare Broke up your crown Called you unusable See how well you fare Stole underground To kick your heart around Banished"
  • The Wealth Of Darkness - Keep Of Kalessin
    "Welcome These ruins your palace There barren plains The kingdom you inherit Your shattered citadel Raised again gargantuan The Wealth of Darkness Here he is rich The man who treasures torment A feast"
  • Sacrificed For Wealth - Cataract
    "Sacrificed for the wealth, murdered for the cause, living once perfect turned in cold blood. This blood will be repaid. The guilt won't be negate. Leeches will be erased, mashed and floated away, living"
  • Health And Wealth - O.C. Supertones
    "Poor men bound in persecution, God's their portion everyday. But we don't know anybody who lives that way. There the church grows stronger, under politics and chains and whips. They can't explain how they slipped"
  • Love And Wealth - VINCE GILL
    "(Ira Louvin, Charlie Louvin) Darling I am all alone in our little mountain home It's lonely cold and loveless now inside For your childish vows of love lasted only one short year Then you went away to"
  • Health, Wealth, Self - KRS-One
    "Yeah.. yeah.. yup! You know what? I was just downstairs and I was on my way up here to the studio and a guy bumped into me and and he said.. he said, "Yo Kris! How is it that you stay in this music? You"
  • Find Ya Wealth - Nas
    "Crime, life, bitches, money Time.. For my Braveheart's.. my Braveheart's Uhh, uhh, uhh.. what, what, what? One time.. two times.. From "Breaking Atoms" to "Illmatic", to goin platinum Shit did change"
  • Find Your Wealth - Nas
    "1st verse: From breaking atoms to illmatic to going platinum niggas did change course from ripping it wit Main Source 9 1 9 2 time flew out the blue time for a new young king to rule younger"
  • Find ya wealth - Qb's Finest
    "Crime, life, bitches, moneyTime..For my braveheart's.. my braveheart'sUhh, uhh, uhh.. what, what, what?One time.. two times..From "breaking atoms" to "illmatic", to goin platinumShit did change course"
  • A Manifesto Of Tangible Wealth - Gatsbys American Dream
    "Eloise sits, this privileged corpse, A mundane pace offers no struggle Denny holds tight, Chrome death kiss on a platter, He enters like raid to a hive What do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Or"
  • Wealth Won't Save Your Soul - Hank Williams Jr.
    "As we journey along down life's wicked road so selfish are we for silver and gold You can treasure your wealth your diamonds and gold But my friends it won't save your poor wicked soul For when God calls"
  • Three Hours - Nick Drake
    "Three hours from sundown Jeremy flies Hoping to keep The sun from his eyes East from the city And down to the cave In search for a master In search for a slave Three hours from London Jacomo's free Taking"
  • 24 Hours - Andrea Corr
    "I see your eyes remember You know this song And I try to see your picture But that's your song with somebody else You know I love inside your head Cos I can't be there You're a mystery Intrigueing me great And"
  • After Hours - Dianne Reeves
    "After hours While the whole town is sleeping I find my heart keeping a rendezvous With the ghost of you After hours Haunting all the old places I ask the same faces For any news It's the same old blues Someday"

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